Auction Of 808 FM Stations Across 284 Cities Will Start Soo…


The government of India is set to conduct an electronic auction (e-auction) of 808 FM radio stations across 284 cities, aiming to expand radio communication in the country. 

Auction Of 808 FM Stations Across 284 Cities Will Start Soon For Expanding FM Footprint; Rules Made Easy!

This initiative was announced by Anurag Thakur, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, during the Regional Community Radio Sammelan (North) event. 

Government To Auction 808 FM Radio Stations 

Thakur also mentioned that the government has simplified the process of obtaining licenses for operating radio stations, particularly for community radio, by reducing the number of compliances.

Currently, India has 388 FM radio stations in 113 cities across 26 states and five Union Territories. The upcoming e-auction of 808 channels is part of the government’s efforts to further extend radio services and enhance the reach of radio communication.

During the event, Minister Thakur awarded the 8th and 9th National Community Radio Awards to various stations. He emphasized that radio already covers a significant portion of the country, with 80% of the geographical area and over 90% of the population having access to radio services. 

As per Thakur, “Government is now planning a third batch of e-auction of 808 channels across 284 cities soon to further expand radio services.”

Community radio stations play a crucial role in promoting the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding public participation (‘Jan Bhagidari’) and public movement (‘Jan Andolan’), complementing the efforts of Akashvani, the national public radio broadcaster.

Obtaining License for Radio Station

Previously, obtaining a license for a station involved a lengthy process of four years and 13 steps; however, it has now been reduced to six months and eight steps. 

The Ministry is actively working to further streamline the procedure. The application process has been shifted online to the Broadcast Seva portal, connected to the Saral Sanchar portal.

Apurva Chandra, the Secretary of Information and Broadcasting, highlighted that the communication landscape has seen advancements through television, the internet, and OTT platforms, yet radio’s popularity and reach remain intact. 

In the last two years, over 120 community radio stations have been added, bringing the total to more than 450, with over 100 Letters of Intent pending with the Ministry for setting up new stations.

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