6 reasons to upgrade your soundbar – and Dolby Atm…


A soundbar is one of the most important upgrades you can make to a TV, mainly because it results in vastly improved sound quality over a set’s built-in speakers. As TVs have become increasingly slim, there is much less room for manufacturers to place speakers in the screen’s frame, with the result that many new TVs have thin and mostly inadequate sound quality.

Not all sets are equally bad in this respect, and some of the best 4K TVs use clever design tricks like speakers literally built into the screen to improve sound performance. But in most instances, you’ll need to add one of the best soundbars to upgrade the audio part of the TV viewing experience.

Maybe you already own a soundbar, having bought it at the same time you upgraded to a 4K TV at some point over the last decade. If that’s the case, apologies for preaching to the converted. But there are good reasons why you might want to consider an upgrade to your existing soundbar – six good reasons, in fact, which I will list and detail below.

LG S95QR soundbar in living room

The LQ S95QR soundbar system’s surround speakers also provide upfiring Atmos drivers for even more immersive sound (Image credit: Future)

1.  Wireless surround speakers 

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