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“Elemental” is Pixar’s newest movie to be released to the public. Is it as good as some of Pixar’s classics like “Wall-E”? Or does it wet the bed on entry? 

In my opinion, it’s a great movie that almost reaches the heights of some of Pixars classics, but is nowhere near Pixars worst, *cough* “The Good Dinosaur” *cough*. Sorry I had something in my throat. 

“Elemental” is Pixar’s first romantic comedy about a fire elemental named Ember, played by Leah Lewis, who helps her family run their CVS-like business. When a health inspector named Wade, played by Mamoudou Athie, accidentally endangers the business, Ember must learn to work with other elements to save her family’s shop and learn to fall in love. 

“Elemental” was a great, well-written love story. The movie has so much care put into every frame of the film: Each scene looks like a painting I would frame and hang on my wall. I never got the hate for the style, as I thought it was very appealing. 

The film has a lot of great, well-written jokes for both kids and adults, but the strength of the story is the dynamic between Wade and Ember. 

Wade and Ember are the heart and soul of the story. They are dynamic, and how they work with each other makes this movie a joy to watch. Though Wade is a tad annoying when he’s first introduced, his annoying qualities play a huge factor into the story and the message of the movie — loving others for their differences and quirks. I think that is a great message for people of all ages to hear, and one that is more important now than ever. The use of real life chemistry was astounding and a brilliant way to connect all the characters together. 

The flaws of the movie are far and few between, but a big one is I wish there were no modern pop songs. The main soundtrack was euphoric, and every time they would switch to modern pop music, I couldn’t help but be annoyed. The movie was forcing me to hear something I can hear on the radio, rather than enjoying a new, beautiful experience from the soundtrack.  

Also, some of the humor with the air elements fell flat, as they were all fart jokes. Other than that the movie was amazing! 

Director Peter Sohn redeems himself with this movie after “The Good Dinosaur” and delivers a wonderful love story that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

I’m gonna give “Elemental” a 9/10!

Carter Salley is a broadcast & cinematic arts major and host of the Central Michigan Life podcast “Raving Geeks.”

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