AAU Coach Throws Punch At Referee, Fans Want Him B…

A basketball lays by a referee jersey and whistle.


An amateur basketball coach is going viral for his actions over the weekend. During an AAU game on Saturday, the coach was seen throwing a punch at a referee on the court.

Obviously upset with a call, the coach exploded in front of his players, the opposing squad, and fans in attendance. The reaction quickly went viral on social media.

Most in the comments section are calling for the team leader to be banned.

A parent of one of the players on the court caught the action on film. She quickly posted the footage to Twitter, resulting in a flood of online reaction.

The post, which now has nearly 600K views, comes along with a caption that reads, “Today at my son’s AAU game… The opposing team coach swung at the ref. Coach was thrown out.”

As noted, the coach was removed from action after the heinous act, but many don’t believe that the punishment is enough.

Take a look at some of the immediate reaction online.

Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb said, “This is just embarrassing. The coach should be barred from any sports competition, attending or coaching for a couple of years minimum. As the late Billy Tubbs said, ‘No matter how bad they are, don’t throw things on the floor.’”

Others agreed.

This fan wrote, “Toxic scene for kids to witness. Hope this dude is never allowed to coach again.”

Someone else commented, “This guy should never be in a gym again. No wonder nobody wants to be a referee.”

The coach will await his punishment, which could be severe. His team reportedly forfeited out of the event following the punch.

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