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Editor’s Note: September 2022

For most people, the HomePod mini remains the compact AirPlay speaker to buy, thanks to its impressive sound from a small body, and affordable price.

We’ve recently added the KEF LSX II stereo speakers to this list, which are an ideal choice for those who love classic audiophile gear but what the ultra-convenience of AirPlay speakers. They’re the best of both.

Matt Bolton, Senior Editor – TV & Audio

The best AirPlay speakers have Apple’s fantastic AirPlay wireless communication tech built into them. What that means is with one of the top AirPlay speakers you can stream music, audiobooks and podcasts from your iPhone or iPad straight to your speaker. 

It’s such a simple feature and works so seamlessly that it’s easy to overlook just how great it is, allowing you to enjoy loud, immersive sound on a speaker without a complex set-up. If you already own Apple devices, like iPhones, iPads, an Apple TV 4K or even an Apple HomePod mini, you may have even used AirPlay without realizing it. 

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