Internet sleuths help Q102 host find man she kisse…


(NewsNation) — Natalie Jones and Cole Fitch shared a spontaneous kiss at a festival but didn’t exchange contact info. With the help of a photo, Jones, a radio host in Cincinnati, launched a viral search to find her mystery man. Internet sleuths successfully solved the case.

I saw him standing in line to get a drink. I kind of tried to cut in line to stand next to this really cute guy so I could get my drinks and get back to my friends,” Jones recalled. “Then, we started chatting and immediately hit it off.”

Jones recounted that when Fitch asked if he could kiss her, she declined. However, somehow it ended up happening, and a stranger snapped a photo of them and texted it to Jones.

Fitch said he thought it was a “joke-type situation.”

“I thought it was her friend that took the picture, and she thought it was my friend that took the picture,” he said. “Just happened real quick, and we were both confused.”

Despite her efforts the next day, Jones was unable to obtain Fitch’s contact information.

Jones is one of the radio hosts of the Q102 weekday afternoon show the RNF Show (Roy, Nat and Freddie Mac) in Cincinnati. In her quest to unveil the identity of her mystery guy, Jones turned to social media and posted the image, triggering numerous responses.

“To my co-hosts’ credit, it was their idea. They’re like we got to post it, let us post it for you,” Jones said. “We call our listeners the Q Fam; they’re like let’s let the Q Fam find him, and sure enough they delivered.”

The pair lives in separate states, Fitch lives in Pennsylvania, and they plan to meet up again on July 4.

“We’re just seeing where it goes. I mean, we seem to like each other, though,” Fitch said.

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