Bellinger, Hoyer and Notre Dame to the Big Ten — the Ins a…


COLLEGE FOOTBALL’S ALREADY IN THE AIR and the NFL less than two weeks away:

Isn’t that why the Gregorian calendar has a September?

Hot stuffs, cool punts, even if it’s old junk, a post-heat wave edition of Ins and Outs:

• In — Cody Bellinger — So “in” that the Cubs power point is being mentioned in the same sentences as Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. … Wrigley Field sharpies say his ambient baseball arrogance is catching. … Now if he could only fall in love with the ivy to the point he and his attitude want to stay through the emerging championship window.

• Out — Jed Hoyer bashing — Amazing what a couple of good months can do for the rep ‘n’ roll of a beleaguered MLB exec. … mid-June, Hoyer was walking in rhythm with Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn. … Now they’re 35th Street curb sweep and he’s the fresh prince of Gallagher Way. … With leave to recall, especially if Marcus Stroman, Drew Smyly and other weakening arms torpedo August.

• In — Waiting to see when the inflated Big Ten stops inflating — Some people who should know say the new magic number is “20.” … That would include new admissions Virginia and North Carolina. … The grand-prize novitiate would be Notre Dame, especially if the Irish replace Northwestern as “Chicago’s Big Ten team.” … Faith and begorrah.

• Out — The new geography of the Big Ten — Even Al Gore probably had no vision of this when he and Christopher Columbus discovered The New World. … Imagine the frequent-flyer mileage for those women’s lacrosse games when Rutgers visits USC. … The conference once boasted such cozy hitchhiker’s sports weekends.



• In — Pedro Grifol — So far out that he’s in. … Grifol’s recent claim that his White Sox are “not in a rebuild” is correct. … They are in “a freefall.” … Did Carlos Santana ever record a tune called “Lame Duck” (from the album “Los Incapacitado”)? … Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D.-N.Y.) would have a greater chance at love and happiness running for a U.S. Senate seat from Wyoming.

• Out — Thoughts of the White Sox at Arlington Park — OMG … How many desecrations does the once-hallowed racing grounds have to endure? … A majority of Arlington Heights taxpayers aren’t sold on the Bears at AP and now baseball babble about a bat pack of no-account losers relocating? … Nashville, please stockpile CIVIC gold and text “Herr Jer'” ASAP.

• In — Betting the Bears to win 7 or fewer games this season — Sorry optimists — it’s horse racing conceptualist Andy Beyer’s old “logic of illogic.” … Vegas posted the total at 7½ and a whole lot of regional folk are diving on the over. … Go the other way. … There are reasons that the franchise’s primary shade of orange is “burnt.”

• Out — Overlooking humanizing elements before Justin Fields fails as Bears QB — When he transferred from Georgia to Ohio State, Fields probably didn’t know that Mike Tomczak set the “high bar” for NFL success by former Buckeyes quarterbacks. … Plus, Fields never asked to be drafted into the toxicity of McMunchkin-ville. … That’s not a QBs room at Halas Hall — it’s a career derailer.



• In — Looking forward to the months ahead with the Blackhawks — Yeah, Connor Bedard for sure … He’s the hottest teen to hit the region since the Jonas Brothers played the Coronado Theater in Rockford. … But could the franchise’s new theme be “A Change Is Gonna Come?” … Beware the ides of January.

• Out — Lonzo Ball — He’s what being a new-mill Bulls fan is all about. … A flash of brilliance followed by extended dormancy worthy of a county payroller headed for retirement. … The great Taylor Bell asks: “Will Ball finally come off the IL just as his Social Security is set to kick in?”

• In — Wishing some swarthy 27-year-old with too much bling would emerge as a modern media entity’s new sports gambling guru — Kind of a “Jimmy the Greek” meets Bad Bunny thing. … As long as he — or she — gives out a lot of winners. … Paige Spiranac is so 2021.

• Out — Salivating over any current public sports selectors — Anybody who can pick a lot of winners isn’t handing them out for a $1,000 weekly paycheck. … Internet, radio, TV — there is so much mopery out there that there’s never been a better time in The History of Man to be the house. … As the late “sportsman” Garro McKibben once drawled, “I just hang a number and let ’em have at it. In the long run, no chance I’m gonna lose.”

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