InsiderNJ Radio: Jackson Breaks Down GOP Prez


InsiderNJ Radio this week features an analysis of this week’s Fox News Republican Primary Presidential Debate, against the surreal backdrop of former President Donald J. Trump surrendering to authorities in Georgia and posing for his mugshot.

Herb Jackson provides commentary on the debate and Trump. The politics editor for Roll Call and CQ Now, Jackson prior to his current assignment had a more than three decade-long career as a New Jersey political reporter. This included a storied 13-year run as Washington correspondent for the Bergen Record.

Jessie Frees

Welcomed to the program by WMTR Host Jessie Frees, Jackson breaks down all the action from Wednesday night’s debate with InsiderNJ Editor Max Pizarro (pictured, above left, with Jackson).

The InsiderNJ show will be broadcast on WMTR AM 1250 this Sunday, August 27th, at 10 a.m.

In addition, please be sure to read InsiderNJ Columnist Fred Snowflack’s coverage of the Fox News Presidential Debate here.

Writes Snowflack:

“The debate was just about an hour old when talk got around to Donald Trump. With typical drama, Fox News showed a darkened shot of the Fulton County Courthouse in Georgia, which is where Trump is scheduled to soon surrender after yet another indictment – his fourth. Chris Christie was ready, although some from New Jersey watching the first Republican presidential debate had to wonder why it took him so long to get there. He said the problem is how Trump acts, notwithstanding any of the criminal charges he faces.

“The conduct is beneath the office of president of the United States,” he said – in what was actually one of the milder comments he’s made about Trump.

“The former president, of course, was not there. But many of his supporters apparently were. There were boos from the audience.”

Finally, be sure to read InsiderNJ Guest Columnist Dave Pilmenstein’s take on the debate.

Writes Pilmenstein:

“If there’s a macro-level inference to be made from all of this, it’s that the debate was annoying because we have become more annoying too. A far cry from the Lincoln-Douglas format of presenting an argument and respectfully cross-examining that of your opponent in an allotted amount of time for the purpose of clarity, this debate was chaotic and way more about vibes than science, logic, or decorum. Because who has time for that anymore? This debate was nothing short of apocalyptic in tone, and that’s because a good chunk of America feels like the country is falling apart.

“The internet and the state of our world and economy have made us less attentive, less thoughtful, more susceptible to dopamine hits, more extreme and combative, more desperate, and more comfortable with a worldview that’s easily validated than one that’s productively challenged – and it shows! I am craving the day that America decides that this is all very exhausting.”


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