ASU faculty drove a conservative center off campus. That’s


Thirty-nine ASU faculty members challenged a learning center inside their own college, using offensive speech as their pretext.

An ad hoc committee of the Arizona Legislature held hearings this month to examine free speech at Arizona’s public universities.

The meeting was provoked by an internal conflict at Arizona State University that led a wealthy benefactor to withdraw funding.

Republican lawmakers who called the hearing walked into heavy blowback.

“With all due respect, spare me,” Rep. Analise Ortiz, a Democrat, said. “This problem was manufactured. Everything else here today is political theater and a waste of our time.”

Jodi Liggett of the Arizona Center for Women’s Advancement and self-described “happy warrior,” tweeted, “Ok you’re free to have your dumb ideas, AND I am free to say those ideas are dumb or your funder is dumb for investing in them. Dear capitalists – recall the marketplace of ideas? The ‘invisible hand’ is smacking you upside the head. Quit crying.”

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