CBC Quebec heads to the Eastern Townships


Throughout the month of August, CBC Quebec is looking to connect with residents of the Eastern Townships. 

Journalists Susan Campbell, Gordon Lambie and Alison Brunette will be meeting with people and gathering story ideas from English speakers living in the area. This is part of our Community Bureau initiative, which aims to strengthen our journalism by making it more reflective of all Quebecers.

The goal for our Townships bureau is to speak to as many people as possible, from entrepreneurs to health-care workers to educators to community groups — and everyone in between.

Do you know someone with a story worth telling? What issues matter in your community? What concerns and hopes do you have for the future of your region? Perhaps you know a place or event that we should visit in your community. Our journalists want to hear about it. 

If you’d like to get in touch to book an informal “coffee chat” with one of our journalists, there are many ways to get in touch.  A coffee chat is not an interview, but rather a chance for us to meet people and communities where they are. 

How to connect with us

We will be out and about at fairs throughout the summer, but your best bet is to email us at either or 

There’s also the CBC Quebec text line: 418-573-9880. 

Or you can message us through the CBC Quebec Facebook page.

About our journalists

Headshots of Alison Brunette, Gordon Lambie and Susan Campbell
Do you know someone with a story worth telling? What issues matter in your community? What concerns and hopes do you have for the future of your region? CBC journalists Alison Brunette, Gordon Lambie and Susan Campbell want to hear from you. (Anika Racine/Shanna Bernier/Cagdas Yoldas)

Alison Brunette is the host of Breakaway, on CBC Radio One in Quebec. Prior to becoming host, Alison spent several years working as a researcher for CBC Montreal`s current affairs radio shows before becoming a radio news reporter. In 2008, she moved to Sherbrooke to continue her work as a radio news reporter and in 2011, she become Quebec AM’s official Eastern Townships correspondent. While still in that role, Alison worked as a replacement host, a court reporter covering the trial of the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, a web writer and a replacement news editor. Alison has always dreamed of becoming a radio host, and is proud to be able to continue sharing her love of Quebec with listeners across the province.

Gordon Lambie has been working as CBC Quebec’s Eastern Townships reporter since January, but he’s been helping share stories from the region for more than a decade. He has a strong interest in conversations that help bring people and communities together.

Gordon Lambie will be at the Ayer’s Cliff Fair on Aug. 26

Susan Campbell has been a journalist with CBC for three decades. She’s worked in various roles at CBC Quebec, most notably as host of the morning show, Quebec AM, for almost 12 years. In her new role as community reporter, Susan’s returning to her first love: getting out into the community, meeting people face-to-face and bringing their stories to the radio.

Community reporter Susan Campbell heads to the Eastern Townships

CBC Quebec journalist Susan Campbell will be chatting with people in the Eastern Townships through the month of August.

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