Internet Says Bob Huggins Has Gone ‘Full Costanza’


Bob Huggins reacts to a play from the bench.

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The Bob Huggins saga at West Virginia just won’t go away. He appeared to leave the program following a pair of off-court incidents this summer but is now refusing to give up the job.

WVU administration says that the longtime head coach resigned shortly after a recent DUI. Huggins refutes that claim. The debacle has many college basketball fans thinking back to a hilarious episode of Seinfeld.

Huggins’ first strike of the offseason came when he used a homophobic slur to describe Xavier fans on a Cincinnati radio show. His second controversy came a few weeks after when he was arrested for drunk driving in Pittsburgh.

His fate seemed to be decided when he reportedly turned in a letter of resignation to the university, leading the Mountaineers to find his replacement. Many weren’t happy with that decision, most notably his daughter, who went on a Facebook rant about the handling of the situation.

Now, Huggins is backtracking, saying he never officially gave up the job.

The back and forth continued this week with the (former?) head coach’s attorney sending a letter to West Virginia leaders. In a statement posted by Huggins’ team, he claims that a media release from the school, which appeared to be written by Huggy Bear himself, was falsified.

“I did not draft or review WVU’s statement,” the letter read. “This false statement was sent under my name, but no signature is included.”

WVU vehemently refutes claims that they falsified his resignation letter, releasing a response to his allegations shortly thereafter.

In that reply, administration says that Bob Huggins’ lawyer was involved in resignation talks, that it accommodated with the head coach to send the resignation message from his wife’s account, and that he cleaned out his office the next day.

Fans have been quick to comment on the tug of war, and it seems that everyone is thinking of the same Seinfeld scene.

Some got even more creative, photoshopping Huggins’ face onto George Costanza’s body.

One person claims to have “obtained video of the conversation” between Huggins and his team.

Full Costanza mode.

All jokes aside, it’s a sad situation for both parties as they’ve been tied to one another for the last 16 seasons. Huggins likely has no shot at getting his job back, ending a Hall of Fame career on the lowest of notes.

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