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By Mary Webber

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is reportedly having payment issues with his social media platform Truth Social as it reportedly owes $1.6 million to its web-hosting services.

People familiar with the matter noted that the recent reports on financial challenges of Trump’s Truth Social are true, according to a Fox Business report.

Sources noted that internet infrastructure company RightForge is reportedly among Truth Social’s largest vendors and creditors. The same people with knowledge of the matter noted that RightForge claims that Truth Social has just made three payments and stopped payments since March.

The web-servicing infrastructure reported that Truth Social owes around $1.6 million and is warning to take legal action to claim the payments.

Meanwhile, RightForge CEO Martin Avila refused to comment “on any private matters.” However, he would not deny the feud between the two parties.

Avila said in a statement that the company believes in “the mission” of Trump’s free speech platform, adding that they wish to continue to support Trump when it comes to his “media endeavors.”

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Donald Trump’s Truth Social

Truth Social was launched in February to provide a space for Trump after being banned from multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Trump’s ban occurred after the January 6 Capitol attack last year.

Daily Mail reported that Truth Social has failed to draw a big number of users, with its population far short as compared to Twitter, Facebook, and even the website Gab.

Some industry experts also noted that the social media platform is not yet available for Android users. Its launch was also met with technological glitches.

A spokesperson for Truth Social would not deny the contention between RightForge and Truth Social while a spokesman for Trump did not comment on the matter.

Truth Social Issues

In April, The Washington Post noted that the social media platform has been losing “investors, executives, and attention.”

Truth Social has been met with several technical issues, such as a waiting list that has challenged hundreds of thousands of possible users during its first weeks online.

The social media app was aimed to be the flagship product of the Trump Media & Technology Group, which is a start-up that Trump’s advisers claimed would become a “media powerhouse.”

On its launch day, Truth Social was downloaded around 200,000 times and was down to an average of 10,000 installs a day last month. Since its launch on February 21, the app has been downloaded around 1.2 million times.

The social network’s sign-up page could allow access to the phone numbers and email addresses of a huge number of possible donors and voters.

Trump Media’s merger with Digital World Acquisition was approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Meanwhile, hopeful Truth Social users have complained for weeks about the wait list that is no longer than one million people.

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