A teenagers’ trip to Rotterdam turns sour in Sky’s



Pick of the day: Then You Run

9pm, Sky Max

A group of rebellious teenage friends from London go on a fun break to Rotterdam only to end up on the run from some of the most dangerous people in Europe (including drug dealers and a notorious serial killer) – with three kilos of heroin in their possession. Ben Channon, who made the excellent surveillance thriller The Capture, has adapted Zoran Drvenkar’s novel into an eight-part comedy thriller that mixes awkward romances, unwanted pregnancies with the more usual action fare. Leah McNamara (Normal People) and Vivian Oparah (I May Destroy You) lead the cast as best friends Tara and Stink, while Richard Coyle plays Tara’s gangster uncle.

Five Star Kitchen: Britain’s Next Great Chef

8pm, Channel 4

This contest to become a head chef at the Langham in London has yet to prove as addictive as the various MasterChef iterations, but there’s still time for it to make a lasting impression. Perhaps the semi-final can bring it fully to life as the four remaining chefs must first present an opulent feasting centrepiece designed to attract groups of diners who are keen to splash the cash. The chefs are next challenged to cater an exclusive banquet for 100 VIP guests, with each chef producing one course – starter, fish, meat and dessert – under the watchful eye of global restaurateur Mike Reid. At least the pressure is being turned up.

Gardeners’ World

8pm, BBC Two

The team are at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, which many horticultural purists prefer to the annual bun fight (sorry, flower festival) at Chelsea. Arit Anderson, Toby Buckland and Adam Frost reveal the latest in floral fashions and share highlights of the show gardens and floral marquee. These include co-presenter Carol Klein’s own creation, which has taken her three months to complete.

Not Going Out S13,23-06-2023,3 - Day Out,Lucy (SALLY BRETTON), Lee (LEE MACK),Avalon,Pete Dadds
Sally Bretton as Lucy and Lee Mack as Lee (Photo: BBC/Avalon/Pete Dadds)

Not Going Out

9pm, BBC One

We haven’t seen anything of Lee and Lucy’s children in the latest series, but that all changes this week as Lee takes daughter Molly (Francesca Newman) out of school because he’s been given free tickets to an adventure theme park. First, he has to navigate Molly’s formidable head teacher, weaving a web of deception that plays like an extended version of Lee Mack’s story-telling as team captain on Would I Lie To You?.


9pm, ITV1

This enjoyably soapy spin on Succession, in which the various offspring of a black hair and beauty brand struggle for control after the sudden death of its founder, their father, continues with tensions continuing to brew (you’d expect no less). While Claudia (Sarah Niles from Ted Lasso) furiously works to regain Flair and Glory for her family and Nina (Deborah Ayorinde) acquaints herself with the business, a complaint against the firm spirals.

A-ha: Radio 2 in Concert

9pm, BBC Four

In 1985, A-ha took the UK charts by storm with smash hits that included “Take On Me” and “The Sun Always Shines On TV”. In 2010, the multi-platinum-selling trio retired, only to regroup five years later. To celebrate the reunion, the BBC Radio Theatre opened its doors to the Norwegian band for this Radio 2 special, in which they play a selection of songs old and new, with Jo Whiley on presentational duties. And anyone enjoying the 80s vibe, it’s followed by Tears For Fears: Radio 2 In Concert.


Pick of the day: Champion

9.15pm, BBC One

Novelist Candice Carty-Williams’ enjoyable debut TV drama – a sort of south London sibling rivalry version of A Star is Born (with an additional touch of Cinderella) – sees the fortunes of rapper Bosco’s overlooked sister Vita on the up. While Bosco (Malcolm Kamulete) is filmed being paid a visit by bailiffs, Vita (impressive newcomer Déja J Bowens) gets to record a song at a fancy studio. She’s not happy with the lyrics to the ditty “Dancing in My Underwear”, but her disappointed would-be manager perks up when he learns that she wrote all of Bosco’s lyrics.

Wimbledon 2023

11am, BBC Two/12.20pm & 5.15pm, BBC One

Isa Guha and Clare Balding present live coverage of the sixth day from the All England Club, where the third round is scheduled to continue in the men’s and ladies’ singles. As usual, there are evening highlights on BBC Two at 9.15pm.

The Voice Kids

7.30pm, ITV1

Eleven-year-old identical twins Andrea and Shanice get the ball rolling this week. In her excitement, Andrea (or is it Shanice? Even her dad is unsure) cutely forgets to carry on singing after the first judge turns in his swivel chair. It’s only a momentary blip in a fine performance, but will 10-year-old Abigail from Hartlepool be shown similar appreciation? You hope so, because rejection is cruel.

This image and the information contained herein is strictly embargoed until 00.01 Tuesday 4th July 2023 From Lifted Entertainment The Voice Kids: SR7: Ep2 on ITV1 and ITVX Pictured: Ziame Stewart performs. This photograph is (C) ITV Plc and can only be reproduced for editorial purposes directly in connection with the programme or event mentioned above, or ITV plc. This photograph must not be manipulated [excluding basic cropping] in a manner which alters the visual appearance of the person photographed deemed detrimental or inappropriate by ITV plc Picture Desk. This photograph must not be syndicated to any other company, publication or website, or permanently archived, without the express written permission of ITV Picture Desk. Full Terms and conditions are available on the website For further information please contact:
Ziame Stewart and Danny Jones on The Voice Kids (Photo: Lifted Entertainment/ITV)

The Joy of the Bee Gees

8.15pm, BBC Two

With a short break for Wimbledon highlights, the evening’s viewing on BBC Two is dedicated to the Gibb brothers, starting with this profile of the child stars turned 60s competition for The Beatles and then falsetto-voiced disco troubadours of the 70s.


9pm, BBC Four

The title of this latest instalment of the beloved Swedish crime drama is “Quid Pro Quo”, and the exchange of favours involving detective Jenny and slimeball boss Klas (Beck’s answer to Succession’s Tom Wambsgans) comes back to bite her. The case begins with the seemingly straightforward murder of a trader at a Stockholm flea market – a robbery gone wrong, it’s assumed. So why are the Swedish secret police so interested?

Sophie: The King’s Secret Weapon?

9.15pm, Channel 5

Or the Duchess of Edinburgh, as we must now address the royal formerly known as Sophie Wessex (or Sophie Rhys-Jones to her family and schoolmates). Here is a documentary canter through her life, from growing up in a Kent village to meeting Prince Edward through her job in PR, and so on.


10.05pm, ITV1

If you didn’t already know that Irvine Welsh was a supporter of Scottish independence, you may have gleaned it from his ongoing crime drama, where Derek Riddell’s unionist politician now uses the murder of schoolgirl Britney to further his cause. Her body was found at the National Monument (Edinburgh’s cityscapes getting a good airing in this BritBox-originated drama), driving DI Ray Lennox (Dougray Scott) back to drink.


Pick of the day: A Spy Among Friends

9pm, ITV1

Put down your phone and concentrate, because this six-part drama about M16 agent and Soviet spy Kim Philby is complex. In this adaptation of a book by Ben McIntyre (who also provided the source material for BBC One’s SAS Rogue Heroes), Guy Pearce plays Philby. The year is 1963, his guilt has just been uncovered and fellow agent Nicholas Elliott (Damian Lewis) is sent to Beirut to retrieve Philby and extract a full confession. Except it doesn’t work out as planned. A lavish production that has been available on ITVX since December and also stars Anna Maxwell Martin.

Live Formula 1 British Grand Prix

2.30pm, Channel 4

The start time is 3pm at Silverstone as Steve Jones and Lee McKenzie present coverage of the 11th race of the season, with analysis from David Coulthard. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr claimed the first Formula One victory of his career here last year, but Red Bull’s reigning champion Max Verstappen goes into the weekend looking like the man to beat this time. Lewis Hamilton will also want to do well at his home race.

A Year on Planet Earth

8pm, ITV1

The return of Stephen Fry in his guise as Sir David Attenborough, and the seasonally adjusting nature programme that shows “how our annual journey around the Sun impacts on life on Earth”. Fry takes to a glacier to introduce the first segment, about the plight of a mother and baby polar bear on Svalbard’s frozen sea ice. “It’s hard to describe how still it is standing on a glacier after a fresh fall of snow,” he says, going the full Attenborough.

SONY FOR ITVX A SPY AMONG FRIENDS EPISODE 1 Pictured:DAMIAN LEWIS as Nicholas Elliott and GUY PEARCE as Kim Philby. This photograph must not be syndicated to any other company, publication or website, or permanently archived, without the express written permission of ITV Picture Desk. Full Terms and conditions are available on For further information please contact: 07909906963

Damian Lewis as Nicholas Elliott and Guy Pearce as Kim Philby (Photo: Sam Taylor/Sony Pictures Television/Spectrum Originals/ITV)

Exploring India’s Treasures with Bettany Hughes

8pm, Channel 4

The historian takes a two-part journey through the greatest archaeological, architectural and cultural treasures of the Indian subcontinent, starting in the holy city of Varanasi. Hughes is invited to take part in a ceremony to honour her recently departed mother, while embedding herself further into the spiritual worlds of India and its diverse peoples. She heads to the country’s capital city of New Delhi to experience celebrations of Sufism and uncover the story of one of India’s greatest rulers, Akbar the Great.

The Traitors Australia

8pm, BBC Three

Actor Rodger Corser takes the Claudia Winkleman role as host of an Australian remake of the hit reality show that had British audiences gripped, in which strangers play a game of detection, trust and backstabbing. The challenge begins with 24 strangers coming together in a manor, and, as with the original British version of the game, four of them being selected to plot against the others – the so-called “traitors”.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Shakespeare’s Globe

8pm, BBC Four

Artistic director Emma Rice’s boisterous, convention-defying production of Shakespeare’s comic fantasy, with a gender-realigned Helena (now Helenus of Hoxton and played by Ankur Bahl), the Rude Mechanicals as a group of the Globe’s ushers, Katy Owen as a water pistol-squirting Puck and Australian cabaret performer Meow Meow as Titania.

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