Champaign NOAA Weather Radio back online

SEYMOUR, Ill. (WCIA) – After several months of being offline, the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter is broadcasting again in Champaign County and surrounding areas.

That transmitter antenna sits on the WCIA 3 TV tower near Seymour.

In February, a wind storm damaged the cable and the antenna, requiring extensive repairs and even equipment replacement.

Now, after crews were able to climb the tower and make the repairs, the signal is back online and residents can rely on the radio to provide critical information when severe weather threatens.

WXJ-76 serves nine counties in East Central Illinois, and is the only radio tower that can be used in Champaign and Piatt counties.

To check that your radio signal works, ensure any “on” switch is placed in the on position, batteries are charged and your radio is plugged in.

Then, turn on the radio signal, pressing the “on” or “weather/snooze” button.

If you can hear a radio signal, then you are more than likely okay and don’t have to do anything.

If you’ve switched your radio channel or want to double check, we’ve got a recorded video below to walk you through.

Meteorologist Jacob Dickey shares more about how to program your weather radio below.

We also have more information on our website on the link below.

Get more information on the radio WXJ-76 on the National Weather Service’s page.

Above is the approximate coverage area of the signal (green) overlaid on top of the 9 counties covered by WXJ-76.

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