Comedian Bena wa Malines Targets Radio Job After Overnight Fame

Comedian Bernard Kamulu famously known as Bena wa Malines has opened up about his interest in hosting radio shows. 

Speaking on Friday, August 2, Bena, who gained overnight fame with his videos on social media platforms, noted that a radio career would help him empower and address mental health issues.

The TikTok star, who commands over two million followers, explained that with his academic knowledge in media and radio influence, he would reach a bigger audience and help shape society struggling with mental issues.

Capitalising on his fanbase, Bena added that a radio career would help him offer a platform to other youths with different talents.

 comedian Bernard Kamulu alias Bena wa Malines

comedian Bernard Kamulu alias Bena wa Malines


“Mental health starts with accepting yourself and situations the way they are. In case you are worried, just remember tomorrow is not guaranteed,” he stated.

“Youths should stop worrying about driving top-of-the-range vehicles. I always advise them to focus on what is within their reach,” he added.

Bena is pursuing Journalism and Media studies at Mount Kenya University and hopes to get his first job with a mainstream media company.

The comedian further narrated that his talent was evident since primary school. The 22-year-old performed a narrative in Class 8 inspired by the 2007 skirmishes. 

The narrative was meant to urge Kenyans to uphold peace ahead of the 2013 General Election, which President Uhuru Kenyatta won.

Prior to the social media breakthrough, Bena had earlier tried venturing into comedy, but his career failed to kick off. 

“Before I became an internet sensation, I struggled with content creation. I struggled for years, no one was watching my videos. But when TikTok was introduced, people started liking my videos.

“Right now, I’m receiving calls from clients who want to market their content. In fact I did my first advert recently,” he disclosed. 

Photo collage of comedian Bernard Kamulu alias Bena wa Malines

Photo collage of comedian Bernard Kamulu alias Bena wa Malines.


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