Ibadan-Based Media Outlet Poised for Launch of Innovative


Ibadan, August 19, 2023 – Moac Global Media, a burgeoning digital media enterprise renowned for its news and entertainment offerings, is on the brink of unveiling its latest venture: an avant-garde online radio service.

Headquartered in Ibadan, Moac Global Media has swiftly garnered recognition for its dynamic content delivery. Spearheaded by its Founder and CEO, Mr. Michael Olu Abi Coker, the media powerhouse aspires to cater to its ever-expanding audience with fresh and accessible content at the mere touch of a button on their personal devices.

Mr. Coker articulated that the groundwork has been meticulously laid for the inauguration of Power365 FM, an extension of the revered MOACTV brand. The radio platform is designed to resonate with listeners across the nation and the global diaspora.

Accessible through a user-friendly app available for download on mobile phones, Power365 FM will present a live audio stream of compelling events. This innovative platform will also integrate interactive content, inviting listeners to actively engage through call-ins and other participatory features.

Mr. Coker emphasized that the app will offer the added convenience of switching to MOACTV content after the initial download. The flexibility to catch up on missed popular programs due to disparate time zones will also be on the agenda.

“Inaugurating as the world’s largest online radio, Power365 FM will ascend as a premier source of interactive mobile applications for listeners. Our distinctive ‘HD’ voice technology empowers MOAC Global enthusiasts to seamlessly connect with our global radio and television channels,” expressed the CEO.

Since its inception in 2021, Moac Global Media has evolved into an independent broadcasting force, effectively reaching a staggering audience exceeding 200,000 individuals across Africa and the world. Distinctly focused on delivering incisive national news and current affairs content, the station has garnered a repertoire of accolades for its impartial reporting and diverse programming.

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