John Wick: Chapter 4 – Everything You Need To Know About It

John Wick, when it first released back in 2014, was an experimental action movie starring an actor in his twilight years. Or, so most of us, normies, thought at the beginning.

And, I’m proud to say that I was proven wrong. God hail Keanu and his puppy-loving, tragic yet daredevil of an assassin, John Wick!

Since the first movie came out, we’ve been graced with two more amazing films of the series. And, thankfully, neither Keanu nor Chad Stahelski is showing any signs of stopping.

The release date of John Wick: Chapter 4 is already out, and here’s what we know about it!

The Story So Far…

In Chapter-1, we’re introduced to the titular character, John Wick – an assassin with god-like proficiency and skill set. However, we don’t see him in action right off the bat, as he’s retired to live a happy and prosperous life with Helen. his wife. Unfortunately, though, she tragically passes away from a terminal illness and John is left with a pup to share his grief. However, it all goes haywire when the son of a gangster kills the dog and steals John’s favorite car. He is out to get his revenge and he’ll do it – in one way or another.

Chapter-2 is a little different than the first movie, though. In this one, we see John taking up on an impossible task of killing a gangster. And, needless to say, it lands him in quite a lot of trouble. He ends up murdering a high-class enemy in the Continental grounds, which, in turn, results him being declared as an “excommunicado.” Now, he’s a target of every hitman in the world and has to get away from them somehow, anyhow.

John Wick – Chapter 3: Parabellum is a different beast. It shows us the story of John trying to survive in the world that isn’t ready to show him mercy. But, he does get away from them for a while by taking someone special’s help. But, I won’t say anything else here. Watch the film by downloading it from the pirate bay and see it for yourself.

What’s Going To Happen In John Wick – Chapter 4?

The price of John Wick’s head is still there. So, we’ll see him running, killing, and trying his best to get away from the world-renowned assassins. But, this time, his journey isn’t going to be limited to New York. Besides, he’s going to travel between Berlin, Paris, and Japan too.

So… Uh, expect more of the same action, guns, and kung-fu stuff from this movie. But, the action of the film is going to be top-notch, as Donnie Yen, Mark Zaror, and Scott Adkins will be there. I’m not sure what their roles are going to be, but it doesn’t look well for John.

Not at all.

Anything Else You Need To Know About?

The best thing I can say about the film is that we’re going to experience yet another Stahelski masterclass, again. And, I’m pretty sure that he’ll up his game again.

However, here’s something worrying.

The writer of the series, Derek Kolstad, isn’t going to return for the fourth installment. And, it is quite a huge loss, because I wanted to see John’s story from his viewpoint only.

However, the studio didn’t go back to him.

Instead, they hired another heavy-hitter Shay Hatten and got Michael Finch to aid him. It’s a weird decision, though. After all, both of them have worked on different types of movies and, in my opinion, their writing style is different as well.

But, the storyline isn’t John Wick’s strongest suit, so I think we’ll be okay there – as long as the presentation is good and good.

The Hype Is Real!

Thanks to the pandemic, John Wick: Chapter 4 has already been postponed thrice. However, since the news of the movie coming out in 2023, most of the fans, including me, are hyped up quite a bit. If I’m talking about myself, I’m more interested in the action sequences and all.

But, what about you? Why do you love the John Wick series? What do you think is going to make this film tick? Don’t forget to comment your thoughts in the box below. I’ll be waiting!

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