Focal Naim America: T.H.E. Show 2023


At the Florida Audio Expo earlier this year (February 2023), Focal/Naim brought out the heat with an impressive array of high-end speakers and audio products. 

For the 2023 T.H.E. Show being held at the Hilton Orange County from June 9-11, Focal/Naim in partnership with the AV Luxury Group, will be demonstrating a wide range of its latest products including the new Classic 200 series.

Tip: Focal Naim America and AV Luxury Group will be exhibiting at T.H.E. Show in Rooms 243/245.

Here is an overview of what will be on display this weekend.

Utopia III Evo Scala Floorstanding Speakers

Focal Scala Utopia Evo Loudspeakers

The Focal Utopia III Evo Scala V2 is designed to bring listeners closer to music with enhanced emotion and listening pleasure.

Scala Core Features

Building on the foundation of Focal’s Utopia III, the Scala reduces harmonic distortion in the mid-range, which is crucial for revealing the artist’s emotions. The Scala is equipped with Focal’s NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) and the TMD suspension (Tuned Mass Damping).

The Focal Utopia III Evo Scala is priced at $26,499 (each)

Focal Vestia Nº2

Focal Vestia No 2 Loudspeakers

Although Focal isn’t bringing its entire Vestia Series speaker line, the Vestia Nº2, a three-way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker will be shown.

Vestia Core Features

Just like the other speakers in the Vestia line, the No2 incorporates a visually pleasing design that blends in with any decor.  

  • A Slatefiber cone for the midrange and bass drivers. The Slatefiber is made from recycled carbon fibers. 
  • Vestia loudspeakers include a front-directed port for impact and a rear port for extended low-frequency bass response.
  • Vestia finish options include Black High Gloss, Dark Wood, or Light Wood for the side panels and a black or white leather effect for the front panels. Added finish details include metallic rings that surround the drivers. A matching grill is provided with each speaker for those that don’t like to have the cones exposed.

The Vestia  Nº2 is priced at $1,399.00 (each)

The Focal Vestia Nº2 is being paired with the Naim Uniti Star all-in-one digital music player that incorporates an integrated amplifier, CD/SACD player, DAC, and wireless music streaming capability.

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The Naim Uniti Star is priced at $5,699.00

Focal Theva

Focal Theva Loudspeakers 2023

In addition to the Focal Scala and Vestia, Focal is also bringing their Theva line loudspeakers to T.H.E. Show 2023. However, it will only be a static display. 

There are six models in the THEVA Series

  1. Theva N°1 (bookshelf speaker) – $998/pair
  2. Theva N°2 (floorstanding speaker) – $1,798/pair
  3. Theva N°3 (floorstanding speaker) – $2,398/pair
  4. Theva N°3-D (floorstanding speaker w/ built-in height module) – $2,998/pair
  5. Theva Center (center channel) – $649 each
  6. Theva Surround (on-wall) – $649 each

Core Features

  • The Focal Theva speakers are designed to be flexible for both music and home theater setups.
  • The Theva line incorporates a visually pleasing design that blends in with any decor. 
  • Focal has chosen to incorporate its Slatefiber cone in the Theva midrange and bass drivers.
  • Aluminum/Magnesium TNF inverted dome tweeter that also includes poron suspension to provide a smooth treble response. 
  • Theva loudspeakers (with the exception of the center and surround speakers) include a rear port for extended low-frequency bass response.

Tip: For more details on Focal’s Theva Speaker line (including pricing) read our previous report.

Focal Littora 200 OD Stone 8 Outdoor Speakers

Focal Littora 200 OD Stone 8 Speakers
Focal Littora 200 OD Stone 8 Speakers

In addition to the loudspeakers listed above, Focal is also bringing its Littora OD Stone 8 outdoor speaker to the show. 

OD Stone 8 loudspeakers have a unique “pebble”-shaped design and are available in three finishes: Limestone, Sand, and Basalt. These are “textured”, for a rock effect ensuring they look stunning and blend seamlessly into their surroundings. 

The Littora 200 products are equipped with IRIS IP cone speaker drivers, developed by Focal to withstand any weather conditions, with no loss of sound quality. The OD Stone 8 speakers are IP45 certified.

The OD Stone 8 incorporated an Aluminum “M”-shaped coaxial tweeter for clear and defined treble reproduction in large spaces.

The Stone 8 speakers are equipped with a power transformer that allows them to be linked together within a 100V system. The transformer’s power can be adapted to manage the volume of each loudspeaker included in your system.

The Littora 200 OD Stone 8  is priced at $799.00

At T.H.E Show, the OD Stone 8 speakers will be paired with the Naim Uniti Nova, which combines an integrated amplifier and music streamer.   

The Uniti Nova is priced at $6,899.00

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Naim New Classic 200 Series

Moving beyond speakers, Naim has indicated that it will be bringing its Classic 200 Series components to the show.

Naim Audio New Classic Series System in Rack Front
Naim Audio New Classic Hi-Fi Components

NSC 222 Streaming Two-channel Pre-amplifier:  The NSC 222 provides access to Spotify, Tidal (including Tidal Connect), Qobuz, Apple Music, internet radio, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, UPnP servers, USB attached storage and supports bitrates up to 32-bit/384kHz. Bluetooth (aptX) is also supported. Multi-room capability with other Naim streaming products is also included. 

The NSC 222 is priced at $8,999.00

NAP 250 Power Amplifier: To support the NSC 222 preamplifier, Naim has introduced the sixth generation of its NAP 250 two-channel Class A/B power amp to drive the speakers of your system. The new generation model is designed to deliver more power, better performance, and additional system-matching flexibility. The new NAP 250 incorporates a 100W per channel dual-mode design, with full power regulation, and volume responsive heatsink.

The NAP 250 is priced at $8,999.00

NPX 300 power supply: The NPX 300 provides an instant power supply upgrade for Naim 200 & 300 Series sources and pre-amplifiers.

The NPX 300 includes two internal power supplies. 

  • One: Audiophile linear type, based on a large toroidal transformer. 
  • Two: Highly efficient SMPSU (Switch Mode Power Supply Unit)  for 0.5W power consumption when in standby mode. 

The NPX 300 is priced at $8,999.00

Uniti Atom HE

Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition with Focal Clear Mg Headphones

One of the great reasons to go to the T.H.E. Show is to check out some great headphones. 

With that in mind, Focal/Naim is bringing several headphone products, as well as the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition Amplifier

The Uniti Atom Headphone Edition is priced at $3,799.00

Utopia 2022

Focal Utopia 2022 Flagship Audiophile Headphones

Focal’s flagship Utopia 2022 headphone with full-range, Beryllium, ‘M’-shaped speaker drivers will be available for listening sessions.

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Core Features

  • Genuine leather headband
  • Perforated lambskin memory foam earpads
  • M-shaped Grill following the curve of the speaker drive
  • Lemo connectors with locking mechanism
  • Forged recycled Carbon Yokes
  • Honeycomb Grill
  • Full-range speaker driver with ‘M’-shaped, pure Beryllium dome, pure, dynamic, and perfectly balanced sound

The Utopia 2022 Headphones are priced at $4,999.00.


Focal Stellia Headphones

The Focal Stellia are closed-back circum-aural headphones, designed to provide excellent audio performance by way of its pure Beryllium dome speaker driver with the frameless voice coil. The Stellia is designed to push the acoustic boundaries of the very best closed-back headphones.

Core Features

  • Cognac and Mocha finish full grain leather headband
  • Cognac and Mocha finish full grain leather cushions 13/16” (20mm) memory foam
  • 19/16” (40mm) ‘M’  shape pure Beryllium dome full-range speaker driver
  • Very low impedance (35 Ohms) to ensure uncompromising use with portable audio players
  • Cognac finish solid aluminum yoke which molds to face shape
  • Cognac finish full grain leather earcup and matte Cognac stainless steel case
  • 1/8” Jack sockets with locking mechanism
  • 4 ft unbalanced cable, 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo Jack + 10 ft 4-pin balanced XLR cable

The Stellia Headphones are priced at $2,999.00

Clear Mg 

Focal Clear Mg Open-Back Headphones on Stand

The Focal Clear Mg are high-fidelity open-back headphones that sit in the middle of Focal’s headphone offerings. The Clear Mg is designed to provide an excellent listening experience but a more reasonable price point while still incorporating exclusive Focal technologies.

Core Features

  • Perforated microfibre earpads extended soundstage
  • M-shaped grille following the curve of the speaker driver to better high-frequency reproduction
  • ‘M’-shaped magnesium dome full-range speaker drivers
  • Headband covered with leather and microfibre
  • Solid aluminum yoke molds to face shape
  • Honeycomb grille for even more open sound
  • Low impedance (55 Ohms) for good performance with a portable player

The Clear Mg is priced at $1,499.00


Focal Celestee Wired Over-ear Headphones

The Celestee is one of Focal’s more affordable headphones that combines stylish design and excellent sound performance. They incorporate the latest Focal technologies: 15/8″ (40mm) Aluminium/Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome full-range speaker drivers and acoustic treatment within the earcups to prevent resonance. 

Celestee headphones produce solid bass extensions with precise treble and high mids. In terms of design, their ear pads, headband, and ear cups boast a navy blue semi-aniline leather finish. Their soft copper details (speaker driver grille, cable connectors, rings, etc.) create a sophisticated look.

Core Features

  • Closed-back headphones for home and on-the-go use
  • Outstanding design, fine materials, and navy blue finishes, with soft copper details
  • Solid sound performance: low bass extension and tonal balance 
  • Low impedance (35 Ohms) to ensure uncompromising use with a portable audio player

The Celestee is priced at $999.00

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Focal Bathys Wireless ANC Headphone

The Bathys are Focal’s first set of wireless headphones with active noise canceling, which we reviewed last year.

Building on Focal’s headphone technologies such as speaker drivers with an Aluminium-Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome, this wireless headphone provides great sound.

Magnesium yokes and real leather headband provide comfort for any head shape. Designed to be lighter, more compact, and ergonomic, Bathys is the ideal traveling companion. Its 30-hour battery life, active noise canceling, connection options, control buttons, and integrated voice assistants allow listeners to enjoy flexible listening options at home or on the go.

  • Closed-back wireless Bluetooth headphones with active noise canceling
  • Refined real leather and microfibre headband
  • Ear pads provide insulation and comfort for any head shape and are easily replaceable
  • 15/8″ (40mm) Aluminium Magnesium speaker drivers
  • 1/8″ (3.5mm) Jack and USB-C outlets provide additional connectivity.
  • Onboard buttons for ergonomic control
  • Aluminum mechanical construction
  • Magnesium yoke for increased lightness
  • Backlit logo
  • Active noise canceling technology and transparency mode Immerse yourself in your music or interact with your environment.

The Focal Bathys are priced at $799.00

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