Everything Revealed At The Gamescom 2023 Future Games Show


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Yesterday, the Future Games Show ran its Gamescom 2023 livestream, and with it came a slew of announcements for games on the floor.

Since Gamescom 2023 is happening right now, we’re getting bombarded with a new set of livestreams, which included the Future Games Show yesterday afternoon. This is basically the showcase for every video game at the Germany-based event that wasn’t featured as part of Opening Night Live yesterday, and that covers a good chunk of the floor. We have the rundown of everything shown off this afternoon during that showcase, along with the video down at the bottom!

Everything Revealed At The Gamescom 2023 Future Games Show
Credit: Future Games Show

Stop Dead

Stop Dead takes place in the future where endless cityscapes and AI blanket the planet. One day, a rogue AI decides to destroy the beings that created it. Fun! Players are swept up into the rogue AI’s plans and must carry out its orders as quickly as possible, armed with the superhuman ability of telekinesis and, perhaps most deadly of all, a pair of fingerless gloves. And remember, keep it moving or you’ll stop dead, literally!


Punch, kick and throw your way to the top as you battle to become the strongest on the streets in OutRage – a massively multiplayer beat-em-up brawler where your fists, feet (and whatever else you find laying around) do the talking. Packing up to 32 players together into destructible levels guarantees chaotic carnage every time! Destroy the scenery around you to find weapons or pick-ups, and uncover traps and hazards to use against your enemies. Do damage to Rage-Up and get bigger and more powerful. Rage-Up twice, and you’re strong enough to pick up chunks of scenery or even cars to hurl down streets packed with competitors. You’re bound to hit at least two or three of them! Whether you prefer Battle Royale, all vs. all, duos, trios, squads, or huge teams, you’ll love the variety of game modes in OutRage. Invite your friends to a punching party brawling game like no other!

Streets Of Rogue 2

Embark on an immersive sandbox journey where fun and mayhem are dialed up to eleven. Enjoy ultimate freedom of choice solo or with friends via local and online co-op modes and create the most ridiculous, chaotic experiences by blending a deep, endlessly replayable roguelike formula with RPG elements and deeply engaging sim creativity. Choose from dozens of character classes with distinct traits and play styles ranging from cops, farmers, and hackers, to ninjas, gorillas with machine guns, robots, and scientists. The main goal: overthrow a corrupt president and take over the huge, procedurally generated county by any means necessary. Hire a mercenary army and plan a coup. Stage a zombie virus outbreak. Break into the mayor’s office and take everyone hostage. Build a farm and become a business force to be reckoned with. Summon ancient vampires and bribe them to help out. Or just chill out, enjoy the good vibes, and totally ignore the main quest. Pick up a vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets, including shrink rays, bear traps, and banana peels, mix and match styles, and create a new brand of mischief in a massive playground where revolutionists can be whoever they want. After all, the ability to choose is the path to power.

Soulslinger: Envoy Of Death

SoulslingerEnvoy of Death is a Rogue-Lite First-person Shooter set for a Q4 2023 release via Steam’s Early Access. The game places you in the dusty boots of a  Soulslinger —  a gunslinger trapped in Limbo and entangled in a gritty war against The Cartel, a ruthless criminal organization bent on domination. Harvest souls, use their energy to boost your powers, craft weapons, and gear, and interact with NPCs while fighting out of the afterlife.


In Eternights, the world we know is turned upside down when a mysterious event transforms people into violent monsters and creates giant walls that close in your city. When your arm is replaced with a magical, shapeshifting replica that grants you strange powers, it’s up to you to break through the wall and save the world… and your love life. Dates still happen during the apocalypse, and even when a surreal evil brings life as you know it crashing down, what matters most is the people around you. Spend your time in Eternights surviving trips into fiendish dungeons and intense real-time battles with monstrous foes. Utilizing your own magical abilities and those of your companions, take these enemies down in stylish combos, aided by the survivors you bring into battle. But there are only so many hours in the day, and the apocalypse waits for no first kiss. How you spend the end of the world is up to you, but remember that every moment counts in Eternights.

Everything Revealed At The Gamescom 2023 Future Games Show
Credit: tinyBuild Games

Blasphemous 2

Following a newly reawakened Penitent One, Blasphemous 2 thrusts players back into an endless cycle of life, death, and resurrection as they face monstrous enemies and inconceivable challenges to halt the prophetic birth of a new Child of the Miracle. Featuring three unique weapons to acquire and master, and an enhanced skillset to choose from, players will have to use these new tools to survive and explore a land hell-bent on sending them back to the grave as they collect scattered pieces of lore, unpick long-forgotten secrets, and avoid deaths final embrace.

Parcel Corps

Skid onto the sun kissed streets of New Island, where three bicycle courier corporations are vying to become the biggest, most profitable business in town! Pick a side then lock handlebars forming two-wheeled rivalries in pursuit of market share, influence, and a modest income. But this honest struggle to make ends meet is swiftly threatened by the arrival of Rich Villainé, CEO of crude oil exploration company Polar Petroleum PLC. Villainé’s political ambitions place him on a collision course with New Island’s bicycle messengers.

The Gap

The Gap tells the difficult story of one man’s struggle to find a cure for his family’s sickness by diving ever deeper into his own psyche and through the exploration of the memories dear to his heart. Joshua Hayes is a neuroscientist whose family is touched by a rare genetic disorder that slowly eats away at one’s memories, dissolving the person’s sanity and personality. The struggle and fight of the family is witnessed through the lens of memories of their highest and lowest moments. Being part of an experimental program to cure the disease, led by a biotech giant – Neuraxis, Joshua finds himself entangled in a corporate intrigue. While exploring the raw, minimalist spaces, he comes across items that act as gateways to his past. In hopes of untangling the web of memories, he’ll need to face a distressing question – can he really trust himself?

RoboCop: Rogue City

Become the iconic part man, part machine, all cop hero as you attempt to bring justice to the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of Old Detroit. Armed with your trusty Auto-9, factory-built strength, years of experience on the force, and a variety of tools at your disposal, you will fight forces seeking to destroy the city you call home in an all-new first-person, explosive hunt for the truth. You have the power to decide how to fulfill prime directives in your own way, but as the story unfolds, proceed with caution because corruption and greed know no limits.

Gangs Of Sherwood

In Gangs of Sherwood, players must challenge many different types of enemies: light units, ranged units, mini-bosses, and, of course, the main bosses, which are easy to spot, as each has a dedicated arena. Individually, some of them are no problem for the heroes, but they may prove to be a greater challenge when present in number. Furthermore, the enemies also have different roles: some may, for example, confer bonuses on their allies if not quickly disposed of, while others may charge the player to interrupt attack combos. The different types of enemies also look different; this is particularly true for some bosses, clad in attire incorporating the features of animals, such as lions, as was common for English crests during the Middle Ages. Finally, each enemy has unique attributes that require players to adopt specific strategies if they are to emerge victorious. The Shield Puncher, for example, has a giant, indestructible shield, so players have to attack from the rear to overcome him.

RoboCop: Rogue City Will Hold Closed Beta Next Week
Credit: Nacon

Star Trucker

Star Trucker combines the fun and immersion of the truck sim genre with a retro-futuristic take on classic trucking stories for a truly unique sci-fi experience. Haul your cargo across the vastness of space, exploring rich environments, beautiful wonders, and dangerous hazards. Discover bustling sectors filled with truckers, stations, shipyards, traders, interactive CB radio chatter, and more as you plan your route and navigate across the galaxy (tolls may apply!). Master your skills with zero-g physics inside and outside of your vehicle, docking, towing and drifting while taking spacewalks to perform essential maintenance and keep your rig in peak condition. Your truck is yours to command: upgrade its systems to gain access to new destinations, and personalize its appearance to ride in style. Star Trucker provides the ultimate escapism experience where the whole galaxy is open for business!

News Tower

Build a media empire as the founder of your very own newspaper! Recruit and manage every profession necessary to your success, including reporters, photographers, janitors and the essential ads salesperson. Search for exciting news across the globe, matching your editorial line with your readers’ interests. Build and optimize your tower to ensure the well-being of your employees and gain new audiences while meeting your printing deadlines and balancing editorial quality!

QubiQuest: Castle Craft

QubiQuest: Castle Craft is a game where players build huge castles in an ancient war-torn world and defend them against hordes of enemies in chaotic siege battles of epic proportions. Castle Craft is a unique blend of voxel sandbox, action, and horde defense.


Enter the dystopian world of Sprawl, a hardcore retro FPS set in an endless cyberpunk megalopolis. Advances in cybernetics and artificial intelligence pushed humanity into a new era, but that golden age has crumbled…leaving behind a broken world. Play as SEVEN, a disgraced special ops super soldier who finds herself embroiled in conflict with government forces trying to kill her while a mysterious voice in her head pushes her to survive. Betrayed by her organization and on a mission to overthrow the Junta, a military regime that rules the sprawl with an iron fist, SEVEN must escape the walled city and discover what secrets lie at the SPIRE.

Tavern Keeper

Build and decorate your tavern, hire staff, stock your larder, meet the locals, be the boss, and run the show! Tavern Keeper is a detailed business management simulation, a creative decoration sandbox and a bite-sized interactive storybook in one. This is the second game by indie devs, Greenheart Games, creators of Game Dev Tycoon – and has been nearly a decade in the making! Starting out with a shell of a tavern in the backwaters of the kingdom, you build rooms, place items, stock the store room, and hire staff to satisfy the demands of the oddball locals that stumble through your door. Run your business well and progress to larger taverns, expanding your offerings to include new meals, drinks, rooms, and services.


AK-xolotl is the ultimate top-down roguelite shooter starring the most adorable amphibian! You’re an axolotl armed with an AK, that embarks on an epic rampage, shooting down anything that stands in your way. Slaughter your way through a variety of biomes and conquer randomly generated rooms, all while collecting delicious food and capturing precious baby Axolotls.

Everything Revealed At The Gamescom 2023 Future Games Show
Credit: Playstack


Aloft is a sandbox survival game where you must survive on islands floating around an eternal hurricane at the center of the map. Build your base and sail the winds to discover new islands and find new resources, technologies, and equipment upgrades, while fighting back fungi corruption. Learn more about your origins as you uncover secrets from the ruins of a civilization long gone, and find the answers to their demise by reaching the highest altitudes and braving the challenges of the hurricane.


Bloomtown is a quiet and cozy American town, but this is only a façade – a demon world is growing beneath the surface, children are disappearing, and it’s up to you to save the town! Tame monsters from the Underside and create your own demon-hunting squad with unique team synergies. Time in Bloomtown cannot be stopped, so spend it wisely! Explore the city’s secret areas, exercise at the gym, work at the grocery store, take up gardening, or make resourceful friends. The decisions – and the adventure – are yours!

The Last Faith

The wicked and the blessed will be judged the same – let nothing stand in your way. Often brutal, always empowering, The Last Faith is an unholy alliance of Metroidvania and Soulslike. The Last Faith thrives on merciless and precise combat, with a huge range of custom executions to perform. Discover a formidable arsenal of melee weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms, allowing you to carve a path your own way. Nonlinear exploration is at the core of The Last Faith. Gorgeous pixel art depicts an imposing gothic landscape. Journey along snow-dusted mountains and castles bathed in moonlight. Discover and upgrade a formidable range of tools for destruction. Step into The Last Faith’s ravaged world as Eryk, who awakens with no recollection of his immediate past. Soon, he will discover he is in a race against time as his mind and conscience begins to deteriorate. His desire for salvation from this affliction sets him on a cursed mission that crosses paths with ancient religions and divinities.

It’s A Wrap

It’s A Wrap! is a one-of-a-kind 2D puzzle platformer inspired by classic action films of the 1980s. Accompanying the announcement, a nostalgia-inducing trailer featured in the Future Games Show reveals new gameplay, from intergalactic space battles to high-octane chase scenes, all packaged in an “unforgettable” rap performance in the style of the absolute cheesiest 80s commercials.


The time has come for new recruits to staff The Organization’s secretive underwater laboratory. Work in every role, from Janitors and Doctors to Security Officers and even HR Managers, to keep lab experiments running smoothly. The threat of industrial espionage looms — saboteurs in our midst hope to steal The Organization’s hard-earned secrets for themselves. Failure to finish experiments three times activates a failsafe to prevent sensitive leaks… via complete destruction of the lab with all onboard. Will you survive the lab? Or sink with it?

Hellsweeper VR

From the makers of Sairento VR comes a first-person action-combat game that descends you into hell. As an undead immortal, you’re on the sole mission of taking out the demonic souls. In Hellsweeper VR, you traverse different dimensions, wield weapons with deadly precision, command the forces of telekinesis, and muster unseen powers to wipe out your twisted enemies. Reap your rewards, upgrade your skills, and choose your fate as you experiment with unique combat variations and start to discover what being a Hellsweeper means to you.

Everything Revealed At The Gamescom 2023 Future Games Show
Credit: Other Ocean

The Pirate Queen

The Pirate Queen tells the story of Cheng Shih, the widow of Cheng Yat, leader of the Red Flag pirate fleet who dominated the South China Sea in the 1800s. When Cheng Yat dies, the Red Flag Fleet is plunged into turmoil as Kwok Po Dai, leader of the rival Black Flag pirate fleet, threatens to take over as successor. Players take on the identity of Cheng Shih to navigate the treacherous waters and cabins of a moonlit pirate ship, break out of locked rooms, crack complex codes, creep through winding passages, and exercise their wit to seize control of the fleet – all to become one of the most revered and feared Pirates in history: The Pirate Queen. Cheng Shih is helped along the way with clues from her second in command, Cheung Po Tsai, to outsmart enemies and ultimately be crowned the Pirate Queen.

Vertigo 2

Vertigo 2 is a single-player adventure built from the ground up for VR. Deep underground in the reaches of Quantum Reactor VII, you awake to finish your journey home. You’ll have to face bizarre alien flora and fauna leaking from other universes – and deadly android security forces whose job is to purge the reactor of all life. Try to determine who to trust as sinister agents lurk just out of sight.

Islanders: VR Edition

Islanders is the critically acclaimed minimalist strategy game about building cities on colorful islands. Now coming to VR. Explore an infinite number of ever-changing new lands, expand your settlements from sprawling villages to vast cities and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. In Islanders: VR Edition, you begin with a blank canvas and a small set of minimalist buildings. Your goal is to populate and enrich each island with your creations, unlocking new buildings as you go by achieving a maximum score. Points are earned by carefully placing each building, being mindful of their surroundings like providing clear access to natural resources and making sure entry isn’t blocked. When you’re ready, you can travel to a new land, exploring Islanders‘ stunning new environments along the way, while building bigger, more expansive structures. The more you build, the higher your score will be and the grander city you’ll be able to gaze upon before starting all over again for just one more round.

Tin Hearts VR

Built from the ground up for VR, Tin Hearts holds critical acclaim for its moving narrative, refined puzzle design and immersive atmosphere. Spanning across four distinctive acts with 50+ lemmings-like puzzles masterfully woven throughout a grand Victorian home, steadily uncover a variety of whimsical inventions with unique abilities to provide a safe route of passage for a troop of tin soldiers to travel.


Davigo is a VR vs. PC “cross-reality” battle game. The VR player embodies a giant and faces off against 1-4 PC players in fast-paced, explosive combat! 1 VR player and 1-4 PC players clash in the ultimate battle of David versus Goliath. Compatible with all major HMDs, including Quest, Rift, Vive, Index, and Windows MR.

Everything Revealed At The Gamescom 2023 Future Games Show
Credit: Singer Studios

Park Beyond

Park Beyond has something in store for all types of players. Are they visionneers looking to find the future of amusement parks? Impossification will allow them to transform rides, shops, and event staff, making the mundane incredible. Is management in their blood? A vast array of control panels will help them follow every parameter and penny spent to make sure their park runs perfectly and visitors are thriving. Are they creative at heart with big ideas? Modular building with its extensive library of assets will give free reign to create amazing scenery for visitors to wander, while the roller-coaster creator will allow them to build the ride of their dreams.

Tiny Glade

Tiny Glade is a relaxing free-form building game. Tap into the joy of making something pretty with no management, no combat, or wrong answers – just kick back, doodle some castles, and turn forgotten meadows into lovable dioramas. Explore gridless building chemistry, and watch the game carefully assemble every brick, pebble and plank. Draw a path through a wall? An arch pops up! Widen the arch? Pillars line up. Lower the wall? Arches turn into fences and gates. There are no wrong answers or failure states. You can change your mind at any time, and whatever you make will look cozy out of the box. Let yourself unwind to the chill vibes, and escape into a world that feels alive. Ivy envelops your buildings, sheep waddle through your paths, and fireflies light up the night.

Pacific Drive

In the shadow of towering evergreens in the Pacific Northwest, you find yourself trapped behind a 300-meter wall. But why was it built and who or what are the Remnants? Mysterious voices traverse the airwaves questioning you, warning you. Through your battles against the elements and the Exclusion Zone’s anomalies only one thing is certain: you and your car won’t leave unchanged. Left untouched for over 30 years, the Olympic Exclusion Zone is home to all manners of hazards and mysterious phenomena known as anomalies. With only your station wagon for company, navigate the winding roads as you attempt to untangle a web of secrets that have surrounded the area since the ’50s. Gather resources to upgrade your car and uncover more clues as you venture further and farther out into the unknown.


Warhaven is a free-to-play PvP medieval fantasy brawler that pits two teams of up to 12 players each in epic objective-based battles. The war between the Alliance and the Mara dominates the world of Herath. Warriors armed with swords, spears, maces, and other fierce weapons don armor to conquer their rivals and seize control of important tactical vantage points. Successful fighters can become powerful Immortals whose incredible powers can sway the tide of battle. Prepare for visceral carnage in large-scale, squad-based clashes that will test your skills and teamwork.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin is the first RTS to bring the Mortal Realms of Games Workshop’s expansive fantasy universe to life. Set in Ghur, the savage and wild Realm of Beasts, the singleplayer campaign follows a detachment of Stormcast Eternals as they attempt to seize a powerful artefact and save their fortress settlement from the encroaching Orruk Kruleboyz who dwell in the swamps. Early in the story, the Stormcast Eternals venture out into Ghur and after a perilous journey, reach the location of this artefact – yet they find it bound in the ethereal chains of the Nighthaunt, the servants of Nagash, who unleash a storm of wraiths to defend it. The Nighthaunt bring swarms of ghostly apparitions and diabolical horrors to the battlefield in Realms of Ruin, taking advantage through sheer strength in numbers. As well as appearing as antagonists in the campaign, the Nighthaunt are fully playable in Conquest Mode and multiplayer, with a wide range of units inspired by their tabletop counterparts.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin Announced
Credit: Frontier Developments

Abiotic Factor

This secret facility was once your workplace, but until you find a way out, you might as well make it your home. Something in the deepest labs has gone awry, and containment procedures have done little to stem the chaos – you’re here for the long haul. Survive alone or together – play solo or assemble your own science team with up to five friends. Immerse yourself in a cooperative adventure built around teamwork, exploration, and staying alive by any means possible. Outsmart the threat by crafting ingenious – and outlandish – tools, weapons, and gear! Fight your foes with inventions from simple nets and wooden bats to laser cannons and elaborate traps – everything your science brain can muster!

Phantom Spark

Phantom Spark’s vivid world features a host of memorable characters against which you’ll be thrust into competition during the game’s single-player campaign. Meet the guardians of every track, then utilise your knowledge and skills to beat them in 1-on-1 races in order to create links, unlock new levels and new cosmetically altered ships as you progress throughout the game. Phantom Spark | Announce Trailer Momentum is everything in this gravity-defying future-fantasy time-trial racer. Master the ancient tracks of this forgotten land as its ancestral guardians guide you along the way. Weave through spectacular ruins and glide through the air as you seek your ultimate goal of perfection via the game’s easy-to-learn and hard-to-master gameplay.


On the moon Europa, a lush terraformed paradise in Jupiter’s shadow, an android named Zee sets out in search of answers. Run, glide, and fly across the landscape, solve mysteries in the ruins of a fallen utopia, and discover the story of Zee’s creator – the last human alive. Europa is a peaceful game of adventure, exploration, and meditation. As you travel, you’ll gradually upgrade the capabilities of your Zephyr jetpack, boosting yourself further through the air until you can flow freely into the sky.

Wild Country

Wild Country is a cozy competitive card game where everything clicks into place! Mayor Bearclaw, the mayor of Sun City, is retiring and looking for his successor. Embark on a memorable adventure to Big Sky Canyon and compete against rival animals to show who’s the most tactical, sneaky, and strategic. Do you have what it takes to win? Compete against rival competitors in a battle to build the best city. Watch out for earthquakes, snowstorms, and rebellious raccoons. Unpredictable events test your resolve or turn the tide of battle. Whether new to card games or a seasoned fan, Wild Country offers endless fun, strategic gameplay, and unpredictable mischief.


In this update, Geppetto becomes the seventh fallen hero to join Ravenswatch, along with his puppets. Originating from the famous Pinocchio story, the mad inventor is part melee fighter and part ranged hero. With his ability to summon puppet henchmen to fight for him, this character offers particularly innovative gameplay. The other Ravenswatch heroes have not been left out. The added features include a new second ultimate skill for them all, just like Geppetto, to expand the list of game techniques available. This addition increases replayability, as well as the possible gameplay options for the same character. In terms of both game balance and playability, there are other improvements enhancing the experience offered by Ravenswatch. The teleportation system is now less restrictive, and additional dubbing has been added to each hero’s reaction list, to enhance the feeling of immersion. Finally, Ravenswatch has undergone a general rebalance, to ensure the adventure remains as challenging as ever.

Ravenswatch Reveals The First Six Playable Characters
Credit: Nacon


Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry. It is designed around the idea of “being thrown into the world.” Isolated and lost inside this dream-like world, you will explore different interconnected regions in a non-linear fashion. The unsettling environment is a character itself. Every location contains its own theme (story), puzzles, and characters that are integral in creating a cohesive world. Throughout the game, you will open up new areas, acquire different skill sets, weapons, and various items, and try to comprehend the sights presented to you. Scorn takes place in an open-ended world with different interconnected regions. Each region is a maze-like structure with various rooms and paths to discover. All the storytelling happens in-game, with no cut-scenes to distract you from the grisly reality of the living, breathing world you’re in. But keep your eyes open – the game won’t show you any sympathy if you miss something important on your uneasy travels.


 In Symphonia, you take on the role of Philemon, a figure equipped only with a violin bow, which they use in the game’s platforming elements to move around the world while playing their violin to bring ancient mechanisms of the world back to life. The gorgeous world of Symphonia is hand-drawn and traditionally animated and features a powerful score.

Dome-King Cabbage

Dome-King Cabbage is an award-winning visual novel about a cloud person named Mush nervously making their way to a job interview. Mush has to grapple with their ability to perceive the world through the lens of a monster-collecting RPG. After getting in tune with their newfound extrasensory powers, Mush is drawn to Crumb Island, an elusive site where they can get the enigmatic title of “Dome-King.” The narrative is told through an unmistakable, perception-bending style by the solo developer Cobysoft Joe. Dome-King Cabbage is a vibrant collection of psychedelic visuals, warbled beats, and colorful stories that connect in a harmonious way because of this singular vision.


Astronimo is a cooperative construction platform puzzler that takes you, and up to three others via local or online multiplayer support, out of this world and into a vast solar system. Providing expansive creation tools that combine with advanced physics that allow your creations to interact dynamically, Astronimo encourages you to come up with creative solutions to the challenges you face and work out how to get back home together. Start dance parties. Throw your friends into lava. Form a full band, or become a fish. Astronimo is all about having fun and sharing memories with friends, old and new.

Hexxen: Hunters

A hundred years have passed since the gate to Hell opened, deep in the Black Forest of southern Germany. The world has since been infested by beasts and fiends of all kinds, but portents tell of a greater threat on the horizon – your Witch Hunters are all that stand between humanity and certain doom. An RPG with real-time exploration and turn-based tactical combat, Hexxen: Hunters takes you to a dark alternate history where the fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Liberate a remote hamlet from the clutches of an evil cult and establish your base of operations, developing it to arm your Hunters with everything from weapons and alchemical concoctions to arcane research and magical devices. Train your Hunters to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and prepare to sacrifice your very soul in the defense of humanity.


The World of Evenor is shattered. You must harness the power of a Wayfinder to Control the Chaos that has overrun your world. Join forces with friends to strengthen your powers and control your adventures online with a vast selection of customization modifiers when exploring the immersive world, collecting valuable materials and crafting. Customize every play experience by entering a doorway of adventures with the help of a mysterious device known as a Gloom Dagger. Each adventure has unique modifiers and challenges YOU conjure and control, customizing what beasts you hunt, bosses you encounter, materials you collect and even other Wayfinders.

Credit: Digital Extremes

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum pulls the player into the twisted, troubled mind of a young German soldier suffering from hallucinations. Lost between reality and illusion, he faces a genuine psychological battle against himself. This new trailer conveys the oppressive, macabre atmosphere prevailing in the game, providing a glimpse of some of the different environments and gameplay types. It also shows some new creatures, as a preview of the terrors awaiting the player as the story unfolds. Will they choose to face them or understand them? Their decision will affect how the game ends.


Helskate is a skateboarding action roguelite. Grind, perform tricks, and chain combos to power up your attacks and slay the monsters of Vertheim. Combine unique weapons and gear to suit your playstyle as you fight, die, and upgrade your abilities to come back to this labyrinth over and over again!


Prepare your mind… Developer Drop Rate Studio has announced that Wantless, the fast-paced, turn-based tactical RPG set in a dystopian future where the subconscious is a battlefield, is coming to Steam Early Access this November! Delve into your patients’ minds to confront the torments within, walking the fine line of morality and forging new skills with a deep crafting system. Master a variety of innovative mechanics in dynamic turn-based combat if you hope to succeed, but beware – the mind can be a dangerous place.


Deathground is a solo and co-op survival horror game that throws players into a desperate battle for survival against deadly AI dinosaurs. Enter the Deathground with a team of up to 3 players for squad-based action or attempt to survive alone in a solo session. With team-based objectives, suspenseful gameplay and constant mortal danger, teamwork and cooperation are essential to survival. Leave your teammates behind in favour of a solo session. The atmosphere is deeper and the horror intensifies as you attempt to survive alone. Dynamic gameplay enriched with objectives, stealth, combat and teamwork. Players will interact with a range of items and weapons, have to navigate diverse levels, avoid danger and complete objectives.

Tormented Souls 2

Caroline Walker is back in the sequel to the award-winning classic survival horror. Stalk the halls of haunting monasteries and other nightmarish locations. Brace yourself to confront terrifying creatures armed only with makeshift weapons as you desperately try to rescue your cursed sister. After the events at Wildberger Hospital, Caroline yearns for a normal life with her younger sister, Anna. However, fate has other plans. As Anna falls victim to a mysterious affliction, coughing blood and experiencing blackened eyes and moments of unconsciousness, conventional remedies prove futile. In a desperate bid to save her sister, Caroline must turn to the supernatural.

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