Brian Walshe asked landlord about CCTV cameras on building, Internet calls him ‘cold blooded criminal’

COHASSET, MASSACHUSETTS: The husband of missing Massachusetts realtor Ana Walshe allegedly asked his landlord if he had any surveillance cameras set up, new reports have claimed. Brian Walshe, 46, reportedly behaved strangely after Ana, 39, went missing on New Year’s day. A convicted fraudster, Brian claimed his wife took a car service to Boston’s Logan International Airport and since then she has been missing.


Cohasset police were recently seen searching behind an apartment in Swampscott. Authorities have been looking for items that Brian may have disposed of while traveling. He was arrested on a charge of misleading investigators working on the case and held on a $500,000 bond. A not-guilty plea was entered on his behalf soon after. 


Ana Walshe: Search for missing Massachusetts mom continues as ground search ends with ‘negative results’

Ana Walshe’s husband Brian looked up how to ‘dispose of woman’s body’, Internet says ‘so many shady Brians’

Eli Rosenberg of NBC10 Boston tweeted: “NEW: Landlord says Brian Walshe called him last Thursday asking if he had any surveillance cameras up, adding his wife, #AnaWalshe was missing. Landlord: Brian always paid his rent early, adding the only issue he ever had was that the family’s dog barked too much. @NBC10Boston”. While Boston25 reporter claimed Brian’s landlord told her that Brian inquired about the surveillance cameras. “Ana & Brian Walshe’s landlord tells me Brian called him last Thursday telling him Ana was missing and asking if he’d seen her. Brian also reportedly asked him if he had security cameras on any of his buildings,” the reporter wrote. 




During his arraignment, Walshe told authorities that he stepped out to get ice cream with his son on January 2, according to prosecutors, The US Sun reported. However, he was spotted on surveillance video purchasing cleaning supplies at a Home Depot in Rockland. Police reportedly found a broken knife and blood in the basement of the couple’s home, a prosecutor said, according to KKTV. However, it is unknown whose blood it was. On Monday, January 9, Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland told the judge in court, “Crime services recovered and found blood in the basement area… There was also a knife that was found. On the knife, there was blood.”

Meanwhile, Brian allegedly searched online for “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body” in the days surrounding Ana’s mysterious disappearance. He also looked up how to dismember a body, law enforcement sources said, according to CNN. This led investigators to suspect Ana may have been killed.


Ana, who is originally from Serbia, is described as 5′ 2″ and weighing approximately 115lbs. She has an eastern-European accent. Brian, who has three children aged between two and six with Ana, has not been accused of being involved in Ana’s disappearance.

‘They never think of the kids’ 

Meanwhile, social media are bashing the husband for being irresponsible towards the three children. “Cameras were the real reason he called I’m guessing,” one user replied. “Another relationship ends in tragedy. They never think of the kids, so now you have three boys with no mom and a dad doing life in prison,” one user said. “Wonder if Brian Walshe was smarter than Aaron Hernandez when it came to turning security cameras off. Then again, he’s from Lynn so all bets are off…,” said one user.






“He appears unstable. Those poor babies,” one user said on Facebook, while another wrote, “The smiles he had walking out of the courthouse is sickening!” “He looks frigging nuts,” one user wrote, while another said, “So he did it, his smiling and cold, relaxed and calm attitude was enough proof telling us that he is behind her disappearance. Cold blooded criminal.”


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