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The Georgian National Communications Commission will update the National Plan for Radio Frequency Distribution in order to provide consumers with innovative service and implement modern systems in the country, Chairman Kakha Bekauri said on Thursday in comments on the body’s 2022 report to the Parliament.

Bekauri said the updated National Plan included development of new technology, including 5G networks, as well as an additional new frequency for Wi-Fi operations, ranges for specific satellite services, and technological standards and service types.

Bekauri also told MPs that last year the Commission started a comprehensive telecom market study to remove entry barriers on the fixed and mobile service markets and increase competition. 

The body also simplified porting regulations last year to enable consumers to port their fixed and mobile telephone numbers between providers without changing them, he told lawmakers.

Bekauri also shared statistics on mobile and fixed internet subscribers, revealing mobile services across Georgia had been used by over 5.8 million users over the past five years.

He added 4.1 million subscribers used mobile internet last year, marking an increase of 350,000 over 2021. In the last five years, the average annual growth of the number of mobile internet users was 8.6 percent, the Commission Chairman told MPs.

The number of fixed internet subscribers stood at 1,080,000 in 2022, marking a seven percent growth year-on-year. Bekauri also noted fixed internet was now available in 2,510 out of 3,385 villages across the country.

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