Al Michaels brands NFL fans as ‘internet compost’ after calls for him to ‘retire’ following controversial NBC commentary

NBC announcer Al Michaels has hit back at critics who didn’t like his low-energy commentary during the stunning Wild Card clash between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers.

After his performance on Saturday, the play-by-play legend, 78, called the disappointed NFL fans “internet compost.”

Al Michaels has labeled NFL fans 'internet compost' after criticism over low-energy commentary during the Jacksonville Jaguars' stunning win over the Los Angeles Chargers


Al Michaels has labeled NFL fans ‘internet compost’ after criticism over low-energy commentary during the Jacksonville Jaguars’ stunning win over the Los Angeles Chargers

Michaels left a full-time role at NBC before the start of the 2022 NFL season, signing with Amazon Prime Video in the streaming network’s debut as the main Thursday Night Football broadcaster.

However, the sports commentator didn’t completely part ways with the network as the transition saw him take on an “emeritus” role with NBC.

The role assured Michaels would return to NBC’s announcer booth for at least one NFL playoff game.

He made his comeback on Saturday, although with Tony Dungy as co-commentator instead of his long-time partner, Cris Collinsworth.

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Collinsworth has been paired with Mike Tirico to call Sunday Night Football games following Michaels’ move to Amazon.

Michaels and Dungy’s commentary failed to match the intensity of Jacksonville‘s stunning 27-point comeback that ended in a 31-30 win over the Chargers.

Many NFL fans criticized the pair for their lethargy and even called on Michaels to “retire” on social media.

But in a text exchange with the New York Post, Michaels defended his broadcasting style.

“Must have gotten a hundred texts from folks who were very happy to see me back on NBC,” the broadcaster texted.

“Read some comments that we didn’t sound excited enough. Internet compost!

“You know me as well as anyone — no screaming, no yelling, no hollering. It’s TELEVISION!

“Ellipses and captions are [sufficient] when pictures tell the story.

“I’m not doing a game for over-the-top YouTube hits”

Michaels said he felt “comfortable” with Dungy, adding the rhythm he had with Collinsworth behind the other mic can’t be recreated immediately with a new partner.

The legendary announcer also praised the former Super Bowl-winning head coach for his “measured” tone during the Saturday broadcast.

“A lot of folks who understand this industry are annoyed with the over-the-top yelling that makes a game sound like an offshoot of talk radio,” Michaels added.

“I’m in that corner.”

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