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During the past century we have seen our news and entertainment go from AM radio to internet streaming. We watch TV on a cell phone that also does our banking. Still HAM radio remains a popular and useful hobby for millions.

Locally, HAMs enjoy contacting people around the world by shortwave to satellites from their homes as HAMs embrace the old and new technology. A Ham Radio license is the means to communicate worldwide without the internet.

Amateur Radio operator Bridget Wyrick “N1XAU” showing off her shortwave radio skills
Amateur Radio operator Bridget Wyrick “N1XAU” showing off her shortwave radio skills.

If you have always been interested in HAM radio but never had the time or someone to help pursue the hobby now is your chance and it is free. The Villages Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring HAM radio license course that is free and open to the public starting Monday evening Sept. 18. During the course you will learn what HAM Radio is all about, how to operate and the rules of the airwaves in a friendly positive learning environment. The course will cover the basics of HAM radio and prepare for a test to get your license. Classes meet weekly for two hours at the Eisenhower Recreation Center for eight weeks. Each week; you are expected to read about 25 pages, watch a video and take a practice test at home. In the class the material you studied during the week is reviewed, explained and discussed. On Nov. 6 FCC authorized examiners from the Amateur Radio Relay League will provide licensing examinations for new HAMs at the end of the course.

No walk-ins accepted. Register online at“Interest in becoming a ham” tab)

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