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Updated: Feb 02, 2023 07:50 AM

A journey through house music: running Nakternl Entertainment, DJ Michael Dill has battled misconceptions about house style music (Photograph supplied)

Forming a radio station used to involve finding investors, buying expensive equipment and applying for a licence from the government.

These days all you need is a computer and the right software.

This month, Bermudian DJ Michael Dill will launch Radio Nakternl Entertainment on the internet, specialising in house style music.

Night life: when Michael Dill first heard house music as a teenager he did not know what it was, but he knew he liked it (Photograph supplied)

“I formed Nakternl Entertainment in 2015,” Mr Dill said. “It is a lifestyle brand that encompasses everything to do with nightlife.”

He has a clothing brand, writes a blog on house artists, and arranges house events.

“Starting my own radio station was always part of the plan,” Mr Dill said.

What is house music

House is characterised by a repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and a typical tempo of 120 beats per minute. It came out of Chicago’s underground club culture in the late 1970s, when DJs began giving disco songs a more mechanical beat.

He said anyone can start a radio station and stream online; it is just a matter of getting enough content together to keep it going.

Running the radio station online, also allows Mr Dill to draw in house fans from overseas.

Mr Dill said: “We are currently in the beta testing stage, and plan to fully launch on February 24.”

Nakternl Entertainment already has a three-hour show on Wednesday evenings on One Harmony Radio, an online local station.

Mr Dill discovered house music in his teens.

“I didn’t even know what it was. I just knew I liked it,” he said.

Then he really got into it when he went to university in Toronto, Canada where there was a vibrant house scene. He got to see groups in concert such as Swedish House Mafia.

Now, one of his major challenges is expanding his audience on an island where soca and reggae reign supreme.

“House music is not a popular genre in Bermuda,” he said. “It is not techno. It is not head banging music. It is more soulful and melodic. It has more of a groove. It allows you to go on a journey through music. The challenge has been convincing people that they are going to like this.”

He insists that house music is for anyone.

“House music is a lifestyle,” he said. “There is no target demographic. It is all about the music, dancing and having a good time.”

When he first started organising house music events in Bermuda, some potential venue promoters tried to talk him out of doing the event, or tried to jack up the rental price believing a house music event would never make enough money to cover the cost of the space.

“You find ways to work around that,” Mr Dill said. “In the beginning, we did smaller events at private homes.”

He has since graduated to holding events in nightclubs, bars, on catamarans and in hotels.

“I did happy hour at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club this summer,” he said. “I did a lot of private events.”

He has a whole line-up of events and parties scheduled for this year, starting with House Style Takeover: A Journey Through House on March 18 at Karma Nightclub at 95 Front Street.

The event will feature house DJs from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada such as Micfreak, Booker T, Candice McKenzie and Mike Shawr.

Mr Dill runs Nakternl Entertainment in his spare time, and works in information technology by day.

“With Nakternl Entertainment, I do everything on the technical side of things,” he said. “I create all the artwork and set up all the equipment for the events. The visuals that people see, I created it all. What I have learnt in tech has definitely translated to this business.”

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