2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade


2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade

The following is *** special presentation of KO 827. This is the New Mexico State Fair parade. Good morning and welcome to the New Mexico State Fair parade. Doug Fernandez, I’m Diane Anderson. We’re here to bring you live coverage for the next couple of hours. That’s right. You’re going to see *** lot of floats. *** lot of bands, ROTC groups, horses, antique and custom cars, and of course, *** lot of very lovely young women who have won titles throughout the state of New Mexico. So welcome to the New Mexico State Fair. It is going to be as it is called Colossal. It is the biggest parade in the state and the one that everybody turns out for, we are along Central Avenue and as you can tell people are lined up behind us. They’ve been here for hours waiting for the parade to begin. They’re ready to get. Of course, we have to, you can bear with us. We’re about ready to start. The horses are about ready to the starting point if you will. Again, as Diane said, the largest in the state fair. Now, leading off today’s parade is our parade marshal Mr Joe Ditmer of the Bern County sheriff’s posse. That’s right. He has been the head of this parade for *** while now. He is *** founding member of the Bern Leo County Sheriff’s posse living in Albuquerque since 1946. He is 80 years young terrific and he is riding with the posse. He rides his horses each day. He’s *** very active member of the New Mexico State Fair every year and riding with the parade marshals in 2002, New Mexico State Fair. Queen. I bet that was just *** few seconds ago. Her name is Melinda Hennington. Mindy is *** junior at the University of New Mexico majoring in communications. She is the 20 year old daughter of Mike and Kendra Henton of Santa Fe and Steve and Heather mcmurtry of Roswell. She is the first to win the State of Fair, the from Chavez County during her reign as queen. She has traveled thousands of miles throughout the state of New Mexico, Texas and Colorado. Talking about the great New Mexico State Fair. You know, the state fair is such *** wonderful tradition. Doug for the people of New Mexico. They come from throughout the state to come and take part in the parade and then *** lot of them just head on out to the fair and spend the weekend here. And we also know they sneak over from Texas and Colorado and Arizona. This is no secret. This is *** very very popular. The biggest in the state. Good. What you’re seeing coming into the picture frame now is the honor band. It is the Zip Pueblo Vietnam Veterans Combat Group and this group was established back in 1984. In memory of all veterans today, they are wearing black ribbons to honor all the veterans and those who perished. Of course, in the September 11 th attacks, as well as you can see, there were very colorful Indian garb and the Pueblo of Vietnam veterans group behind them. Color guard. No, they wave. You can take *** shot overhead from our boom camera. You can see them coming down Central Avenue. *** round of applause for them. They’re very, very happy to be here. You can see them smiling in the front. Of course, here comes the color guard. What do you know? You may have the best seat in the house of your home, sitting on your couch? It’s wonderful to be out and watching the parade as people go by. But we can give you some different vantage points because we have several cameras high and low along the parade route today so that you’re not going to miss anything and honor us with their music is New Mexico’s own honor band. The Pueblo band here they come. This honor band has been together for more than 50 years and is one of the few Native American marching bands in the nation. Here’s one of our cameras you just got *** sneak peek of as it went by. Let’s take *** listen to. Ok. As you can see right there on your screen, it is Miss Zip Pueblo. Her name is Orlanda Luna DUIs and the junior Miss Zuni Carli. They are coming at you kind of fancy red. You don’t see much but the fancy red Camaro underneath there. But look at all the beautiful Indian colors on the outside of that vehicle, beautiful, beautiful colors. The United States border patrol protects the El Paso sector border of horseback in the rugged remote areas of southern New Mexico. There they are right there. These mounted inspectors began way back in 19 04. That’s 98 years and they continue today as one of the most effective ways to watch our southern borders. This unit is here today from Deming New Mexico. They’re starting to throw candy, I think by and Nancy talked about. Do they throw candy at the State Fair parade? Well, yes, they do. They are throwing it. Ok. But, um, ok, there we go. Now, we have Lieutenant Governor Walter Bradley on the back of that vehicle waving to the crowd. Well, that’s an old one. They’re campaigning as they go down the street. We’ve got *** brand new state police Taho there. We got *** Camaro. Now coming up behind them is *** horse drawn wagon. You can see it from our overhead camera. It is New Mexico State Fair Commissioners and their family riding alongside that horse drawn wagon or inside the horse drawn wagon or chairman Tom Tien, vice chairman Lila Casa, secretary treasurer Duana Wood members, Ned Shepherd Roberto Salazar Lauren Dunn and Jim Dun. There they are right there for bringing us the state fair. They work throughout the year to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Everything is lined up and that includes *** lot of organizations and they’re getting *** nice well deserved round of applause as they head down the parade route. Now coming up behind them, waving their host to you are the state fair mascots, Phil and Phyllis and their little helper has also, I will invite you to please come out to the state fair. Thank you. Those who have come to the parade and wishing you all to come out to the state fair. Right? This is Albuquerque’s Fire brigade. The fire chief Robert Ortega is in the hazardous materials fire truck with the Valley High school cheerleaders helping the Albuquerque Fire Department’s ladder truck is in there as well and the mayor is in there somewhere up top. We have the cheerleaders. There’s mayor Martin Chavez at the very back of that second. Everyone proud. And following the ladder truck is the police chief Gilbert Gallegos. *** couple of Albuquerque police cars barely hear the cheerleaders cheering as they go by. But here comes, as you said, the Albuquerque Police Department and Chief Gerbert Gallegos. Now coming up behind them, you can see them beautiful black, red and white uniforms from Carl’s bad caverns in southeastern New Mexico is the Loving Falcon band. It is all under the direction of Paul Coan and as we do with all of our bands, let’s listen to them play. Ok. Coming up here on the New Mexico National Guard leading the guard tank there. The will is Colonel Greg Zan. He’s with the Avenger missile systems, the radar Hummer, the system and the patriot launcher. And of course, *** very, very wide variety of military equipment there. They are waving to the crowd. Of course, as all the military will be getting today *** very big, big and well deserved round of applause. Now, out along the parade route today is our own Keely Chalmers. She’s getting kind of *** sneak peek of what the rest of us will be seeing as the parade heads our way *** little bit later. Keely, what are you finding out there? Lot of folks out here, let me just start by saying, you know, I’ve been to the state fair three years. This is my third year. This is my first new Mexico State Fair parade. And I tell you, it’s really exciting out here. *** lot of floats. *** lot of people now, we’re at the corner of Louisiana and Central. This is where the parade begins and you can see folks here lining the streets. Now, I think I ran into the most enthusiastic spectator out here. This little girl right here. Berries. Hello. Hi. Now, what do you think about the parade? Hour flight? You what it was? What, what’s your favorite float? I think about *** horse or something. I was dreaming about my crab, the horse, that horse. But can we get *** shot at this horse right there? He wake up. Thank God. So, is this your, how many time, how many times have you been to this parade before? This is your first time? Ok. Wow, that’s all right. Well, thank you so much and it was nice meeting you. Good luck with everything. What *** cutie again, we’ll be out here throughout the broadcast, kind of giving you *** color commentary on the parade and what’s happening for now, I’ll send it back to you guys. All right. Thank you very much. Having an, *** lot of fun. You get *** taste of what it’s like to be right there in the middle of the New Mexico State Fair parade. People lined all along Central Avenue. We’re going to actually show you the parade route just in case you haven’t come out yet. You still have time because it takes *** couple of hours for this parade to wind all the way through. Take *** look. It goes along Central Avenue, starting down around Louisiana and heading toward Eba and it’s only 12 minutes after nine. So there are more than 200 entries in this parade. That’s right. 200 entries. It’s only 9 12. As I said, there’s still plenty of time for people to battle the traffic. Come out here and catch the end of the parade. Of course, go down to E BANK. You probably still be able to catch the beginning of the New Mexico State parade. Also, as we head to break, we’re going to give you *** look at where the state fair is located. If you’re *** native New Mexican, you obviously know where it is. But if you’re *** first timer or maybe you just haven’t been out in *** few years. Take *** look. We’ve got *** map coming up that shows you exactly where the state fairgrounds are located. Right smack dab in the middle of Albuquerque. It’s between San Pedro and Louisiana and also between Lomas and Central. Again, this is *** 2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade. We’ll be right back. You’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on KO *** seven. You’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on KO seven and welcome back to 2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade. As you can see right there on your screen. The Penasco High School marching band. I said it before. As we always do, we are going to listen to these wonderful bands as they come down and this is the Panthers first appearance since 1997. So, welcome back, Penco Panthers. We’re glad to have you? Me, there’s nothing. I first trip back to them in five years. And I think as you just heard their play, we really did miss the wonderful, wonderful band we got here and performing for the 100. And what you’re seeing now is the quality counts call *** quality plumbing and heating. This is of course an opportunity to get *** float in and advertise your business as you get *** little free advertising and be *** part of the New Mexico State Fair parade and just *** few feet behind them on the semi truck. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it. They have *** big black wall between the truck and the back of this float. I think you can see it from our overhead camera right there. These are the New Me stars. They are very well known within the Albuquerque community. They perform year round and performed at the San Francisco 49 Ers half time show and also the Outback Bowl in Florida and also the Hula Bowl which is in Miami Florida. These dancers range, look at those pom poms. They range in age from three all the way up to 17 years old. Three years old. That’s an early start. I’ll say, I think she’s at the very front of the truck. Wonderful, wonderful group. Give me *** little chance to perform now, right behind them. It’s the city. Look at that old bus. If you will, the City of Albuquerque Transit District department is displaying that is *** 19 says right there on the front. 1927 antique bus. Guess how many people it holds? Diane. Hm, I don’t know how many dozen that bus is full when they get 12 people on board. I bet that dozen was glad to have the ride back then. Look at our cameraman getting right on board here. Only 11 seats left. Folks there. you are. You’re riding along in the State Fair parade. Hey, there’s another shot of the vintage 27 of us now, right behind them from northern part of New Mexico is the Rio Ari mounted search and rescue posse that assists in many types of operations throughout the Rio Riba mounted posse is one of many, several of the counties and districts around New Mexico have their posse. They’re always *** part of the parade, but actually they serve *** function throughout the year. Sometimes they’re involved in search and rescue, sometimes they’re involved in crowd patrols, but they do have an important function, right? *** lot of people take it for granted. I mean, all the hills and the terrain here in New Mexico, you can’t simply go in there with the vehicle. Sometimes choppers can’t even go in. And the only thing that can go in are horses and that’s where this group comes in. They are like we said, responsible for and help with *** lot of search and rescue operations. Throughout the state of New Mexico. This is *** life saving group out here at the New Mexico State Fair parade. Several of the sheriff’s posse also practice and do some maneuvers with their horses and tricks and it’s always interesting time. I, so they could have *** little bit of fun. It’s not all work for this group. We understand that our Keely Chalmers is on the parade route. Once again, going to join us for *** little bit more fun. Talk to *** few more kids if you will, Keely, take it away. Yes, we are live pretty much where the parade begins at the corner of Central and Louisiana. We’ve seen about 50 entries go by. Let’s see who these folks are right here. This is the Sharp Marine Junior ROTC Units from Laguna Pueblo High School. This unit has been recognized as being the best Marine Junior ROTC unit in the top 20% of junior ROTC units in the United States and is also awarded the honor as *** naval school. Now again, we’ve seen about 50 entries go by and they’ve all been great. But right now I think I have two favorite entries, the custom car club. I don’t know if you’ve seen them yet, but they’re great. And I think it’s called the Down Low Club. These are kind of low rider cars that are lie about, I don’t know, like two inches above the ground and then they kind of have these hydraulics and they go up and down and up and down. It’s really, really cool. Again, we are at the beginning of the fair and as you can see these streets are lined with excited Spectators and I’ll tell you, we’re all having *** great time out here. I hope you guys are having just as much fun up there. We are. As you can see, the Rio Riba Rescue Team is still, this is *** very, very large group. There’s probably more than 20 or 30 of them here. So when we went to Keely, they were here at the parade, right, right in front of us and they are back. You know, it takes some good horsemanship to get those horses to perform right in *** parade because that’s an unusual situation. They see all these people and it stop and go and they’re like, what is going on. But these guys have them in control, right? Can hear the horses along the parade route. Greece lightning, huh? Like Greece, this is the on stage experience. They’ve won four regional titles. It’s *** performing dance group and they’re under the direction of Wanda Mitchell. The group ranges in age from five up into the teen years. Look at those and they performed throughout the community and just recently they returned from *** competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. I bet they were *** big hit there as well. They got the uniforms. I don’t recall the blue hair though. But that’s *** look at how talented these young ladies are on stage, performing arts in *** dance theater and cheer group. Take you back now just *** moment ago, we showed you *** 1927 transit Department bus. Well, as you definitely recognize this, this is the new version. It’s 40 ft long and of course, the last bus only held 12 people. This one holds 50 people and of course, everybody can save on parking here at the New Mexico State Fair and ride. Of course, the transit department bus here to the state fair. You know, I did the park and ride last year and actually, it’s *** very convenient way because I’m one of those people that just gets really uptight in traffic and I hate trying to see, especially if the kids are talking *** mile *** minute behind me. When are we going to get there? So the best thing to do is just go out to the mall or one of the other locations, hop on the bus. It just takes *** few bucks. They take you ride out and you step right on to the fairgrounds. It really does relieve *** lot of the headaches of trying to park and get out there. Of course, it is the election season and coming up behind the state, the department transit bus, if you will is the Republican party. They are campaigning here. We’re going to see several candidates in the parade. Today, all three of the parties we’re going to be represented here. The Corset is the Republican Party, the Democratic Party as well. And the Green Party will be campaigning out of Mexico State. They’re working to get so many potential voters that years ago. It was about coming out having fun and enjoying the float, but it’s election year. So it’s campaign season as well. You can see *** number of the candidates with their signs and glad handing, giving big smiles and hoping that brings boats back their way. It’s not about donations today. It’s all about. That’s right. Coming up behind them is the queen’s court from Valencia County and its queen is Kelly Hampton and the county teen is Lindsay Johnson County princess Alexandra Romero and Valencia County sweetheart is Kayla Crawford. Another one of the sheriff’s policies back to the Valencia County team here. We’re not going to take it overhead the seven. Again, this is *** 2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade. We will be right back. You’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on KO *** seven. All right. Welcome back to 2002 New Mexico State Fair. You can hear *** lot of noise going on behind us on Central Avenue and parades. All about *** lot of. That’s right. It’s all about *** lot of noise and the group making all the noise is the premier dance company that has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York. City in Hollywood, California winning the World Championship and dance. They also represent the US at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Everyone could dance here from ages two years old to senior citizens. They could all enjoy the fun and is always in the parade every year. They love this part of the, this time of the year and taking part in this new Mexico tradition. Two big truck loads of them. Lot of hairspray. No representing the US in the 2000 summer games in Sydney. Yeah. And I believe this is still part of the Bala bala group, kids of all ages, all the way up to the elderly kids, of young kids of older ages. No. Now look at the guy behind this group by, by how in the world there he is right there. How could you find *** pair of blue jeans for this guy? His name is John Long Jeans, Kelly. And I we saw him yesterday at the state and uh he’s amazing. He does that. What do you guess the in on those pants? I don’t know, 100 72 84 inches, whatever it is there he is right there, John Long Jeans, Kelly. I think this is *** specialty group that I believe Keely was mentioning about during her live report. Last the down low car club spends *** lot of time energy and money getting those cars fixed exactly the way they want it. Very, very low to the ground. Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo in the front seat. We can figure that one out. There’s Scooby right there. The down low car club, of course, *** lot of time and dedication, but of course also *** lot of money, but it is *** very enjoyable time for this group, for the entire family. *** lot of families enjoy doing the low riders and the car clubs and things throughout New Mexico. And we always get some interesting displays, some of the acrobatics, some of these cars can do during the Yeah, we haven’t seen it quite yet. Also, the paint jobs are very, very detailed. Take *** look at the paint shop on that vehicle right there trying to make it like maybe *** Chevy Old Manza maybe I think is what it is coming up behind them. The Rio Grande High School, Raven Pride Band. It has of course been an integral part of the high school in the South Valley community since the 1950 s. This is *** concert and *** marching band and they’ve both won numerous awards over the past few years. Let’s listen to *** play for the crowd out here at the State fair parade. Yeah. Alrighty. Ok. This is the Rio Grande High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC group right there in your screen. You can hear them over the band or the band is still playing right there. They are about two dozen young men. And women out here with the junior ROTC group. Rio Grande High School. You know, do you see *** lot of Rot and Junior Roc groups in New Mexico? They have some very active squads. Yeah. Perhaps *** little demonstration for us. Behind them is the patch. Mobile patch stands for painters and allied trades for children’s. Hope they continually raise money each year for *** children’s charity locally and all across the country. And also up north in Canada, *** pretty fierce lion or tiger or something up there too. The dark games on the midway, all the balloons on the side right there. The patch, group partners and allied trades for children’s hope. All right, what you’re seeing coming into the picture now is the Laguna Akima High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC. This unit has been recognized as being the best Marine Junior ROTC unit in the top 20% of all the units in the US. And it is also awarded the honor as *** naval honor school. *** lot of pride could hear him get left and right left and right. Coming up behind him is the military Order of the Purple Heart. They are now taking an overhead shot right now. There’s the military Order of Purple Hearts, combat wounded veterans. This is *** group established by George Washington during the revolutionary war. Very proud to have them here. All right, let’s go back out to um the beginning of the parade route. We’re about midway through once you get to our part. But up at the top of the parade route, Keely Chalmers is scoping out what’s coming our way. You bet. And I tell you, I got *** great gig out here. I got front road to this spectacular parade and no, I get *** chance to hang out and chat with all the Spectators. Now, I ran into kind of *** veteran spectator out here. I want to introduce you to *** couple of people if we can make our way over here. I’m leading you all over here. Excuse me? Sorry. Alright, here we go. This is Yolanda. Hello. Hi. Now you’ve been here, you’re kind of *** veteran of this parade. Yeah. How many years have you been here? About 10? Ok. What’s the best part of this parade that I get to see all these fun things that I like? It’s entertaining. Do you have *** favorite entry? Yeah, the, the, like the marching bands and stuff, the cheaters. The dancer is pretty cool. Yeah. All right. And, and this is your brother Oscar Oscar. You’ve been, you’ve been coming to this parade since you were *** baby? Yeah. No, you really can’t remember that. Right. Um, what’s your favorite part? Um, when, like, they show the army stuff like me, like the cars, the cars. Yeah. You know, I was telling Diana and Doug earlier that I think the cars are my favorite too. But of course, we have *** lot more entries to see *** lot more floats for now. We’ll send it back to you guys. All right, thanks. Sneak peek of what we’re going to see here in *** few minutes. So, Doug, were you ever in *** marching band? Did you ever march in *** parade or ride on *** float? I don’t have much of *** musical bone in my body. So, no, I stayed away from the bands right now as an overhead. Look at the Ernie Pyle, middle school cheerleaders and clown group. They are competing at nationals in Orlando Florida and they placed 10th in the nation. That is very, very impressive. Ernie Pile is, of course, very proud of this cheer and clown group. You can hear him cheering *** little bit right there. They take *** over head look over the top of Central Avenue. There’s Sky Seven right there. Now, that’s *** way to really take in the whole parade standing up. Not have to worry about the traffic at all. No traffic up there for Sky seven. Absolutely not. He gets to see the entire parade in *** matter of minutes, but he doesn’t get all of the sound. That’s pageantry and the colors are kind of muted that high up. Here’s some young clowns, some Ernie Pyle clowns. *** kid’s pretty good on the unicycle. Ok. This is the Del Norte High School Phantom Nights marching band. They, in the rose parade, of course, we’re going to listen to them as we have listened to all the bands overhead shots. This is the Air Force Junior from Del Norte High school. They have more than 500 cadets have graduated from this outstanding excellent group. Many of them going on to military academies. They are led by Lieutenant Colonel Weiker and master sergeant, Edmunds. What you’re seeing now is the temple six Masonic lodge members, the lodge officers and the heroes of 1976. Sounds like *** cheer group on board. No, coming up behind them is the shrine group and leading the shrine group today is the legion of honor to lead in all parades in the public patriotic flag presentations. The shrine group is *** big part of the parade every year. They have several different exhibits ranging from clowns to some very serious military corps type groups. So it’s, it’s, they’re always active in the parade each year. There’s the potent Tate the CEO coming up behind the name is the Los Alamos Shrine club. Look at that vehicle. There looks like it’s doing just fine plugging right along more of the Shriners. The Shriners coming up the prize winning marching unit you can see coming down Central Avenue step in unison. It be interesting to know how many Shriners and all are involved in the parade each year because they take up so many different exhibits, have their little cars and motorcycles, clowns from the ground, seeing from our boom, camera overhead. Very proud, proud organization and rightly so they do *** lot of wonderful work. Hospitals all over the world. 1929 Chevrolet fire truck and that’s carrying the past potent Tates and parole members patrol members because they always riding in these proud old fire trucks and fire cars from years gone by the ballot. Aviad shrine members. Again, that’s the director’s staff giving us *** big wave and behind them, the band providing all the music for their functions. Don’t blame you. It’s hard enough to play those instruments, but to walk and play at the same time, million dollar bands as well. Now, that looks like *** fun way to go through the parade route. The clowns are riding and so is the marching band *** better way to enjoy *** parade? One of those to us out of the fairgrounds yesterday, get our hands up the tri rotters. They’re called given low fives and high fives to the crowd. To train. Go ahead and call it *** how many is left? But it’s *** Shriners hospital train coming down Central Avenue. What’s your name? The clouds on board and behind them, we’ve got *** few more clowns. I think they’re writing up. No, I thought it was *** pinto for *** second, but I don’t believe that’s *** pinto. Not many pintos on the roses these days. Yeah, you just have the lights. Use graz and loud. This, I do like the dog. Don’t have to pick up after the dog and we could take up *** parade on their own. So, our Keely Chalmers back at the beginning of the parade route where I understand the best flow to the State Fair parade is about to come by. Keely. Hi, guys. You know, earlier, I had said that my favorite entry was the custom cars. Well, I have *** new favorite entry and I guess it’s kind of *** custom truck. It is the action of News live. And inside our very own is, is, and I see you over there. How you doing? The guys? Are we on live right now? We are live. That is awesome. Can you see this crowd out here? Are you guys pumped up or what? Oh, yeah, I’ve been talking to him all morning. So you guys having *** good time? Yeah, you like my hat. I do. You, you’re *** cow. You are to Texas. This is the Texas blood coming out. Yeah, I’m kind of driving this ship and Cynthia is like the beauty shot. You know, she, she’s met at least 2568 people. Uh, 2567 have liked her. One was half asleep and that was *** three year old child, but so far so good. So far, Cynthia’s got the cowgirl look going on and I got the, the ko *** look. So, all right, Diane and Doug, we’ll send it back to you. All right, thanks Keely. I didn’t know they’d let the, you know, the reporters drive the trucks. I thought that was Violation that Craig of all people and they threw it back to us at the absolute perfect time because you’re looking right now at the highland high school marching band. I don’t know, they could see that *** minute ago on the screen but there are guys with misters misting off the girls down the road. Those are probably the band parents. There’s nothing quite like *** band parent but you know, when I was in high school and I was in marching band, my mother, there’s no way she would have walked along the route and escorted me with water. You have let her on the screen right now. You see the Eastern Ambulance Company. I don’t think they’re on the roads these days except for the State Fair parade. They were started way back in the 19 forties. What you’re seeing on your screen right? There is *** 1970 Cadillac Eastern Ambulance. Complete. Look how big that is the original lights and I think we can hear the original siren as well. Diane, ok, we still have, of course, *** lot, lot more coming up in the 2002 New Mexico State Fair parade. So we will be right back. You’re watching the new Mexico State Fair parade on KO Seven tomorrow on action seven news for live coverage from opening day at the New Mexico State Fair Action Seven News is your choice. Join me along with Doug Fernandez and Joe Diaz for live reports tomorrow at five and six. See you at the fair planning to sell your home or condo this year. You’re probably wondering how much it’s worth you can find out free on the web at house values dot com. So if you’re planning to sell visit house values dot com today, that’s house values dot com. 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Because after all, if it doesn’t say Southwest hunting, it’s not huge. 2002 New Mexico State, *** live shot over him. Devin, what you’re seeing now is the Black Eagle 2002 Grammy nominee from the Hemi Pueblo. Their music that they perform at the gathering of nations actually got *** nomination for *** Grammy Award and we were very proud of them here in New Mexico and right behind them, helping many hospitalized vets. These are volunteers from the VFW Post 41. That’s the VFW Post right there behind them is the Moriarty Chamber of Commerce presenting. It says your cowboy bubble bath. I think we’re just going to leave it at that. Don’t you think? We just let them figure out what, you know what those little critters are right there carrying the flag. Those are pinto beans. I wanna be *** pinto being in next year’s parade. Cowboy bubble bath. All right, we’ll let you through and there’s actually bubbles coming from that bath. I don’t think you could tell right there, but there are in fact bubbles coming from that bath. But following them up us Marine Corps Reserve unit drill team there, they are right there. These are Navajo code talkers as part of this group. They’re riding in the jeep there, the Navajo code talkers, *** couple of them, at least one of them following them up the Albuquerque High School. It *** US army unit with distinction. The last three years. They are present here are the members of the armed drill team, unarmed drill team, color guard and the rifle team. But right now you are looking at the squad, they have *** slogan because they’re one of the oldest high schools around history lies with Albuquerque High. I think the cheerleaders are competing with the can make the most noise but there’s *** lot fewer girls. So what does that say? All right. *** look over here right now, you can see the Sila High School Golden Regiment Marching Band. That’s my husband’s alma mater. I don’t think he was in *** band. I think he was on the football team. It has to do with all of our bands. The Golden Regiment band. We are gonna let them play *** little bit for us here. They come down Central Avenue. That looks like one of the biggest bands we’ve seen so far. I think it definitely is the biggest band we have seen so far here today right behind him. Now, here comes Keeley’s favorite float. Look out for Cynthia and Craig Craig is spending more time on the brake than on the gas pedal. Let’s hear Cynthia. I can’t hear Diane, but I sure can’t see her and I see Doug Fernandez too as well. I don’t hear *** word. She. Craig Cameron. How are you doing? Well, so far we’ve gone about *** mile and *** half. No accidents, no crashes. Tell the bosses. That so far the insurance premium, everything’s in check. I hope it’s good insurance because we got about another two to go here. No accidents, no near collisions, one speeding ticket, two moving violations and well, so far so good. Other than that, Cynthia has signed 600 moving autographs and we’ve met 500 people morning. Say hi to everybody on channel seven. We at the fair. Cynthia, those now back behind our truck is our own cowboy. Did you know we had *** cowboy at the station? I know. I know the is and C Firecracker. That’s his beautiful horse there. Oh, we’re having *** great time out here. I’ll tell you what. It’s really fun coming out crowd to get into it. You never know what the horse is going to do. So it keeps you on your toes. Keeps the horse on its toes, keeps me on my toes, but we’re having *** good time. Hey, hey, how we doing over here, huh? Crowd out here. It’s great. I love it. This is too much fun for me. Having *** great time. All right. So, hey, Diane, how are you guys doing? It takes *** lot of talent to ride *** horse and talk on *** microphone at the same time. It’s all trick photography. It’s all the cameras, Bob. I tell you, you’re missing out. Thanks *** lot, man. Here’s *** question. Do you like to go voting when this is *** US party? Voting? Group waving to the folks out here coming up behind them. The American Legion mounted patrol representing veterans of New Mexico. Quite *** few horses out here getting *** very nice round of applause from the crowd. You know, I think these are *** lot better horse, men and horse women than the last guy with the channel seven microphone. I wouldn’t dare say that these horses are *** lot more controlled. *** lot, lot better temperament than Bob. Is that Bob or is that the horse or? No? I actually think um Bob has competed in some of the different horse competitions that you can do around in New Mexico. Horses are *** big part of life here. People use them on their ranches but they also compete in roping and team pinnings and different types of competitions throughout the year. And Bob’s been involved in some of those and here we have the new Mexico state finalist, Miss Albuquerque, USA Clarisa Herrera and Miss Albuquerque team USA Bianca Kunz. They were both crowned back in July and of course they will in the new Mexico pageant in Las Cruces. And then the winners will go on to the Miss USA pageants. Wow. And *** little pageant away from Diane, but that of course was off camera. Mhm The Fiesta Royalties is coming up now sponsored by the Tas Fiesta Council, Alvarado Fernando de, as I mentioned, sponsored by the Tao Fiesta Council to represent the first Europeans and Spaniards to have contact with the people of the Tao Pueblo. So they have all three of the cultures that represent New Mexico in that exhibit, they’re portraying the entourage that arrived with Coronado’s first expedition back in 15 40 coming up. Now, look at all these Camaros. This is the called the Generations Camaro Club with, of course, the special thing, Craig didn’t try that. I think that’s *** 68 or 69 right there. Now, where are those police cars we saw earlier? There’s *** cop right behind him. So he’s getting the ticket. I do have to admit my very first car was *** 28 as if anyone cares. But hey, I look at these cars, takes me back and boy, I sure miss that car. I got rid of it when gas hit 75 cents *** gallon. I think I’m giving away my age there. But yeah, I gave it away or sold it. They are still around and looking good. Here was the West Mesa High school Mustang band. The lady’s holding the flag out front band director with my overhead before the coming up right behind West Mesa is Manzana High School. So we go from West Mesa to Monzo. You’re seeing the Navy Junior ROTC unit and right behind them will be the band. The Royal Guard proudly returns to the 2002 season to continue the excellent, that makes them one of the most outstanding marching bands in the state and we just talked about the biggest band. I think they’ve just been topped this, I think is the biggest ban. Let’s hear him play, hear that. Let’s go to the break. We’ll be right back with the 2002 New Mexico State Fair parade. You’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on K *** seven. Ok. Ok. Welcome back to 2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade. We are having *** wonderful, wonderful time out here, but I think we’re starting to smell some of the horses that have been coming by and that’s where the streets are streets and they have followed quite *** few horses and we are very, very thankful for that. And we’re only about halfway through this parade because there are more than 200 entries. So if you’re just joining us, stick around because we’ve got *** lot more to show you. We’ve seen *** lot of marching bands, *** lot of horse groups out there. *** lot of the sheriff’s posse out here. So, having an awful lot of fun out here. And we’re glad the street sweepers are involved as well. Very glad because the last group of horses that came through there was *** marching band or two that came through right after them. So I think the misters will also be used on the bottom of the shoes as well. Ok. Behind us. Now, reminding us we can make it happen. Now, I understand we are the group behind them. The New Mexican brothers and sisters carrying *** banner of the workers that were killed on 9 11 and New York terrorist attacks and also releasing balloons in remembrance of those victims. The enchantment driving Society was incorporated back in 1984 to promote the interest of the sport of driving horses, ponies and all equines for competition and pleasure. So you don’t just ride, you can drive, They sponsor many events and they educate and inform the public about the driving methods, the proper way to do these things and the equipment that’s used clinics throughout the state. So be sure to watch the driving events on September 19 th and 20 th. That will be out at the new Mexico Horse Arena at the state fairgrounds. And as we mentioned *** short time ago when it was the Republicans were the first ones to come down the road. We now have the Democratic group. As you mentioned, Diane, it is election season, the election day is November 5th. These folks are obviously out here holding banners placards and signs for the candidate of their choice. Again, the Republicans have already come down the street here are equally represented today. They have *** bunch of people walking and then *** big truck behind them full of candidates and slogans and signs and oh and the most elaborate semi truck of the candidates on board right? There there goes to equal representation. Yeah, take *** look overhead coming down the street in the back of that white truck. *** very unusual person or thing. That’s right. It says right here person. But Doctor Rock’s dinosaur adventure, this could be seen every day for free. Of course, you’re seeing it for free right now. This is *** taste of it. It could be seen at the box car stage on the fairground. He just jumped out of the back of the truck and heading out in the crowd. You not try this at home. There’s one hat that’s lost. Oh. Oh, what? Oh, here comes, look out, look out folks at home. Oh, he lost his nerve. And coming up behind Dr Rock’s dinosaur. Take *** look overhead as we see another marching band coming down the street, Diane, the Los Lunas High School marching band, the Tiger band coming in now with their color guard. And we’ve said it before. Here comes one big band. Here comes another big band. Well, this is another one. This one tops it. I’m not even to guessimate how many groups and how many individuals are in this marching band. And let’s listen to the Tiger band play new Mexico State Fair parade. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Technology. Ok. This is Los Lunas High Army JROTC Tigers team. Quite *** representation. You’re from Los Lunas High School, don’t you think I’ve got quite *** group out. Everybody left at the school. Good thing. There’s no school going on. Today because they are all out here. Quite *** representation of Los Lunas High School here at the State Fair parade. You know, Los Lunas doesn’t have too far to travel to get to Albuquerque. But there are bands that come from all parts of our state to drive up ahead, sometimes leave in the middle of the night to get here in time for this parade line up. They start lining up around seven in the morning and the parade gets underway at nine and to give the folks at home *** little idea of what they don’t see here because they cannot see everything. This little guy doesn’t have *** mister, he has *** little drinking cups and of course, they’re camouflage tricky so they don’t show up for the junior ROTC group. And, you know, also, we should say thank you to Russell’s Gallery. That’s where we’re set up today to give us *** great vantage point at the parade every year. And the Albuquerque growers market brought us by some apples and corn to keep us fed for the big day today. And, you know, our is doing *** great job right out in the middle of that band. They’re kind of squeezed in between and trying to keep from getting stepped on as the band goes by. So the grandma and granddad and the friends back home will get to see their person marching in the band. Let’s go back out to Keely Chalmers who is up at the head of the parade route. Now, Keely, hey, guys, now these are the Vicious Dream car clubs. We’re gonna try to talk to one of these guys right here. If he could turn down his radio *** little bit and maybe I’ll just get in here. We go. I’ll just step in here for *** second. Hi, you’re live on Action Seven News. How are you guys doing? What’s your name? I am again, I’m from New Mexico. The Vicious Dreams Car Club. All right. You guys having *** good time out here? Yeah, of course. Great day. *** lot of people real fun. Tell me *** little bit about your organization. Uh, we’re *** Northern New Mexico car club, truck and car club, basically just out to do good. All right, these cars go pretty fast. Sometimes not going too fast right now. What about three miles an hour? I hear that’s the top speed that, somewhere around there. All right. Well, I better get out my camera man’s way back there, but, hey, it was good meeting you and have fun for the rest of the morning. Hey, look at that. I better get out of this Diane doug. I’ll send it back to you. Keeley is having way, way too much fun. Take *** look overhead now from our camera above Central Avenue. This is the road runner convoy. They are from the New Mexico Military Vehicle Preservation Association. These members not only have to own *** military vehicle or to be *** veteran of the armed forces. They welcome anyone who is interested in preserving an historical vehicle to join their organization. You can see an old style Jeep right there. Kind of reminds me of mash, you haven’t changed that much. No, they have not one of my favorite show, but you’re right. They haven’t changed *** whole heck of *** lot. Olive green, olive, draft green, quite *** group here. I mean, they’ve got quite *** few people. There’s *** tank. I don’t, yeah, there’s the tank right there. That is *** vintage tank. I don’t believe those tanks are used much anymore. They still look like they could be, they could be the Korean War veterans part of the road runner convoy and following them, the Vietnam War veterans stretches on for about *** half mile stretch on for quite *** half mile to see the crowd is very, very quiet. I think it’s kind of like, I mean, the whole presence of the military nowadays. I mean, I think there’s *** lot of, they’re in awe if you will. *** lot of these great brave men and women who are either serving now or have served in the US military, the Vietnam war veterans right there. There’s the candy toss out. I think it’s pencils. Oh, I thought it was candy again. I saw the kids running, I saw the kids rushing up. I assumed it was candy. Nope, not candy. *** lot of people saluting that look, *** lot of people waving American flags in the crowd as well. Of course, *** lot of flags in all these vehicles as you might expect might be more than half *** mile down again. This is all part of the road runner convoy. You know, next week when we have the anniversary of 9 11, the state fair is going to remember that day too with an enduring freedom day out of the fair, they have several dedications and the different pavilions. And so even though the state fair is *** fun time of year, they’re going to take the time to really honor that day with some patriotic bands, bagpipes, *** balloon launch and history of the aftermath of 9 11 that will all be displayed in remembrance and reflection on enduring freedom day 9 11 at the fair, they have seven events scheduled throughout the day at the fairground. So as you’re going in, they probably will have an agenda of what’s going to transpire for the day, but they begin at 9 30 they continue all the way until 6 30 that evening. Again on September 11 at New Mexico State, we’re looking overhead at sky seven right now. This is the Sandia High School Air Force Junior ROTC group as they begin to march down Central Avenue can already hear that they’re about 7500 yards from us and yes, we can already hear them. Hello. They just recently won second place in the Unarmed Drill national competition at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. So, congratulations to the Sandia High School Air Force Junior ROTC group. Right. But, um, flied *** round of applause for this young group getting *** good response are following them up. The ice skaters of New Mexico are *** local group of Icelandic horse owners who enjoy the sharing of the unique qualities of this breed of horse. Like the name I I Icelandic horses and the Icelandic horse is *** five gated horse according to this and does an amazingly smooth gate as you can see right there. Good horse to ride. You don’t get all jostled around on the way. They’re not moving 35 MPH now, but it says they can’t get up to 35. Now. That looks like Noah’s Ark. The Jesus Church is located on the Navajo Indian reservation about 30 miles west of Albuquerque. And these young performers, these puppets are part of their outreach to the kids at the church there. Very, very talented puppeteers we can, of course, we can see them down below, kind of moving about, but I don’t think the folks at home can, but that’s *** wonderful, wonderful art to him. Coming up. Another one of our big schools represented here, the La Cueva Bears high school marching band, *** second place winner in last year’s pageant of the bands and this group is looking forward to traveling to Las Vegas and to ST Louis this year to perform again. Let’s listen in. Yeah, the high school marching band and as you see them file past, we’re going to go to *** break and we’ll be back with more of our live coverage of the New Mexico State Fair parade. You’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on KO Seven. All right. Welcome back to the new Mexico State Fair live coverage from Action Seven News and Doug, this is your first state fair parade. What do you think? It’s like *** battle of the pans out here. We just had quite *** few go by, but it’s just, it’s *** beautiful, beautiful parade. And, uh, I’m like *** little kid here. I’m not down chasing candy and pencils and 500 the clowns, but it’s really, really *** lot of fun out here, you know, and it stretches for miles and all along that way. People are stacked in about 20 deep because they all want to be out here and take part because it is such *** tradition each year. And you said I’m enjoying it for the very first time. Thanks. This is *** veteran music stage and TV performer have known only as Mari. This would be *** performing group. They may be veterans but they’re not too old yet. You look at the IPA veterans group with flags and banners Commemorating veterans from the Korean Vietnam and Persian Gulf War. And this is dance dance dance. It’s *** teen thing and this float is *** program at the Burn County Parks and Recreation Department helping keep the kids entertained. It consists of *** summer long series of major dance events that provide *** lot of fun, safe activities for the teens in Bern County. Keep them busy over the summer. And as I always say, energy is wasted on the young, I believe, I wish I had that kind of energy. And these are the Grande Horse club was formed to represent riders from the Rio Grande Valley membership is open to everyone. So if you like the look of these uniforms and of course, the look to these horses, you too can be *** part of the riders of the Rio Grande. Cool. Yeah. See, by this time next year, *** you’ll have *** horse and you’ll be out there riding. I think I’ll borrow Bob swords. I think Bob will let me on top of Bob Swords. But I think if I ride *** horse it’ll be Bob’s on that coach. Yeah, of course. As we’ve been saying all week long, the theme is colossal fun for this year. And this is *** group from Taft Middle School. It is the dance team. They’re the colossal Fitness fund this year. They modify the theme just *** bit. This is, they’re resting right now. Hoops and dance and gym outfits. Wow. There’s *** quarter pounder or two or three or four. Think that’s Mr Sirloin from the Sirloin stockade. *** bunch of kids piled on top. That’s gotta be the biggest farm animal we’ve seen so far today and behind them, you can hear them already and see them right there. The Windgate, Fort Windgate, New Mexico, that’s where they’re from. The Windgate High school marching again in the direction of Patrick F you can hear him. So let’s listen to him *** little bit more because of the location of Fort Wing Gate. These are kids represented from two different states. Take *** look overhead from our camera at Top Central Avenue. This group wants to know, ask the question if you’re *** member of the girl scouts. They’re not asking me, of course. But all you young ladies out there. Are you *** member? Did? You was *** brownie and then *** junior scout at one point. If you want to grow up, you learn how to make some more. If you want to grow up to be like Diane Anderson, you too can join the girl scouts. That’s my favorite part about the girl scouts was making some wars and here’s one of my favorite parts about the parade and the state fairs and miniatures. They’ve been *** part of the fair and part of New Mexico since about 1984 and they must measure no more than 34 inches in height and weigh about 100 and 75 to £190. And, but they’re said to have really sweet dispositions. You know, Shetland ponies sometimes don’t, but these are supposed to have really good dispositions. All right. This is April Z. It’s *** review dance group led by 18 year old April Zamora. She’s been singing professionally for *** couple of years. In fact, she released her first CD and guess when April appropriate and they do performances throughout the US. And we are lucky to have them here following them up. *** big hello from the VS *** arts group of New Mexico looks like they’re having fun. Got *** bunch of different get ups today. It is an organization dedicated to providing creative learning and employment opportunities for people with disabilities or limited access to the arts. Quite *** colorful and energetic group. Yeah. Coming up the Espanola Valley High School Sun Devils. The junior ROTC group is leading them right now. The command of Roger Schuman and another of our high school bands. This is the, the high school marching band. They’re directed by Alison Peacock. *** mighty but small band or maybe we should say the other way around. *** small but mighty band making quite *** bit of noise. Let him play. You have on your screen. I polished. Of course, all fire trucks are polished. You guys keep things clean. 1990 brush fire truck that is needed to fight brush and wild land fires, which of course we have way too many up here in New Mexico. This truck carries 260 gallons of water and 40 gallons of foam. And it is *** welcome sight for those faced with *** fire that might of course, take their home or business and right behind them, *** 1946 Chevy truck that’s been *** fire truck for *** while. And the fire chief, Willie Nunez from the village of Deer and looks like we have another car club coming up here and they ask the question. Can you rock n roll? Well, this car club, can they say they have hydraulics? We believe that we don’t see any of them using those hydraulics right now, but they also can pivot that I’d like to see, see *** lowered Chevy truck right there. Looks like an old impo or Bel Air. There, there was one of the, one was *** Bel Air first and became an impala. I’m not sure which one that is, but here those elaborate paint jobs, we see so much on these types of vehicles and from some rock n roll cars to the South Valley Horse Riders Club, they enjoy all types of events and you’re enjoying them right now. They go to events throughout the state of New Mexico and *** lot of these, um, sheriff’s posse and horse clubs and horse patrols are also in the grand entry out at the rodeo each night. So you get to see *** lot of them again. Then always amazed by the discipline. Of course, I know you’re *** former owner by the right. And my husband had *** couple of horses and he does be better on them than I do. Yeah, I interviewed *** kid years ago. His name was Levi who was, had won multiple kid rodeos and, and he was probably 11 years older. So I said, so how does your horse do? And he said the horse was 15, he’d been doing it longer than he had on your screen right now is one of the community involved organizations. The CS group, their main focus here is to work with the mentally and physically challenged, to help with the Special Olympics and help with many, many other community needs as well. And they’re followed up by the Duke City Stars Dance Center. Although these girls on your screen right now have been around 20 years. This group has been around 20 years. They range in age from 3 to 17. They train *** couple of days *** week in ballet, jazz, acrobatics, precision dance and drill. Quite *** few. That’s *** popular dance song. We’ve heard it twice now. The uh the highly energetic teen group from about *** short time ago is using the same song from I think it’s Rocky three or four. We now have *** precision riding team from the New Mexico Baptist Children’s home. This is one way that the young people learn discipline and responsibility by spending this time practicing their horsemanship skills. As we were talking about *** minute ago, Doug, it does take *** lot of time and energy. It’s not something you just hop on *** horse and go absolutely not. And their efforts are recognized, their care and dedication by traveling to *** fair like they are doing today and performing for us here today. This is *** wagon belonging to Rudy and Mary Olguin from SOTO, New Mexico. They own and operate the Rancho, *** dude ranch, *** dude ranch in Pueblito. The band is to and, and as you might expect, the Big Eagle is from K US Air Force Base. It is here to salute the state fair represented by our veterans present with these airmen and the future represented by the Children on this float. We of course, thank and salute Air Force Base in the chopper too. Yeah, so much going on out at Kirkland Air Force Base in India National Labs play an integral part in New Mexico and we are following up. We are following up Kurland Air Force Base with the Robertson High School red wave marching band from Las Vegas, New Mexico. They are warming up. You can hear the drums starting to play as they’re coming towards us. They have been in several competitions on the national level and they’ve received some superior ratings in marching and in concert bands and as they move in *** little closer to us. We’re going to stop and listen to them. The Las Vegas High School Red Wave Band. We, of course, would like to thank the Robertson High red wave band. Stay with us more at the New Mexico State Fair parade. It’s coming your way. When we come back, you’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on KO *** seven marching bands from all the high schools and junior ROTC groups. And of course, all the fun with the horses. There have been bands, horses, clowns, you name it. I mean, that’s what *** parade is all about. Low riders, fire trucks, *** lot of noise, *** lot of fun. And we’re glad that you can join us. We still got about *** half an hour to go with *** lot more to bring you from the New Mexico State Fair parade. And then of course, *** lot of these people will head on out to the fairgrounds to take in the second day of the fair. That’s right. It’s been *** wonderful, so far again, it’s only day two, but the crowds have been wonderful out here and the crowd out here at the State Fair parade is wonderful as well. And we are starting right off with the Curtin Central from Curlin up in the four corners. Perfect timing. Let’s hear him play for us and the marching band. The marching Bronco band is under the direction of Scott strike on this boat that you see now, this is the Knights of Columbus, *** Catholic fraternal organization dedicated to promoting and conducting educational, charitable, religious and social welfare. The Knights of Columbus and behind the Knights of Columbus. Here come the canines and the lions. That’s Darren, the dare lion mcgruff. We all know mcgruff, the Crime dog and Safety pup. All riding with Sheriff Ray Rivera in the Sandoval County Sheriff’s office. Water. Oh, but they’re not in the vehicle. You said they were riding, they’re not riding along the parade, grabbing some kids and walking behind the vehicle. Here they are right there. Well, if you didn’t make it out for the parade, we hope you make it out to the state fairgrounds at least once during the run that it goes through. I think it’s something like 19 days. There’s *** whole bunch of 17 days. So there’s 16 left. Plenty of time to go. Lots of concerts, events. Um, at least one or two favorite acts in there was last night we’ve got Peter Frampton of rock, former rock star. I guess he’s still *** rock star if you will. Don Williams coming up. Chris America America. That’s right. The younger kids don’t know who America is but I do and I with no name, no name. That’s absolutely right. This is the Harrison middle school dance team. They, they have *** lot of dance teams. *** lot of dance team out here. Flavor out here. Yeah, they have earned *** superior dance rating, which entitles them to honor at attending national competitions. The horses that you’re seeing. This is *** group of riders on Paso Fino, the horse of the Conquistadors, sturdy horses known for *** smooth gait, intelligence and *** wonderful temperament. And behind them, *** patriotic float is the entry of the Elks Lodge. Number 461. Can’t get much more red, white and blue than that float right there can see from their signs, some of the different events that they have throughout the year and what we’re seeing now the Tus Tuskegee Airman ink with General Lloyd W Newton in the lead. They’re marching today from the, with the purpose to perpetuate the activities and achievements of the Tuskegee airmen and to actively motivate all the young people to outstanding leadership and on board right there. You see Mr John Allen. He is an original Tuskegee airman. Hi. Ok. If you ever want to be *** cheerleader. No, I, I play sports and I watched cheerleaders. Well, there are *** lot of little girls that do want to learn how to be *** cheerleader and this is the uh no limits cheer company and they’re teaching kids from the age of 5 to 18 how to become *** cheerleader or it looks like maybe *** dancer too in *** box built with two by four. Ok. Coming up behind, this is *** sci fi car and truck club. It is *** Euro Import and domestic car truck club and sci fi as in the Greek letters, not the science fiction science fiction channel. That’s right. This club provides itself on its show quality vehicles and they are very evident right there on your screen and their custom modification. This group enjoys customizing cars as you can see, but of course, more importantly, not only customizing the cars but safe, safe operation of these vehicles on the streets of New Mexico. Ok. Name that car, Diane back. Our crew has been very good to us. They’re putting us *** big tent over us right now and you can hear them coming and you can see them on your screen. The more high school Pinto pride marching band, they’re coming down the street and they’re black green, white and silver and let’s hear the Pinto pride. So, did you check out those green sunglasses? The flag po has color coordinated. Cool. That’s what you call the Pinto Pride marching band. They say they’re having colossal fun today. Yes, they should be. And of course, everybody who comes to the New Mexico State Fair. Well, that is the theme of the state fair. Colossal, colossal gotta have rhythm to be in the band that *** school bus would ever need to race. But this is called *** race ready school bus. I hope they don’t try to demonstrate that here down Central Avenue. Fine. Well, it certainly has the checkered flag. It definitely has the checkered flag. *** lot of kids on board waving to the hundreds and thousands of people and they cross the state fair parade. *** few more colors. Remind me the old Hartford’s family about that. Now, we made *** joke about *** race ready bus, but behind the bus definitely some cars that are ready to race. Thankfully, they’re on the back of trailers, so they’re not going anywhere fast saving the juice for when they need it. And even though these are race cars, it’s called that Cinderella Pageant. All right. So if you’re heading out to the fair, we want to give you *** few fair facts that you might need to know the hours. They start at eight in the morning and go to 11 at night daily. The grounds are open but the buildings usually don’t open until about nine and they close about nine in the evening admission to the fair. Kids under the age of two are always free Monday through Thursday before 2 p.m. The kids can get in at one Monday through Thursday after 2 p.m. The kids get in for $2 and adults for $4. So if you go early enough, it’s cheaper. And then Friday, Saturday and Sunday because those are the big days that cost *** little bit more kids are $2 adults are $4 and of course working, you get so much fun for an entire family at such an inexpensive price. Look what you get. Well, the problem though, Doug is getting them not to eat everything or ride every ride once they get there, that’s where the cost goes. The food is not $2.04 dollars before after 2 p.m. But it’s wonderful. We talked *** little about this last night. I had to come up to me. Yes. As I was walking, say, where is the stand that sells those deep fried pickles? They wanted to try it out after seeing you talk about it in the food court. Kind of close to the I wish I knew the street where we were on, but it’s kind of close to the kind of the main street that we were on that. Right? And if you’re walking in from the gate, walking down the street, it would be on your right, but it’s not right on the street. It’s in little ways past little bandstand that they have there. What you’re seeing now are some of the Cinderella Princess pageant winners. They have, it’s *** youth development program with local state and international competitions and each girl competes in *** private interview, *** talent segment, *** photogenic and modeling segment and with scholarships are given for all the ages. So look at all those. And as you said, all the Cinderellas car passing is right there. You see *** very, very young girl, she can’t be more than three or four. So *** lot of wonderful activities for girls of all ages learning stage presence at *** really early age, the Cinderella Miss Cinderella Beauty. Yeah, top personality, Christine Summer Delafield Lopez and coming up behind the Albuquerque dance star team. This is *** national dance and drill team organization that competed in both regional and national competitions and as you might expect to have placed 1st and 2nd in several categories. And as *** lot of these dance groups, either you are eligible and welcome to join these dance teams. And from South Highway 14, here’s the Essa Riding Club they formed back in 1968. Today is their 27 th year riding in the New Mexico State Fair parade. That’s quite *** history, quite *** history. And of course, we have more coming away from the New Mexico State Fair parade. So stay with us. We will be right back. You’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on KO Seven. Welcome back to the New Mexico State Fair parade. Hope you’re getting *** good dose of what all this fun is about today. And right now we’re getting *** dose and an ear full and the timing couldn’t be perfect. We don’t plan this, but right now we do have another marching band to show and let you hear they are the Shiprock high school marching band. Now, behind the band, the Ballistic Car Club, they say they’ve become close friends, helping one another customize their cars and joining the club requires that both the vehicle’s appearance and the representation of the owner be top notch. And as these custom cars always seem to have, you know, I think these are decals. I don’t believe these are paint jobs, but some of them have fancy paint jobs, but also the decals have become very, very elaborate. Hey, that kid doesn’t have *** seat belt on. You don’t see quite *** long line of cars here while we’re talking about cars. If you don’t want to get stuck in *** slow parade on the way out to the state fairgrounds, you can take the park and ride. They have several different locations where you can park your vehicle, jump on the bus and it’ll drop you off out at the fairgrounds. But the location primarily is at the Cornado Center and they drop off and return, I think every 10 minutes or so. So you don’t have to wait long, right? It runs from 8 30 to 8. The price is definitely right. It’s one way, it’s *** dollar each way that’s for ages 12 and older. And if you’re 5 to 11 50 cents and I guess if you’re under five, it’s free. Again, the Ballistic car Club. Now, if you do want *** deer going out there yourself and not having to, uh, to take park and ride where you should park. Gate number one, it’s the westbound part on Central Avenue. And again, as we said yesterday, we emphasize at five o’clock, no left turn so you can’t come down San Pedro and think you’re gonna turn left into the main gate of the fair. It just won’t work. So gate one is westbound on Central Avenue. Gate eight, that’s the race track infield. So that’s coming in southbound off Louisiana and gate nine is southbound as well off Louisiana. So those are three places that you can park. It will cost you $4 for general parking, $6 for preferred during the week. $5 general on the weekend and $8 preferred. That was the first impression the Clean Cities Coalition. They’re driving alternative fuel vehicles that operate on clean, renewable, domestically produced fuels. Today, they are showing us the compressed natural gas truck and an electric vehicle. Yeah, I, I imagine it’s street legal but you can’t carpool in that vehicle. But that’s the neighborhood electric vehicle, plug it in and go. This is the grand champion cheerleading and drill squad. It comes to us from Jimmy Carter middle school and they are riding on their very own decorated spirit float and you can hear they have quite *** bit of spirits. Now, there’s still *** lot of the parade left to go even though we don’t have *** lot of time left to go. But Keely Chalmers is out at the top of the parade route. Is it winding down where you are, Keely? Yeah, we’re about at one, I’d say, I think like 190 somewhere 181 190. And there’s, I think 205 entries. But let me just say one of my favorite things about the New Mexico State Fair, the New Mexico State Fair parade in addition to all the floats and the cars and the bands is the food out here and all the tasty trees. Now, I scored myself *** popsicle earlier. As you can see it’s clean. I ate half of it and then the rest of it. That’s what happens when you’re sitting out here in the hot sun for about two hours. Now, I’m not alone. I met these two little girls and they’ve been pigging out on candy all day long. This is Heather. Is this Heather and Alicia. Yeah. Now I saw you guys, you were eating *** lot of candy earlier. Yeah. What, what’s your favorite candy? Um, I don’t know. Lollipops. Yeah. And how was the, uh, pops go? Good. I was good. How was yours? Good. And what’s your favorite part about being out here with the parade? I see. Like, you know, what’s your favorite float? What, what’s your favorite float? The popsicles got your tongue. All right. Again, as you said, this parade is wrapping up. I am going to be out here for the next 10 minutes sitting and watching it back to you guys. All right. Thanks, Kelly. Coming up another of our bands. This is the Farmington High School Scorpion Sound Regiment. Band under the direction of Angelo. Again, that was *** Scorpion sound regimen band from Farmington High school. Here’s the potent tape from the Luxor Temple. Like that old car looks so good. Now, do you recognize that bear mascot the bed? I tell you that. Oh, it’s the shaman. He looks squeezable. Don’t squeeze the shaman bear. And of course, he’s o to give us *** big welcome to the state fair. Now, this is *** group of New Mexico Rodeo Queens Clinic unit. They provide *** learning experience for young women wishing to become involved in the rodeo Queen contests throughout the state because the rodeo Queen needs to really know how to ride *** horse and wave while she’s riding the horse. So, Doug, have you picked out *** day to take your kids out to the fair yet? Well, it’s gonna have to be *** weekend day but uh, probably going to be one day next week, one day, next week. What is the sea shells all over this? This is the some antique cars that they’ve dressed up. That is the coolest car I think I’ve seen so far from the sixties and some cool skirts, they say, and you can hear it. Old fire truck coming up, the high school Navy Junior ROTC, their booster club on the antique fire truck making *** lot of noise and the group following them, this is the Berlin High school Navy Junior ROTC Training Corps marching down Central Avenue proudly. You can hear him in cadence quite *** lot. This is gonna be, I think our largest RC group, what stop, you know, you watch them come down Central Avenue. Some of the other things you can see at the state there, the Purina Dog team, we saw *** little bit of them during our five o’clock newscast. I think Joe has joined them now, still going to be our meteorologist, but I think he’s going to go off and join the Purina Dog team. Also, we saw the Iron Jack Lumberjacks during our six o’clock news cast. We kind of tame them down *** little bit. They had these big axes in their hand, but they didn’t, they cut paper, which we think they can handle it if they can chop wood. But we told them to kind of temper it down *** little bit knowledge. It was cut some paper for us thankfully. So I’m gladly, Joe wasn’t involved in that much. So we, some of the other ones wins thrills of the universe. It’s called *** sea lion Splash. You know, also, you don’t want to forget about the exhibit halls. That’s one of the things that the fair is all about the agriculture building and then there’s the Creative arts building. They also have *** flower building. That’s one of my favorites. Great place to cool off. If it gets *** little bit too sunny, *** little bit too hot, you can go cool off near the art galleries and then the youth hall, that’s where all the 4h and F fa winners get to display what they’ve competed with throughout the year. Horticulture, ceramics, photography, home economics. OK. Coming up on right now is the Berlin High school intensity marching band. And they look very intense from here. So we’re gonna see how intense they play. Let’s listen to them. Right. You’re watching the New Mexico State Fair parade on K *** seven. You just missed Los, but we can hear good morning and welcome back to our coverage of the New Mexico State Fair as we wrap up our two hour coverage here on KO ***. It’s been *** wonderful morning out here. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. I hope you’ve seen one of your neighbors or your band student or your horse or somebody out in the parade. You know, this is *** fun time for us every year and we’re just kicking off the big two week run at the State fair. So we hope you get *** chance to go out and enjoy it and take part in New Mexico culture if you weren’t able to come out here in person because you’re watching at home. We are glad we were able to bring it to you here on. We brought you all the pageantry, the color, the marching bands, the horses to car clubs. They were all out here. I want to say thanks to our crew. Too because they’ve been out here since early this morning getting all this set up and all these different camera angles for you and all the logistics worked out and also to Russell studio for giving us their parking lot to set up in. It’s not as easy as Diane makes it look, there’s *** lot of people out here working very, very hard. Again, kids under two are free *** dollar before two pm. Monday through Thursday. Thanks again. Have *** great day. We hope you enjoyed it. We’ll see you back on Monday night. You’ve been watching the New Mexico State Fair Parade.

2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade

The New Mexico State Fair begins this week and we have you covered with everything you need to know. State Fair 2023: Your guide to the New Mexico State FairAs we begin several days of fun and food, we dig into the KOAT Video Vault and bring you our live coverage of the 2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade with Doug Fernandez and Dianne Anderson. Watch the video player above for the full parade.

The New Mexico State Fair begins this week and we have you covered with everything you need to know.

State Fair 2023: Your guide to the New Mexico State Fair

As we begin several days of fun and food, we dig into the KOAT Video Vault and bring you our live coverage of the 2002 New Mexico State Fair Parade with Doug Fernandez and Dianne Anderson.

Watch the video player above for the full parade.

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