Chinese Starlink-copy in development for hypersonic craft

According to Zhang and his colleagues, the new technique was developed to address the difficulties in maintaining solid links with highly dynamic, fast-moving spacecraft. They claimed that the GalaxySpace innovation looks to maintain a solid connection even during satellite changeovers. Traditional satellite communication systems may find it challenging to do so under similar circumstances.

The study team noted that more testing and development would be required to confirm the technology’s potential for providing broadband internet service to hypersonic drones or aircraft traveling up to Mach 25. Like SpaceX’s Starlink, which uses a constellation of satellites to offer continuous coverage and allow high-speed data transfer, the GalaxySpace system would be built on a low-earth orbit broadband satellite internet architecture. The scientists claim that the GalaxySpace satellites can transmit and receive radio beams in a way that dynamically adjusts to changes in the craft’s position and speed.

The system also incorporates a terminal design that is well-suited for deployment on hypersonic drones or aircraft because of its small size and low power consumption. Since it was established in 2016, GalaxySpace, formally known as YinheHangtian (Beijing) Telecommunication Technology C. Ltd., has been a relative newbie among the private sector operators assisting China to compete with US rivals like SpaceX.

According to the SCMP, more research and testing will be required to confirm whether similar links may be made with hypersonic aircraft while in flight. To further validate the technology, the researchers claimed they are creating communication terminals that can be directly attached to hypersonic drones and are planning additional test flights.

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