CBC/Radio-Canada To Disallow Pseudonyms In Online Communities

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The CBC/Radio-Canada has recently made an important update to its online policies. The Canadian broadcaster has announced that it will no longer permit pseudonyms to be used in its online communities, except in platforms designed for children and youth-oriented communities. The goal of this decision is to encourage more thoughtful and respectful conversations among the online community members who participate in CBC/Radio-Canada’s discussions.

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When submitting a comment, users will now be required to include their first and last names, which will be published alongside their comments for the online community to see. This is a significant shift from the previous online policy, which allowed users to keep their identities private by using a pseudonym.

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The CBC/Radio-Canada stresses the importance of respectful conversation in online communities. By encouraging users to use their real names, the new policy aims to promote accountability and civility in digital discourse. The broadcaster hopes that this policy change will cultivate more productive and healthy online spaces that foster meaningful and informative discussions.

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However, it is important to note that CBC/Radio-Canada will retain full editorial control over all comments posted on its platforms. By submitting a comment, users agree that CBC may reproduce and publish their comment, in whole or in part, in any way it chooses. Furthermore, CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in the comments; rather, the broadcaster strives to provide a platform for open and respectful dialogue.

Comments on CBC/Radio-Canada’s stories are moderated according to the publication’s Submission Guidelines. While comments are welcome while open, CBC/Radio-Canada reserves the right to close comments at any time.

If you already have an account with CBC/Radio-Canada, make sure to update your profile with your real name. By doing so, you can continue to engage in vibrant and respectful discussions in CBC’s digital community.



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