RTL Today – Citizens’ Radio: Hong Kong unlicensed


A Hong Kong radio station that has aired pro-democracy shows without a licence for nearly 18 years held its last broadcast on Friday, citing difficulties operating in a “dangerous” political landscape.

Founded by veteran activist Tsang Kin-shing in 2005, Citizens’ Radio began as an act of civil disobedience against Hong Kong’s public broadcasting laws, which he and fellow activists criticised as overly restrictive of public access to the airwaves.

In its early years, the station aired phone-in talk shows where prominent opposition figures sometimes appeared as guests, tapping into a culture of spirited political commentary.

But Tsang, nicknamed Bull, said Friday that Citizens’ Radio had had trouble inviting guests in light of Beijing’s tightening grip.

“Hong Kong’s political situation today has fallen off a cliff,” Tsang, 67, told reporters before the final show, recorded in a cluttered studio within an industrial building.

“If we invite guests, they may not be able to speak freely, because there are so many red lines.”

Tsang added that the station could not pay rent beyond August after its bank account was blocked from receiving donations.

After massive pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in 2019, Beijing imposed a national security law that critics say has silenced dissent and curtailed political freedoms.

More than 250 people — including activists, lawmakers and journalists — have been arrested under the security law and three major pro-democracy media outlets have shuttered under pressure.

“I believe in the future, in Hong Kong, it will be hard to have this kind of civil disobedience again,” Tsang said of his radio station.

– Civil disobedience –

While Citizens’ Radio has not been targeted under the security law, its open defiance of Hong Kong’s broadcasting rules meant it had been embroiled in government lawsuits for years.

After their broadcasting licence application was denied, the station set up its own FM transmitters atop the city’s famous Lion Rock mountain.

Tsang estimated he and others paid HK$60,000 ($7,700) in fines over the years, and the station had its studio raided and its equipment confiscated by officials more than once.

“I believe the airwaves are a public resource, and should not just belong to the commercial sector or the government,” he said on Friday.

But Tsang’s attempts to challenge Hong Kong’s broadcasting regulations hit a dead-end after his case was dismissed by the top court in 2017.

Emily Lau, former chair of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party and occasional guest on Citizens’ Radio, said the station contributed to a once-vibrant media scene.

“(The closure) is another reminder that Hong Kong people are really losing many of the things that we used to have,” Lau told AFP.

“Now in Hong Kong, you have to look very hard to find channels where people can express their views freely.”

Despite its high-profile legal battles, Citizens’ Radio has been described as a fringe outlet and the size of its audience remained unclear.

Tsang said every day of broadcasting was “an act of resistance”, regardless of audience numbers.

Hong Kong’s Office of the Communications Authority declined to comment on the station’s shutdown, except to say that the station runs only on the internet.

Tsang on Friday gathered some of the station’s hosts for a final hour of laughs and commiseration, and together they bowed to thank their supporters.

“We thank the Hong Kong public, who are clear-eyed and clear-headed,” Tsang said.

“Eighteen years is not a short time.”

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Checks & Imbalances: Mike Pence’s


Today we look at Mike Pence’s lucrative post-Veep years.

Checks & Imbalances is off next week. We’ll return the following week, now on Thursday, with a fresh look. Happy Fourth!

Mike Pence’s Multimillion-Dollar Windfall

“Presidential candidate Mike Pence received more than $4.8 million from speaking, writing and consulting since the start of 2022, according to a financial disclosure report he filed with the federal government Wednesday. Pence’s memoir ‘So Help Me God,’ provided $1.4 million in advance payments. He got another $3.4 million from delivering 32 speeches,” reports Matt Durot.

Pence conducts his speaking, writing and consulting through a company called Hoosier Heartland LLC. The disclosure listed business income for that entity of $1.8 million. Pence also noted a $381,000 salary from Hoosier Heartland.

The disclosure also shows two family trusts, one of which is worth more than $1 million and has kicked off somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million of income since the start of 2022. The second trust is much smaller, worth just $50,000 to $100,000.

It’s big money for Pence, a 64-year-old former radio host, who wasn’t all that rich when he served as vice president. Forbes estimated his fortune at $1 million in 2019. Virtually all of that came from state and federal pensions, the result of 18 years in public life, first as a U.S. representative, then as Indiana’s governor, then as the country’s vice president. Based on his first fourteen years as a federal employee, Pence was eligible to collect an estimated $50,000 per year for the rest of his life. For his four years of gubernatorial work, he was entitled to at least 30% of his salary, or about $35,000 annually.

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Biden Announces $40 Billion For High-Speed Internet Access: How The White House Is Pushing ‘Bidenomics’

“The White House announced a new $42 billion investment in high-speed internet access Monday as part of its “Bidenomics” campaign to promote the president’s economic policies as he kicks off his 2024 reelection bid,” reports Sara Dorn.

The Biden Administration will divide the money between all 50 states, U.S. territories and D.C. over the next two years, with the goal of providing high-speed broadband access to all Americans by 2030.

The program will target underserved areas, often rural communities, where internet providers have been reluctant to invest in expensive projects to serve a small number of people…

The announcement is part of a broader push by the Biden Administration, dubbed “Bidenomics,” to tout his economic policies as he kicks off his 2024 reelection campaign—a White House memo sent to reporters Monday promotes a narrative that Biden’s middle-class-centric policies have allowed the U.S. to recover stronger from the pandemic compared to other world economic leaders and accuses Republicans of “failed trickle-down policies,” such as tax breaks for large corporations and the wealthy.

‘We’re In A Cold War With China’ And ‘At War With Russia’: Doug Burgum On Forbes Road To 2024

On “Forbes Road to 2024,” North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) joins Brittany Lewis to discuss why he’s running for president, his vision for the nation, and the most important issues facing Americans ahead of the next election.

Ex-Board Member Of Trump’s SPAC Arrested For Insider Trading

“Authorities arrested three Florida men Thursday for illicitly profiting millions of dollars off of insider information about a special-purpose acquisition company’s planned merger with former President Donald Trump’s media company,” reports Derek Saul.

Federal prosecutors allege Bruce Garelick and brothers Gerald and Michael Shvartzman profited more than $22 million in 2021 by using non-material public information to trade shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp, which announced that fall it intended to acquire Trump Media, the former president’s company encompassing his social media site, Truth Social.

Garelick, who sat on DWAC’s board of directors until resigning last June, allegedly texted Michael Shvartzman he had “intelligence to share” on September 24, 2021, a few weeks before DWAC announced its merger plans with Trump Media (the merger has yet to go through).

The three men, who first invested in DWAC ahead of its initial public offering, bought nearly three million shares or stock options in the firm in the six weeks leading up to the Trump announcement, either personally or via associates, prosecutors allege.

Gov. Jay Inslee Talks APEC, China, And Why He Sees Economic Growth In Fight Against Climate Change

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) is sounding an upbeat note in his belief that fighting climate change will prove a boon to the economy, a message he wants to impart to the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Senior Officials’ and Ministerial Meetings which will be hosted in his state in August. Inslee joins Brittany Lewis on “Forbes Newsroom” to discuss.

Marianne Williamson Earned More Than $1.3 Million Over The Past 18 Months

Democratic presidential candidate and New Age author Marianne Williamson earned more than $1.3 million over the past 18 months, according to a financial disclosure released Thursday.

That figure includes at least $142,000 in royalty payments and $147,000 in advances.

Williamson has published 15 books since 1992. According to the disclosure, her debut, “A Return to Love,” earned twice as much as all of her other published works combined over the past 18 months. Her 2019 release, “The Politics of Love,” is strangely not included on the filing, which requires breaking out any piece of intellectual property that earned more than $200 during the reporting period.

Tracking Trump

Forbes continues to update “Tracking Trump: All The Criminal Cases, Lawsuits And Investigations Involving The Former President.”


“A U.S. District judge denied former President Donald Trump’s request to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed in 2019 against him by writer E. Jean Carroll on the grounds of presidential immunity and claims his remarks ‘were not defamatory per se,’ in the latest legal blow from the ex-president in his attempt to push back on sexual misconduct allegations,” reports Molly Bohannon.


“Former President Donald Trump’s defamation lawsuit filed Tuesday against writer E. Jean Carroll, alleging that she falsely accused him of rape, deploys a frequent attack mechanism of suing his adversaries over unflattering statements—a routinely unsuccessful and costly strategy as defamation claims are notoriously hard to prove,” reports Sara Dorn.


Turns out there might be a positive to a president owning a hotel just a couple blocks from the White House.

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What is the name of the LLC Mike Pence formed for his speaking, writing and consulting gigs?

A. Hoosier Heartland

B. Mother May I?

C. Marlon Bundo

D. Lodestar

Check if you got it right here.

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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


(WKBN) — The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) will soon complete the transition to a new electronic education vendor, giving inmates increased opportunities to communicate with their loved ones.

ODRC has been transitioning to tablet communication, entertainment and electronic education vendors to give the incarcerated population enhanced opportunities to communicate with family and friends at a reduced cost.

Under a new ViaPath contract, new tablets were distributed last fall at no cost. These tablets include applications such as a wellness app, education opportunities, more book selections, podcasts and internet radio.

An upgraded messaging application is also available for incarcerated people and their loved ones, something ODRC Director Annette Chambers-Smith said is a critical component of effective rehabilitation.

“Being able to maintain relationships with family and friends during incarceration is vital for rehabilitation, and we want to do whatever we can to facilitate that ongoing and important connection,” said Chambers-Smith. “These communications services are offered at some of the lowest rates available in the country, making it easier and more affordable for families to stay connected with their incarcerated loved ones.”

This transition represents the first time in history that a correctional agency has switched communication vendors without the incarcerated population experiencing a loss of meaningful media files, such as messages, music and photos.

The transition from Securus Technologies (formerly JPay) to ViaPath Technologies/GTL will be complete by the end of the month, and the Securus Technologies contract will end in July 2023.

The ViaPath contract was competitively bid by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, and ODRC receives no monetary fees from any of the services provided.

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The Bible Is Still Relevant, Despite What You May



Recently, a school district near Salt Lake City, Utah, removed the Bible from elementary and middle school libraries. Though it quickly reversed course and returned it to the library shelves, the original decision was made in response to a complaint that the Bible contains pornographic content, and that certain parts are too “violent or vulgar” for young children. Meanwhile, school districts across the country require LGBT content, much of it grossly explicit, in elementary school classrooms as well as libraries. Some even refuse to allow parents to excuse their children from such content.

It is, to put it mildly, upside down to silence the Bible in order to “protect” children while forcing radical ideas about identity and sexuality on them. Though the Bible speaks plainly about the violence and barbarity of fallen humanity (see the final three chapters of the book of Judges, for example), it is not gratuitous. More importantly, the Bible portrays evil as evil, rather than celebrating the brokenness under the guise of “authenticity,” “autonomy,” and “diversity.” 

Eliminating the Bible from education also ignores the crucial impact the Bible has had on the world, especially in shaping Western culture. On one hand, this is simply part of the wholesale condemnation of Western culture so common today. However, even if the Western heritage in the sciences, technology, human rights, freedom, and the arts are downplayed or ignored, at least some knowledge of the Bible is basic to knowing human history at all. Put differently, to assume that the Bible is no longer relevant to the modern world is to misunderstand both the Bible and the modern world.

The latest episode of the Colson Center’s What Would You Say? video series offers a response to the claim that “the modern world has moved beyond the Bible.” Here’s a sample:

The Bible’s positive influence on the world as we know it has been so profound and so thorough that it’s easy to forget just how much it has shaped our understanding of science, morality, politics, literature, music, language and so many other aspects of life and culture.

Every video in the What Would You Say? series offers thoughtful, reasoned, and reliable answers to common cultural questions. This video explains how the Bible shaped Western culture, how the Bible’s description of reality provided the grounding for modern science, and why there will be a growing demand for the Bible as more and more people come to faith around the world.  

For example, there is a reason that the scientific revolution did not emerge out of other cultures. Despite the common narrative that Christianity is anti-science, science requires a consistent natural order, something described from the very beginning of the Bible:

The Bible describes a world that was made by God to be intelligible and orderly. Philosopher of science Stephen Meyer says, “Because we have an intelligence that has, as its source, the intelligence that built the world, we can understand the world….”

This is why we expect consistency and order in nature. And why we expect, as humans, to be able to study and comprehend that consistency and order.

In fact, the biblical description of reality provided the impetus for most arenas of learning and academic study, including history, medicine, math, and sociology. After all, learning requires that humans are knowers, that they are able to learn, and that the world is knowable. Most worldviews simply cannot ground these assumptions.

Other videos in the What Would You Say? video series, which has now garnered over two million views, address questions about science, apologetics, sexuality, race, politics, and more. These videos are for parents to watch with their kids, teachers to use in class with students, and in small groups and Sunday School classes, too. New videos, each addressing a different question, will be added every couple of weeks. Please visit whatwouldyousay.org, or search for and subscribe to the What Would You Say? channel on YouTube. And please share these videos with friends, family, and on social media.

This Breakpoint was co-authored by Michaela Estruth. For more resources to live like a Christian in this cultural moment, go to breakpoint.org.

Publication date: June 30, 2023

Photo courtesy: ©GettyImages/Vimvertigo

The views expressed in this commentary do not necessarily reflect those of Christian Headlines.

BreakPoint is a program of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. BreakPoint commentaries offer incisive content people can’t find anywhere else; content that cuts through the fog of relativism and the news cycle with truth and compassion. Founded by Chuck Colson (1931 – 2012) in 1991 as a daily radio broadcast, BreakPoint provides a Christian perspective on today’s news and trends. Today, you can get it in written and a variety of audio formats: on the web, the radio, or your favorite podcast app on the go.

John Stonestreet is President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and radio host of BreakPoint, a daily national radio program providing thought-provoking commentaries on current events and life issues from a biblical worldview. John holds degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (IL) and Bryan College (TN), and is the co-author of Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview.

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Alabama water parks prepare for big crowds


Alabama water parks prepare for big crowds during heat, holiday weekend


Alabama water parks prepare for big crowds during heat, holiday weekend

Water parks in Central Alabama expect to see a surge of people coming in as temperatures reach triple digits this weekend. Many of them expect to see thousands of people take over the rides for the Fourth of July.Weather | Radar | Hurricanes | Traffic | uLocal | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Director of Marketing Alex Ramsey said they are making sure they have enough staff and emergency professionals to accommodate the crowds. “We provide a ton of training to our team members. It’s not very often that you find someone with known rollercoaster experience, so we do a ton of training to make sure all of our team members are well-trained in safety and cleanliness, service,” Alex Ramsey saidThis upcoming weekend, the park could see more than 3,000 people show up.They plan to pass out water and even offer free drinks throughout the park to keep people from falling out from the sun this weekend. Stay updated on the latest weather updates with the WVTM 13 app. You can download it here.

Water parks in Central Alabama expect to see a surge of people coming in as temperatures reach triple digits this weekend.

Many of them expect to see thousands of people take over the rides for the Fourth of July.

Weather | Radar | Hurricanes | Traffic | uLocal | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Director of Marketing Alex Ramsey said they are making sure they have enough staff and emergency professionals to accommodate the crowds.

“We provide a ton of training to our team members. It’s not very often that you find someone with known rollercoaster experience, so we do a ton of training to make sure all of our team members are well-trained in safety and cleanliness, service,” Alex Ramsey said

This upcoming weekend, the park could see more than 3,000 people show up.

They plan to pass out water and even offer free drinks throughout the park to keep people from falling out from the sun this weekend.

Stay updated on the latest weather updates with the WVTM 13 app. You can download it here.

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“Rather than shutting down the internet, users wil…


Sources at Google have also confirmed to The Insider that they consider the blocking of YouTube in Russia within the next year highly likely.

According to Darbinyan, another aspect that many fear is the transition to totalitarian practices involving mass prosecution of users with criminal or administrative penalties:

“There have been thousands of cases involving army discreditation and fake news charges, but they have not yet reached a mass scale. Nevertheless, the utilization of artificial intelligence systems in this context is an alarming trend. Examples of such systems are ‘Oculus’ and ‘Vepr,’ which were introduced earlier this year. These systems are designed to automatically search for prohibited content, posing significant risks.”

One of the most concerning aspects is what lies ahead: whether such a system will begin making legally significant decisions, such as automatically generating protocols for administrative offenses, speculates Darbinyan. This practice has already been tested during the pandemic in Moscow, where fines were issued automatically without the need for a protocol based on facial recognition technology, the expert adds.

Currently, these systems can raise red flags and send information to law enforcement agencies to initiate criminal cases, he further explains, noting that this situation significantly affects self-censorship. Users’ freedom of speech and self-expression is severely restricted.

“We can see these trends intensifying and potentially leading to swift changes in legislation to allow these systems to go further and make legally significant decisions.”

According to another anonymous expert, “the Kremlin failed to shut down the internet, so they resorted to the old approach of ‘shutting down’ users en masse for likes and comments.”

Given the predictions of tightened controls in the Russian segment of the internet, experts have advised using various services to bypass censorship. Shkittin recommended using the VPN Generator service, created by the Internet Protection Society (OZI) in collaboration with the IEDN Institute, as a means to circumvent blocks.

Darbinyan also reminded users about the Censor Tracker plugin from Roskomsvoboda, which allows bypassing restrictions and warns users if the website they are about to visit is listed as an organizer of information distribution, capable of collecting and transmitting user data to law enforcement agencies.

“Transparent Internet” – have your passport ready

By the end of the year, Russia plans to launch a pilot project for a secure and “absolutely transparent” internet accessible only to Russian citizens using a personal identifier obtained through registration with a passport, according to Vedomosti citing Andrey Svintsov, a deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies, and Communications. Access to this network will not be possible from “anonymous devices.” This will allow security services to easily identify the account holders. However, according to the deputy, the “unprotected internet” will also remain, but users on that network will be personally responsible for their personal data and other security matters. However, the deputy clarified to MK that the pilot project was planned to be conducted “within a large company.” Previously, in early June, Svintsov discussed this idea on the Govorit Moskva [Moscow Speaks] radio station.

According to Shkittin, the reference to a “large company,” is likely to mean a major internet service provider such as Rostelecom. It would be strange to test such a system within a large company that already has an intranet, the expert believes.

“Most likely, they are talking about developing internet access with user identification through ‘Gosuslugi’ [government services portal]. They haven’t come up with anything new, really. Perhaps the telecom operator will offer its customers the choice between using the secure mode or the regular mode. I assume there will also be propaganda promoting the secure internet as being ‘more reliable’ and so on, while presenting the regular internet as something dreadful.”

The expert also believes that this testing period can be used for psychological preparation of users, getting them accustomed to the need for authentication: “In reality, there has been no anonymity on the internet for a long time—you can already track a person through their IP and device data. So, this project is more about strengthening psychological control: by authenticating, the user will not just assume that they can be identified if something happens, but they will already know for sure that any actions they take are visible. I think this will have a very strong psychological impact on the population and will deter people from engaging in any, let’s say, unlawful actions from the state’s point of view.”

Furthermore, in theory, the authorities can introduce a biometric verification system that allows authentication based on biometric data, the expert suggests. He notes that technically, after authentication, the user will not enter a different internet but rather will end up in a different section of it. Most likely, this section will be limited to trusted “whitelisted” resources. Such a scheme is easier than blacklisting millions of undesirable websites, explained Shkittin. “Nevertheless, this is still not a sovereign internet: structurally, the internet will not change. It will simply be a heavily regulated part of it.”

Colleague of Deputy Svintsov, Alexander Khinshtein, stated in early June that he was not aware of such initiatives: “I don’t support hype for the sake of hype. I am not aware of such initiatives […] Much is yet to come, but not accessing the internet based on passports (at least in the foreseeable future).” He also mentioned that it is only possible to remove all negative content from internet resources by authorizing users through passports. In conditions where users access the web anonymously, law enforcement agencies should get involved.

Maksut Shadayev, Minister of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media, also insists that the authorities have not been discussing mandatory identification of internet users through passports: “I can guarantee that everything will remain as it is.”

“Humanity is losing the internet”

All countries are attempting to regulate the internet, experts say. There is no complete freedom anywhere, Shkittin emphasizes. Darbinyan also mentions internet censorship worldwide, saying that even countries in the European Union resort to blocking various resources: “For instance, the Baltic countries not only block websites related to Russian propaganda but sometimes indiscriminately block everything without proper assessment. While this issue is most strongly felt in countries with authoritarian regimes, Iran has more similarities with China and Turkmenistan than with the Baltic countries or Latin America. Nevertheless, the problem undeniably exists. Humanity is gradually losing the internet as a unified global platform accessible from all corners of the world due to the implementation of various restrictions.”

Furthermore, Darbinyan reminds about the proposal from European Parliamentarians to ban end-to-end encryption, which could affect a significant number of resources, such as messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal. Shkittin notes that every country, even the most democratic one, has made attempts to restrict numerous aspects of the internet:

“Some countries ban torrent downloads, others block Russian domains, and in certain places, internet access is temporarily suspended during times of unrest. When the internet first emerged, it was created by well-intentioned individuals for the benefit of all, but as it expanded, it became apparent that everyone has their own notions of freedom, rights, and possibilities.”

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Hong Kong pro-democracy radio station closes


Hong Kong’s pro-democracy online Citizens’ Radio station will cease operations on Friday owing to what its founder described as a “dangerous” political situation and the freezing of its bank account.

Launched in 2005 by veteran activist Tsang Kin-shing, the Cantonese-language broadcaster gained a steady following for its hard-hitting talkshows that were critical of authorities, as well as its years-long campaign for press freedom.

Its closure represents a further erosion of Hong Kong’s media diversity, critics say, with a China-imposed national security law having already led to the shutting of other liberal outlets including the Apple Daily newspaper and Stand News.

“Citizens’ Radio had no choice but to suspend broadcasting,” Tsang said in a Facebook post, citing increasing pressures in the former British colony as authorities clamped down on dissent and arrested activists following a pro-democracy movement in 2019 that drew millions on to the streets.

“Faced with a cliff-like change in the political situation, the red line is everywhere, the situation is dangerous, and it is difficult to invite guests to the programme,” Tsang wrote.

Tsang also said his radio station’s bank account had been frozen, without giving specifics.

“The rent can only be paid until August,” he said.

Hong Kong authorities have repeatedly said that media freedoms are respected and enshrined in city laws. The government denies cracking down on dissent but has said the protests in 2019 threatened the stability upon which the financial hub’s economic success depends.

Friday marked three years since the sweeping national security law took effect in June 2020. As of the start of June 2023, the city has arrested 259 people on suspicion of national security offences, and charged 160 people and five companies. Government officials have hailed a 100% conviction rate and insisted the law affects only a “very small number of people”.

But other figures paint a far bleaker picture. Nearly 60 civil society groups, including labour unions, media outlets and political parties, disbanded in the year following its enactment.

The Civic party, once the second-largest group in the opposition camp, voted to dissolve in May. While the League of Social Democrats, one of the last remaining pro-democracy parties, saw the bank accounts they use to receive donations terminated by HSBC earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the largest national security trial – where 47 pro-democracy activists and former lawmakers were charged with conspiracy to subvert state power for holding unofficial pre-election primaries – dragged on into its fourth month, with some languishing in custody for more than two years.

Critics said the law has curtailed liberties and imposed a chilling effect on society.

Writing about its impact, Johannes Chan, former law dean at the University of Hong Kong, noted that “in a city once known for its vibrant and diverse public square, no one feels comfortable sharing critical or even lightly satirical remarks or cartoons about the government in public, or sometimes even among friends in private.”

Media rights group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) ranked Hong Kong 140th out of 180 in its annual global media freedom index this year, down from 73 before the national security law was enacted in 2020.

“For nearly two decades, Citizens’ Radio has been an emblematic contributor to Hong Kong’s independent broadcasting landscape and its shutdown would be an irreplaceable loss for media diversity,” the press freedom group’s east Asia director, Cédric Alviani, said in a statement.

Citizens’ Radio submitted an application for a broadcasting licence in 2005 but it was never granted. It was later raided by the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) for allegedly using an illegal radio transmitter for FM broadcasting, but the station continued to broadcast online.

In 2019, four masked men wielding bats and hammers barged in to the radio station after smashing through its glass door. No arrest were made.

In a response to a query from Reuters, OFCA declined to comment specifically on the closure or the erosion of press freedom but said the radio station was internet-based and “not a sound broadcasting licensee” under telecommunications laws.

A national security case against Apple Daily and its tycoon founder, Jimmy Lai, will begin in September and could see the veteran China critic jailed for life.

In October, a verdict will be handed down in a sedition trial against two editors at the now shuttered Stand News. Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997 under a “one country, two systems” agreement aimed a preserving its freedoms for 50 years.

With Reuters

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Election Interference! MRC Poll Finds Most CNN &


A comprehensive new poll from the Media Research Center finds voters who rely on CNN and MSNBC are significantly less informed about a host of important issues: from the lack of security on the border and the impact of Joe Biden’s economic policies; to the financial scandals swirling around the President and his family, including suggestions his administration interceded to get his son “preferential treatment” during the tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden.

On every issue we examined, a majority of those who reported mainly watching Fox News or Newsmax said they recalled hearing about the various news stories we polled, while never more than 50 percent of those who watched CNN and MSNBC had the same information. Depending on the issue, the gap between the two groups averaged 23.5 percent, a huge deficit in the factual information of viewers of liberal cable news.

MRC President L. Brent Bozell III reacted: “This poll is just more evidence of the leftist media’s corrupt election interference. It’s no surprise that voters who rely on these leftist cable networks for their news are vastly less aware of Joe Biden’s multiple scandals and policy disasters. CNN and MSNBC know exactly what they’re doing, which is to bury the truth of Biden’s failures in order to save Joe Biden from himself.”

The poll was conducted for the Media Research Center by McLaughlin & Associates between June 15 and June 19. The survey consisted of 1,000 general election voters, who were asked about where they typically received their news, as well as their knowledge of eleven important news stories.

Overall, nearly half of those we surveyed said they received most of their news from television (49%), followed by online sources (39%), newspapers (6%) and radio (3%). Regardless of their primary news source, we asked all respondents if they had a cable news station they watched “most often.” A slight plurality (34.2%) cited a conservative/right-leaning cable network — Fox News (29.6%) and Newsmax (4.6%). Slightly fewer (30.5%) cited a liberal/left-leaning network — CNN (20.5%) and MSNBC (9.9%). Another three percent cited another network, while nearly 29 percent said they didn’t watch cable news at all.

Sifting through all of the various media combinations, by far the biggest differences we found in our poll were between those who preferred the liberal networks vs. the conservative networks. Details:



■ Economic Woes: A majority of respondents (56%) recalled hearing that gas prices had risen 52 percent since President Biden took office. But that number drops to less than half (48%) among those who say they watch CNN and MSNBC most often; among those who watch Fox News or Newsmax most, nearly three-in-four (73%) recalled hearing that news.

Similarly, 45 percent remembered hearing that the average family has lost $7,100 in purchasing power during the Biden years due to high inflation and interest rates. But that information was more prevalent among those who watched the conservative cable stations (61%) vs. those who relied more on the liberal networks (38%).

And, just 39 percent had heard that real wages and salaries had declined since Biden took office, vs. 48 percent who did not remember hearing that news. Once again, a majority (55%) of those who relied on FNC and Newsmax had this information, while just 34 percent of those watching MSNBC and CNN recalled hearing about this.

■ Biden’s Border Disaster: A majority of voters (54%) recalled hearing that there had been an average of 2.3 million illegal border crossings each year since Biden took office, a record. But a far higher percentage of Fox News and Newsmax viewers (77%) remembered this news story, vs. just 38 percent of CNN and MSNBC viewers.

Many fewer Americans (40%) knew that the U.S. Border Patrol had reported almost 100 encounters in the past year with people whose names appeared on the federal government’s list of known or suspected terrorists. But that awareness drops to just 34 percent when looking just at those who prefer CNN and MSNBC; in contrast, 58 percent of those who watch Fox News and Newsmax remembered hearing this news.

■ Durham Report: Last month’s report by Special Counsel John Durham determined that the FBI and the Justice Department did not have “any actual evidence of collusion” when they began investigating Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The “Russian collusion” story was a media obsession for more than two years, but our poll found only 52 percent of voters remember hearing news about Durham’s final report.

This awareness was much higher (66%) among those who said they usually watched Fox News and Newsmax, vs. just under 50 percent (49.8%, to be precise) of those who rely mostly on CNN and MSNBC. And among those who said they don’t watch cable news at all, only 42.5 percent knew about Durham’s final report.



■ Tampering with the Hunter Biden probe: It was April when an FBI whistleblower first told Congress that he had information that the President’s son had benefitted from “preferential treatment” in the multi-year investigation into tax fraud (the same charges which has now led to Hunter Biden’s guilty plea). Within a couple of weeks, the whistleblower’s lawyer reported that his client as well as the entire team had been removed from the investigation.

Despite the appearance of the Biden administration meddling into what was supposed to be an independent investigation, just 57 percent of voters even remembered hearing about this whistleblower, and just 38 percent had heard that he and his team had been removed from the investigation. Those who watched CNN and MSNBC knew even less — just half (50%) had heard of the whistleblower’s existence, and just 31 percent knew he’d been taken off the case.

But Fox News and Newsmax viewers had far greater knowledge: 76 percent remembered hearing about the whistleblower’s allegations, and 56 percent had heard that he and his team had been removed from the investigation.


■ Sparing Hunter’s oligarch cronies: Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the U.S. government has sanctioned many of the most powerful oligarchs in Russia. But two of those oddly spared by the Biden administration — Russian billionaires Yelena Baturina and Vladimir Yevtushenkov — have ties to Hunter Biden, according to published reports.

Only 39 percent of those we polled remembered hearing about this important story, and just 35 percent of those who mainly rely on CNN and MSNBC. But a majority (53%) of Fox News and Newsmax viewers were aware of this story.


■ Biden Family Corruption: Last month, a major report from the House Oversight Committee showed that “Biden family business members and business associates created a web of over 20 companies” and, according to bank records, “the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals’ companies,” including when Joe Biden was Vice President.

Less than half of voters (47%) remember even hearing about this blockbuster report. That drops to just 41 percent among those who say they watch CNN and MSNBC the most. But nearly two-thirds of those who regularly watch Fox News and Newsmax (66%) remembered hearing about this key report.


■ FBI withholding bribery evidence against Joe Biden: In May, House and Senate investigators asked for an unclassified document containing allegations that Joe Biden had accepted a bribe as Vice President. Even when faced with a lawful subpoena, the FBI refused to turn over this document to Congress, although the Bureau eventually permitted select members of the House Oversight Committee to view the document.

While this document has yet to be fully investigated, only 45 percent of the voters we polled had even heard about the FBI’s initial withholding of the document from Congress. That includes well over half (61%) of those who regularly watch Fox News and Newsmax, but just under 40 percent (39.5% to be precise) of those who prefer MSNBC and CNN.


Liberal pundits have often charged that conservative voters are living in their own media “silo,” and lack information about important news events. This important poll shows that the liberal cable networks are creating their own “silo,” with their regular viewers systematically under-informed about crucial news stories that just happen to reflect poorly on the current President.


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Amateur ham radio operators make communication


Ham radio operators at the Sandhills State Game Land in Richmond County made contact with 6 4-H campers in Pennsylvania using just amateur radio equipment and a wire for an antenna.

They had no internet or telephone system.

Amateur radio operators do this on a regular basis. They are able to talk across the United States and the world with another licensed amateur radio operator.

To qualify to get a license you just need to pass an entry level exam administered by volunteer examiners approved by the Federal Communication Commission.

Operators Olivia Rinehart of Scotland County and Mark Gibson of Richmond County made contact with the students.

Richmond County is fortunate to have an active ham radio club offering no charge amateur radio exams.

For information on upcoming amateur radio activities email [email protected]

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Is Math Racist?



Few subjects seem less political than math. There is little room for subjective judgment because its truths are universal. No matter what you look like or where you’re from or how you feel about it, two plus two will always equal four, and the area of a circle will always be π r². Math is so objective, in fact, some scientists have theorized that prime numbers could offer the basis of communication with supposed intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos.

However, even if aliens know that math has no racial or gender bias, some educators on Earth seem to think otherwise. Even amid plummeting math scores in the latest Nation’s Report Card data, a growing chorus of progressive voices insists that racism and sexism are the biggest problems we face in how to teach math.

A couple years ago, in an article in the Scientific American, Rachel Crowell complained about the racial and gender disparities among those who make a career out of mathematics. She pointed out, for instance, that “fewer than 1 percent of doctorates in math are awarded to African Americans” and that only 29.1 percent “were awarded to women.” More mathematicians, she writes, have been pushing to discuss these issues and “force the field to confront the racism, sexism and other harmful bias it sometimes harbors.”

Though, undoubtedly, examples of identity-group bias in all fields exist, Crowell chose to root her complaint in intangibles: Math doctorates are not “earned” or “received” or “completed;” they are “awarded,” a word choice that not so subtly reinforces her conclusion that something about math education is racist.

Writing at Newsweek, Jason Rantz cited examples of public schools teaching students that math itself, and the way it has always been taught, is oppressive. In Seattle, recently introduced guidelines for K-12 math teachers in several pilot schools claim that “mathematical knowledge has been appropriated by Western culture” and that “math has been and continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color.”

In 2021, Oregon’s Department of Education introduced a new toolkit called A Pathway to Equitable Math Instructioncreated by what Rantz calls “a coalition of left-wing educators.” The toolkit promises “an integrated approach to mathematics that centers Black, Latinx, and [m]ultilingual students in grades 6-8.” It also warns teachers that “[t]he concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false,” and that “[u]pholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuates objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.”

This ideological trend in which everything is read through lenses of oppression and victimhood is not isolated in extreme, left-wing enclaves but has become widespread in education. Given the “Critical Theory mood” inflicting Western culture today, it is only likely to grow in the coming years.

One of the many problems with this obsession with racism and oppression in math is that it inevitably leaves students worse at math. In the case of the Seattle pilot schools, for example, performance among black students in the state math exam plummeted after implementing the woke curriculum. Bad ideas with good intentions are still bad ideas. In an effort to empower students, they are instead radically disempowered.

The wonder of mathematics lies precisely in its objectivity, as Melissa Cain Travis describes in Thinking God’s Thoughtsin the miraculous way that math corresponds to and describes the world around us. In her book, Travis chronicles how the beauty and objectivity of numbers led 16th-century German astronomer Johannes Kepler to discover the three laws of planetary motion and to correctly describe the structure of our solar system. Kepler, as much a student of God as he was a scientist, believed that the truths of numbers were eternal, existing eternally in the mind of God and structuring all of reality. Our minds—as beings made in God’s image—are uniquely suited to unlock those mysteries.

Students who are taught that answers to algebra problems depend on the color of their skin and that calculus professors are oppressors are not only not going to unlock the mysteries of the universe, but they will also believe what is not true about who they are and the world in which they live. Woke educators may hope to liberate students. But by depriving them of objective truths they are subjugating them to bad ideas. It’s a tragically ironic and disastrous miscalculation.

This Breakpoint was co-authored by Shane Morris. For more resources to live like a Christian in this cultural moment, go to breakpoint.org.

Publication date: June 29, 2023

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/R_Mackay

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