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The developers have confirmed that FM 24, despite having some major upgrades, will be the last Football Manager game to use the franchise’s current engine. Next year’s FM 25 will totally relaunch the series in the Unity engine, making FM 24 something of a final chapter for Football Manager as we know it. Read on to learn more about it!

When is the FM 24 release date?

The FM 24 release date has not yet been confirmed, but rumours around the web are predicting that Football Manager 2024 could launch in early November 2023.

This would make a certain amount of sense. Returning fans will know that last year’s FM 23 launched on 7th November, so a similar arrival time would not be a surprise this year! We’ll let you know when a date is formally confirmed, though.

Can I pre-order FM 24?

Not yet! It’s a bit too soon to pre-order FM 24, but we’ll be sure to update this page when the Football Manager 2024 pre-order pages go live around web.

Regular players will recall that FM games tend to have a period of early access beta fun for players who pre-order, and we’d expect FM 24 to follow that trend. More as we hear it!

Which consoles and platforms can play FM 24?

Sports Interactive and Sega have confirmed that FM 24 will be available on PC via Steam, Epic, Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass, as well as coming to PS5, Xbox (we expect Xbox One and Series X/S), Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and iOS & Android for mobile.

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As ever, we would expect there to be different versions of Football Manager on a number of those platforms, including the popular Touch version on mobile and Switch, and the Console Edition for PlayStation and Xbox users.

FM 24 gameplay: new features revealed

Sports Interactive has promised that FM 24 will be “the most complete version in the series’ history” and a celebration of its 20th anniversary.

In the aforementioned official blog post, the developers promised that FM 24 will have a major new feature that fans have been asking after for years – “the ability to transfer saved games from one version of FM to the next”.

That’s right, folks! As the developers said: “You’ll be able to bring your FM23 career into FM24 across all platforms.”

How will this work? According to the creators: “When you first launch Football Manager 2024, you’ll be given the option to continue your FM23 story, picking up exactly where you left off – powered with the new features and revamps that FM24 will introduce.”

They’ve also said: “You can expect a host of improvements, big and small, both in new features and revamps to existing areas of the game.” As and when the specifics of those are confirmed, we’ll let you know!

England Lucy Bronze

England footballer Lucy Bronze.

No, FM 24 will not feature women’s football. However, there is good news on this front! Sports Interactive has confirmed that they are working hard on getting women’s football right in time for FM 25’s big revamp next year.

Studio Head Miles Jacobson said in a blog post: “The FM25 cycle will also see the long-awaited introduction of women’s football to the Football Manager series. Before I go into the details, I want to acknowledge that since we first announced our commitment to introduce the women’s game back in July 2021, we haven’t provided any further public updates on the project which has led to speculation and some frustration.

“The facts are that we’ve made really good progress in many areas, including research, the match engine and translation. But there are other areas that haven’t made enough advancements, a lot of which are legal issues. The women’s game deserves to be the best it possibly can be when it is released – and the new graphics engine will help deliver that.”

Is there an FM 24 trailer?

No, there’s no trailer yet for FM 24. But if you’re a big Football Manager fan, you might enjoy the short video interview below, where The Inbetweeners star James Buckley shares his love for the game. Completed it, mate.

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