Nova Scotia expands satellite internet service rebate program

HALIFAX, N.S. — Nova Scotia is expanding the recently announced Satellite Internet Service Rebate program to help more residents gain internet access faster.

Starting Aug. 11, the program will accept applications from residents and business owners, like those in Pictou County who are not expected to gain access to wired or wireless internet until after Dec. 31, 2023.

The $8.5 million program will cover up to $1,000 towards the installation cost of equipment for about 2,200 homes and businesses in addition to the nearly 3,700 homes originally announced.

Currently, Starlink is the only service that can meet or exceed the requirements, the Department of Economic Development said in a news release.

However, if other providers can meet requirements they can be used in the program.

Satellite providers must meet or pass the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications committee’s minimum speed targets of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload to be eligible for the program.

Before buying satellite equipment residents are asked to confirm eligibility for the program online.

Once eligibility is confirmed, and customers purchase satellite service and equipment, applications can be submitted electronically or by mail.

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