Czech radio wants to increase the monthly fees by


Television fees have not increased since 2008 and radio fees have not increased since 2005. The media in the EU are primarily financed by fees in 11 countries. The fee is established by law, so the Parliament decides on its change.

Current information on the preparation of the new financing model for Czech television and Czech radio in preparation for the amendment of the Act on Television and Radio Fees was presented on Monday by a representative of the Ministry of Culture, but he apologized for it.

According to Dvok, the fee should not be paid for television or radio subscriptions, but the payer should be the person who provides the public service, i.e. the user of various internet platforms. At the same time, the principle of payment for the household should be preserved.

While on these points, T and Ro agree, if they look at the rate of the fee for primary persons. T proposes to pay according to the sweat of the employees, the radio wants to keep the current model depending on the sweat of the income.

According to Dvok, the new definition of the fee would mean an increase of 300,000 and 350,000 in the amount of paying entities. Together with the increase in the fee and the new method of payment for companies, this would mean two billion kroner for T, in the case of an increase in the fee of 45 kroner pnos of K3.5 billion.

According to Jiho Hona, the director of communications of Universal First Radio, Led Ro hopes that the fee will be raised no later than January of the fifth year, so that these Universal First coppers can be financed. According to Council member T Vlastimil Jeka, however, it will be a long time coming.

Concession fees

  • The fee for radio today will be 45 K msn, TV 135 K.
  • In the law. 348/2005 Coll., on radio and television fees, it is established that the fees for television and radio belong to the household that receives them. It is not necessary to use them.
  • No matter how many TVs or TVs you own, you only pay for one TV and one radio. In this way, only one person in the household always pays, payments for individual recipients are not divided between members of the household.

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