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Radio host Erin Molan has hit back at the notion that women should “dress their age”.

The Sydney-based media star referenced celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger, believing that 50 is the new 30.

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The 39-year-old said she had recently been called out for trying to dress younger, hitting back by saying that women should “wear what you like”.

“There’s this whole, kind of, group now and I know that they’re celebrities and I know they’ve got help,” she said began on her 2DAYFM radio show, Hughsey, Ed and Erin.

“But sorry, being 50 now is like being 30, 20 – 50 years ago.

“Women look amazing. We are not old when we are 30, 40, 50, 60.”

She went on to reference Nicole Kidman, 56, who was spotted earlier this week in a cutout Saint Laurent dress flaunting rock-hard abs.

Others Molan mentioned were Nicole Scherzinger, 45, and Jeff Bezos’ fiancée Lauren Sánchez, 53.

“She’s wearing bikinis, she’s wearing cut outs, she’s wearing everything,” Molan said of Sánchez’s style.

Erin Molan discusses the stigma live on air. Credit: Instagram / hughesyedanderin
Erin Molan made reference to Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. Credit: Getty

“What about JLo!” she continued.

“I’m 39 and I get comments like, ‘Are you trying to look young?’”

“No sorry, I wear what I feel like, what I feel good in, what makes me feel amazing in a world that’s constantly trying to make all of us feel completely s*** about ourselves.

“So, wear what you want, do what you want, dress how you want.

“If you look amazing, great, if you look not so amazing, great.

Erin Molan shared a selfie. Credit: Instagram / erin_molan

“If you feel amazing, great. Who cares?”

She ended her message by encouraging listeners to “stop the judgement!”

“Who cares? Feel good, wear what you like, wear a little cut-out, midriff, thong if you want, when you’re 90, who cares!”

After the segment was shared on the show’s Instagram, followers praised Molan’s message.

Erin Molan on set. Credit: Instagram / erin_molan

“Amen!! I’m 34 and I look MY age! I’ve never been this age before so how does anyone know if I look young or old for MY age! We’re all different, age difference, look different!!” one comment read.

“Oh Erin so perfectly said!! So perfectly said,” a second wrote.

Another said, “Stop the JUDGEMENT. Exactly”.

“You’re right, it’s your life. You look amazing!” a user added.

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