Internet slams Fox News anchor Sean Hannity’s


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former President Donald Trump’s trial, following his fourth indictment in Georgia, will be available for the public to watch.


“The public will have the opportunity to watch court proceedings in the Georgia election interference case on television and online, a judge said Thursday,” a report by NBC News stated. 

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After the news about Trump’s public trial broke out, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity shared his opinion on the matter and believes that this trial will “backfire” on the Democrats. However, instead, Hannity’s tweet boomeranged on him. 


Sean Hannity talks about Donald Trump’s hearing

After Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee said that cameras would be allowed in the courtroom, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity wrote on X, “Another move that will backfire on the Dems!”


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In addition, there was also an article on Hannity’s website that was titled, “TRUMP TV! Georgia Judge Says Fulton County Trial Will Be Televised and Live Streamed.”

This article stated, “Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee says he will allow former President Donald Trump’s election interference trial to be streamed on YouTube and televised.”


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Further details about the televised trial on Hannity’s website also read, “CBS News is reporting the live stream will be operated by the court and there will be pool coverage for television, radio, and still photography.”

Internet questions Sean Hannity’s ‘narrative’ about Donald Trump’s hearing 

Most people in response to Sean Hannity have taken issue with him mentioning “dems” as one person wrote, “Oh look more narrative to make people believe something that there’s no evidence of. How is this a “Dem move”?” and another said, “So, Georgia law = Dem move? Weak, Sean. Time to join Tucker.”





People have mentioned the televised trial is given by the “Georgia law” as one wrote, “Lol, and what Dem made this move? Pretty sure Georgia’s long-standing Republican-led State legislature is responsible for the laws in Georgia,” and another said, “It’s not a Dem move, it’s Georgia law.”




Hannity was mercilessly slammed as one user wrote, “Man…you are such a Trump bootlicking loser. I can definitely understand why Jill left you.” And majority pointed out that his trial is about the “rule of law” as one person wrote, “This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about the rule of law.”




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