Hypocrisy has replaced our principles

Randy Lynch, Sun-News editorial columnist

Editor’s note: This column published in the Sun-News print edition in July 2022, but due to an oversight was not published online until August 2022.

For the last eight years, I’ve been speaking a language almost nobody understands. Truthfully, I don’t watch the movie “Idiocracy” anymore because it’s becoming too uncomfortably prophetic. I used to feel like I had political allies who spoke the same language, but it’s become clear they use the same words, but with different meanings.

The language I’m speaking of is that of conservative and constitutional principles. I’d already had years of experience understanding that there was a language disconnect when I’d talk to those on the left, but then I started to see it with those on the right, especially with the rise of Donald Trump. Principles have become malleable. Positions on taxes, tariffs, foreign policy or even how people should treat each other are based on the position of the party and the president: Support your side no matter what and condemn the other side no matter what.

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