Baydu Adams unpacks the ‘cruel and beautiful world


Former radio presenter and media personality, Baydu Adams, is lifting the lid on the “cruel and beautiful world of radio” in his biography.

Adams, who spent 27 years in the radio industry, also dabbles in other activities including running his streetwear label online clothing store called, “Cape Flats Native”, an events company and an award-winning blogging website (baydu.co.za).

He is also launching a second website (radiogurus.co.za) soon, where he guest lectures around all things radio at tertiary institutions and to high school scholars.

And on July 29, he will be releasing his biography, “The Cruel & Beautiful World of Radio”.

Baydu Adams. Picture: Supplied

The Cape Town based radio personality has also built a solid online presence with his lockdown celebrity interviews via Facebook Live.

Recently, comedian Wayne Mckay and Adams launched, “The Wayne Mckay and Baydu Adams Show,” a vodcast online show.

Adams, who left his footprint at top commercial radio stations such as KFM 94.5 and Heart 104.9fm, also garnered experience at community, theme park, and internet radio stations.

His last radio stint ended in September last year. He was the Programming Manager at Algoa FM in Gqeberha, for over nine years, the biggest commercial station in the region.

Algoa FM picked up the “Station of the Year” award in Sandton while Adams was the Programme Manager.

Station of the Year Winners. Picture: Supplied

Independent Media Lifestyle shot the breeze with Adams as he shared more about his debut book release.

“My book aims to relay my personal radio stories and experiences over the years, as well as guidelines to the novice or newbie, entering the broadcasting industry. It is filled with opinions and advice that’s gold for anyone in the industry, or anyone doing a radio, broadcasting, or media course.

“It’s written in its simplest form so that non-radio people who love the medium can also understand how it all works.

“Hopefully, the stories and advice can become a shortcut if you will, to those in the industry. It would be a beneficial source of information for any student who can reference the book easily.”

At Heart FM, he was the on-air producer on the “Bokomo Hearty Breakfast Show” and worked with Lee Downs, Marguerita Freeks, Jeremy Harris, Sara B and the late comedian Paul Snodgrass.

Adams said he wants his book to be a guideline to those who wish to enter the industry.

“I’m hoping my advice, experiences, and guidance will help you become better at your craft and if anything, that you take a few lessons from it.

“I’ve come to realise that over the years, I didn’t have much of a mentor at the start of my career – or towards the end – and I needed to figure out most of the radio things all by myself.

“The Bokomo Hearty Breakfast Show” with Lee Downs, Sara Cohen, Paul Snodgrass and Baydu Adams. Picture: Supplied

He concluded: “I’ve also had to unlearn a lot of things I was taught at community radio and that in itself was a process, so hopefully the stories and advice here can become your shortcut.

“Use it as a reference to what you see around you in the industry and hopefully, it could spark some sort of creativity, so you can implement it in your show or at your station.”

“I am also fully aware and understand that some may not completely agree with a few of my methodologies and that’s okay.

“These are my lived experiences and I’m passing on information as best as I remember, besides, I’ve never always agreed with anyone else’s either, irrespective of where I worked throughout my career.

“As a previous programme manager at the old Kfm once said told, me: ‘With radio there really is no right nor wrong, Baydu’.”

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