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Sergio Perez made his way back to the track, hoping for a spectacular comeback during Sprint weekend. Although the Mexican minister of defense worked valiantly to overtake the mighty Max Verstappen, he fell short, and what transpired at turn 3 will probably be a topic of discussion for many fans. At the start of the 24-lap race in the Red Bull ring, the weather was prepared for a proper spectacle for the fans where the admirer got to witness the proper tussle between the two Red Bull drivers.

Their turn 3 encounters may have reminded one of their many collisions, the Brazilian GP clash being the most notable. According to a tweet that surfaced on the internet, Perez admitted his error during the post-race show in order to mend his relationship with Max Verstappen. When Perez shoved Verstappen aside, during the radio call, first Verstappen grumbled, and Perez later said on his radio, “What’s wrong with Max Man?”

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Nevertheless while admitting his fault, Perez praised Nico Hulkenberg’s attempt who initially pushed the Mexican to P3, “We had a good start, and then had a fight with Max [Verstappen] and ended up losing a position to Nico [Hulkenberg]. He was very strong in the first few laps, and it was hard to get by him.”


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Later he added, “I think Max was angry that I went into turn 2. I didn’t see him there. I had a very bad turn 1 and tried to protect, and once I saw him there I opened up the door and gave the place back at turn 2, and we just spoke about it.”

As we all are aware that Perez’s disappointing run of races has already been giving him nightmares and amidst that do the words from team boss Christian Horner will have given some relief to him?

What did Christian Horner say about Sergio Perez’s seat?

Being a partner to a world-class driver already puts a lot of pressure on you, and when another premium driver, sitting in the paddock waiting for his turn, witnesses your poor performance, the emotion is unimaginable. Checo has been in a similar scenario with his past endeavors. The Mexican was knocked out of Q2 for the Austrian Grand Prix when all three of his times were deleted for exceeding track limitations.


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With certain heavyweights like Daniel Ricciardo already in the Milton Keynes garage, the pressure appears to be growing on Perez. And the Red Bull team’s constant surveillance of the Mexican driver does not appear to be easing. So, in the midst of all of this, team boss Christian Horner remains the man of the moment, so what does the Briton have to say about Perez’s seat?

As per Sky, Horner responded to the query if there will be a vacant seat for Ricciardo at Red Bull next year, “ No, Checo is fixed. Everybody’s fully behind [him]. So any talk about replacing Checo is wide of the mark.”


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Although at the sprint, Perez earned a well-deserved P2 in the Red Bull ring, do you think he can emulate the same efforts in the main Grand Prix also?

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