DJ Shugeta’s Surprising Radio Comeback

From Power FM to Home Sweet Home: DJ Shugeta’s Surprising Radio Comeback

The beloved and multi-talented radio personality, DJ Shugeta, has made a triumphant homecoming following his recent revelation that he was bidding farewell to Power FM.

DJ Shugeta has once again graced the airwaves of National FM, taking up the reins as the host of the captivating After Drive Show, airing from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

His comeback comes just days after he made the announcement of his departure from Power FM, where he forged an impressive partnership with Butterphly while presenting the engaging Drive Time Show.

DJ Shugeta Returns To National FM

In his announcement of the return to National FM, an elated Shugeta expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his dedicated fanbase for their unwavering love and support.

He joyfully revealed that he would be reclaiming his place at the radio station where he first honed his skills as a presenter. With great enthusiasm, DJ Shugeta declared that his return to National FM would be effective immediately.

“CHADZOSWA! Thank you so much maBoss for the love and support you give me everyday ndimi munoita zviitike. Well I’m happy to announce that kwatakazvitangira ndokwatakudzokera kutanga nhasi na 18:00hrs tochimhanya kusvika 21:00 hrs pa National F.M 102.8. (Im back! Thanks to my bosses. I have returned home. Starting today, I will be on National FM between 1800hrs and 2100hrs),” DJ Shugeta wrote on his Facebook account.

Fans React To Shugeta’s Announcement


DJ Shugeta’s comeback to National FM stirred up a whirlwind of opinions among his devoted fanbase. Some fans couldn’t resist bringing up his stormy departure, emphasizing how he stormed out, grumbling about insufficient pay.

Meanwhile, a different camp of supporters urged him to chart a fresh course instead of hopping from one station to another. They believed it was time for him to embark on a new career path altogether.

On the other hand, there were those who firmly asserted that DJ Shugeta had been reaching for the stars at Power FM, exceeding his own capabilities. They insisted that National FM was his rightful home, where he truly belonged.

Let’s explore a range of reactions to DJ Shugeta’s much-anticipated return to National FM:

Talent Suarez Sauramba:

I remember you saying ‘hakuna mari’ live on air.. Anyway natsa kwaunobva kwaunoenda husiku#Congratulations chadzoswa sure…..

Tendai Mabhizah:

I think maZimbabwean so called Radio Presenters need to follow Jalas mudzidze chinonzi career switching. Instead yekutanga zviNew1 murikungotenderera nawo maRadio.
Musatikanganisire hurungwere muchingoQuoter pazvinhu zvisina basa nxaaaa
Izvozvi Mbale kapera nduwe kachitsvaga imwe radio,internet kainayo.
Kuf Kaf

Connie Kufakunesu:

Ndaitokuda uri kunational fm pasowe ramadzibaba shugeta kwete zvako zvawaiita kupower fm ndaisambonakidzwa hangu. Welcome back kune chimuti

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