‘Give her a second Nobel’: Malala Yousafzai’s tactful reply on ‘Taylor Swift vs Beyonce’ wins internet

Youngest Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist Malala Yousafzai has charmed netizens with her tactful reply to a tricky question on pop culture.

Yousafzai was a guest on American radio network NPR’s popular podcast Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me on Saturday. During the show, the host Josh Gondelman asked her, “Let’s say your Nobel Prize came with free concert tickets, but you had to choose between Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Who do you pick?”.

In response to this question, Yousafzai responded, “So when I was little, I used to, like, sing the “Love Story” song together with my friends. So that was like one of the first two songs we started singing back in Pakistan. And Beyonce, I mean, she’s a legend, so I would want both tickets. I have the Nobel Peace Prize and I demand both.”

Yousafzai’s diplomatic reply soon created a buzz on Twitter. After the podcast episode was aired, a Taylor Swift fan account called The Swift Society (@TheSwiftSociety) tweeted about Yousafzai’s answer alongside a photo of Swift and Yousafzai . The 25-year-old girls’ education activist retweeted the post and wrote, “I would never want any bad blood between us,” as she referenced Swift’s 2014 hit “Bad Blood”.

Commenting on Yousafzai’s tweet, a Twitter user wrote, “I have to say I’m impressed with her answer. Only the heart of a peacemaker give me such an answer.” Another person said, “This is why you have the Nobel Peace Prize. They should give a second one for this answer that is a perfect way to end any fanbase war.”

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