Darius Daulton Jackson Net Worth


Want to know about Darius Daulton Jackson’s net worth? He recently rose to fame after sparking controversy regarding his love interest’s outfit. Yes, we are talking about Keke Palmer’s revealing sheer dress at Usher’s performance, which he didn’t like at all. 

Not everyone knows about Darius Jackson, despite being in a relationship with the Scream Queens actress since 2021. So, Darius Daulton Jackson is an internet personality. He is very much involved with the fitness and entertainment industries. Specifically, he works as a fitness instructor at Inspire Fitness Studio.

Darius is a great sportsperson, especially excels in football. Little did you know, he studied at Fresno State University and got the sports scholarship. Not to forget to mention, Darius Jackson’s brother is none other than Sarunas Jackson. Remember? He starred in the HBO show, Insecure. Well, in 2019, Darius made appearances on the show, Games People Play. He is reported to be putting his hands in Dawn of the Predator. 

Coming back to Darius Daulton Jackson’s monetary accumulations, he is believed to have made from various sources. Be it from his fitness career, entertainment projects, brand endorsements, and whatnot. Being Keke Palmer’s romantic interest made the speculation of his monetary earnings more prominent. How much is his wealth? Here is what we know about Darius Daulton Jackson’s net worth. 

Darius Daulton Jackson Net Worth
Darius Daulton Jackson and Keke Palmer (Credit: Getty Images)

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Darius Daulton Jackson’s Net Worth

Talking about his monetary earnings, Darius Daulton Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be ranging from $500,000 to $1 million. A major portion of his income comes from Darius being a fitness instructor. He is in this field for more than six years. Previously, he served as the marketing executive and also the host of Bleav Podcast. These are believed to have added a lump sum amount to Darius Daulton Jackson’s net worth. 

No doubt, Darius Jackson has an impressive resume. Initially, he stayed very much involved with the entertainment industry. In 2017, Darius worked at KBCH Internet Radio for a year. Later, in the following year, he reportedly witched to Lawndale City TV. Little did you know, working as a promotion assistant at iHeartMedia, also helped him in earning a good amount. There, he worked for a couple of years, that was in 2019 and 2020, respectively. 

Concerning Darius Daulton Jackson’s net worth, he earned quite good from his YouTube career as well. Even though it has now been taken down, he had amazed nearly 20K subscribers back at the time. As soon as he got into the fitness industry, working at a gym, he hoped to explore the field. Darius was motivated enough to become an instructor and help others and himself to stay in shape. Now, just look at him!  

Darius Daulton Jackson Net Worth
Darius Jackson: Keke Palmer’s boyfriend (Credit: Us Weekly)

Discussing Darius Jackson’s net worth, one must know that he has always been ambitious. One of his major goals in life has always been “earning more money.” He has earned this much recognition, fame, and money all because of his hard work. The credit goes to him and his dedication, as he had no similar background. 

Well, Darius Jackson leads quite a low lifestyle if compared to his girlfriend, Keke Palmer. Thus, we are not much aware of Darius’ wealth, including real estate properties and cars. We shall update it for you as soon as it is publicized. 

Best Wishes to Darius Daulton Jackson for the upcoming days of his life. Make sure to follow Darius on his Instagram account for more updates. We are hopeful he achieves more success and all his dreams get fulfilled. 

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