LTE: Coppice Thicket, “the seasonings we throw into the mix”

Dear Editor,


Summer’s end can be a reflection of one’s youthful beginnings. Little League is over, weekend trips to the lake are nearly through, and schoolbooks wait for your return as does that certain girl your affections hold out for, albeit in vain. (I am hardly at that stage anymore. That’ll be another story).

Ahh, those were the days!

All is not lost though. There is a plethora of items on the bucket list. A few more bicycling jaunts down Route 5 from Springfield to Bellows Falls on a bicycle is an excellent option. A second round of haying at a neighbor’s farm is necessary before the season progresses further. Perhaps a hike up Mount Monadnock is in order.

One of my favorites is spending early evenings on the porch. My wife and I chitchat while listening to the likes of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Charley Pride, and Fleetwood Mac. All thanks to internet radio.

Embrace the fleeting allure of one season to the next. Northern New England is synonymous with life. Each phase is a new chapter, and you just can’t predict its outcome with a whole heck of a lot of accuracy.

That’s what makes life so tasteful. It’s the seasonings we throw into the mix.



Coppice Thicket

Alstead, N.H.

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