Radio City is a go-to platform for brands to build reach: Ashit Kukian, CEO, Radio City

What is the core philosophy of Radio City?

Radio City is India’s first FM broadcaster and since its inception in 2001, we have been creating innovative and reformative content that appeals to our pan-India audience. Our core philosophy ‘Rag Rag Main Daude City’ translates to being ‘The pulse of the City’ through which we cater to our two sets of audiences – listeners and advertisers. Radio City provides listeners with a daily dose of relevant infotainment that resonates with their interests and keeps them abreast with the latest developments in their city. We reverberate with the crux of the city, therefore, our goal has to been showcase city-related issues and also plan solutions to support the listeners.

Radio City has been offering innovative solutions to advertisers to help them target their brand message effectively to their audience through our radio as well as digital platforms. Radio City is more than just an FM channel; it is a go-to platform for brands to build reach among their target audience. We have always focused on creating a remarkable impact by delving into wide-reaching initiatives for our listeners as well as advertisers.

How did the pandemic affect Indian businesses?

COVID-19 pandemic had impacted almost every business across industries, making it challenging for entrepreneurs to sustain their business. It was an opportunity in disguise for organizations to go back to the drawing board and chalk out an alternative business continuity strategy. To upkeep listeners and businesses all through the pandemic, Radio City launched multiple properties such as City ni Ambulance, Kaam Wapsi with Ginnie, City Ki Tech-Shaala, Concert from home, 20 second handwash, Corona Help Corner and many others. As the pandemic affected small businesses on a great scale, we launched Radio City Bazaar in 2020 to promote as well as support existing and emerging homegrown companies in sustaining their business during the pandemic. The campaign was developed and promoted across social media to invite entries from homegrown businesses.

What has been Radio City’s role in supporting Indian businesses?

When the pandemic hit the country, we were the first FM radio station in India to support advertisers by incentivizing them and offering them a subsidized fee to help them engage with their audience. Radio City has been a voice of encouragement for entrepreneurs by consistently motivating and supporting businesses across the country through multiple properties. Over the past two decades, Radio City Business Icons Awards have played a beacon of optimism for companies in India. We launched Business Icons with an intent to provide business leaders recognition for their work and honour them for their services. Since the Business Icon Awards have been so well received, it was a gradual way forward for Radio City to honour business leaders on an international scale by introducing the ‘Radio City Business Titans’. Our goal is to highlight pioneering businesses that have pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation in their fields.

What is Radio City Business Titans?

Radio City has launched the first edition of ‘Business Titans’, an international event to recognize Indian businesses who have strived and thrived to attain success through resilience and consistent innovation. The core objective of Business Titans is to support Indian business icons who have done commendable work to upscale their business and positively contribute to the economy. The first edition of Business Titans-Chapter Dubai has over 20 categories across multiple industries including consumer goods, education, pharma and healthcare, finance, electronics and electrical appliances, jeweller, dotcom, clothing/apparel, basic industries, IT, services, food, restaurants, travel, health and fitness, auto, home services, real estate, media and entertainment, and start-ups. The radio station is geared up to celebrate the glory of the most prominent enterprises at an international destination ‘Dubai’ from 26th to 28th August 2022. The event will be graced by Indian business entrepreneurs, Bollywood superstars, and social media influencers.

What are the future plans of the company?

With every business going digital today, we are strengthening our digital presence as well. Radio City has been at the forefront of anticipating market trends and became the first FM radio station to go digital by launching the first internet radio station eleven years ago. Radio’s reach across audio and digital media has expanded owing to the advent of digital technologies. Radio City has created a roadmap to offer solutions through a greater amalgamation of radio plus digital solutions through ‘Radigitalization’. Radio City has been evolving with the content to expand both its audience and its market reach by utilizing digital means and collaborating with different digital platforms. In addition to that, we will also continue to generate revenue through on-ground events, live concerts, podcasts and much more. As we mark the first edition of Radio City Business Titans, we are confident that this marquee property will only continue to become grander in future editions.

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