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According to the Zhejiang provincial government website “Zhejiang people call me a unified platform”, recently, a number of netizens left messages not suggesting artist Xu Zheng as a guest to participate in the “Youth Travels” program. Zhejiang Radio and Television Group replied,Xu Zheng has not been identified as a bad artist, the invitation of Xu Zheng as a guest of the show has been approved by the competent authority, and Zhejiang Satellite TV will closely follow up on the artist’s situation.

Many netizens commented that they do not recommend artist Xu Zheng to participate in the “Youth Travels” program as a guest (Source: “Zhejiang people call me a unified platform”)

Zhejiang Radio and Television: Xu Zheng has not been characterized as a bad artist

Some netizens said, “Xu Zheng was involved in the MLM incident of Zhang Ting and his wife”, “cutting fans leeks, causing serious harm to many families”; “he was also involved in many copyright disputes”, such as “selling “囧Mom” to video website”, “Zhejiang film industry issued a document condemning the online broadcast of “囧Mom”.

Another netizen said that Xu Zheng has “continuous sex news” and so on. These netizens believe that “people are beginning to question Xu Zheng’s moral standards”, “Xu Zheng is not suitable to be on a youth variety show like ‘Youth Travels’”, “it is recommended not to let Xu Zheng participate in the recording of ‘Youth Travels’”.

Since April 6, Zhejiang Radio and Television Group has made replies with basically the same content for several consecutive days. For example, a reply on April 12 stated: The situation reported by netizens has been received, and Zhejiang Radio and Television Group requires Zhejiang Satellite TV to handle it seriously. Zhejiang Satellite TV attaches great importance to it and immediately conducts an investigation to understand it. After verification by the channel, it is clear that the MLM case of Zhang Ting and his wife has been handled and announced by the national competent authority in December 2021.Xu Zheng was not involved in the case, nor was he identified as a bad artist.Before inviting Xu Zheng as a guest of the program, the channel had reported to the superior authority for review and approval according to the regulations. Zhejiang Satellite TV will closely track and understand the artist’s situation, strictly review the guests to be invited, and will never provide a stage for bad or problematic artists.

Zhejiang Radio and Television Group also mentioned in a reply on April 6 that in 2022, four films directed and starred by Xu Zheng won the “New Era International Film Festival Jin Yanghua Award”; in November of the same year, he won the 35th Nominated for Best Actor in the Golden Rooster Awards of China.

Make money and play together with Zhang Ting and his wife, can Xu Zheng and his wife be alone?

The alleged MLM case of “TST court secret” has become a serial drama, new information emerges from time to time, and related characters are also added continuously.

On April 22 last year, some netizens dug up the previous promotional material of TST Court Secret, saying that Xu Zheng cooperated with Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang’s “TST Court Secret” to launch the “TST Zheng Liquor Series”. Nine, and served as an image ambassador. Subsequently, the topic topped the Weibo hot search list.


Image source: Screenshot of TST’s Secret Propaganda Webpage

It is already a recognized fact in the industry that Xu Zheng’s wife Tao Hong is a star shareholder of “TST Court Secret” and has been on the platform for the brand many times.

In 2002, the series “Love Through Time and Space” starring Xu Zheng and Zhang Ting was released. At that time, Xu Zheng and Tao Hong were married, and Zhang Ting got acquainted with Tao Hong. Since then, the two have developed into good friends and best girlfriends, and their relationship is very close. If counting from the year “Love Through Time and Space” was released, the friendship between Zhang Ting and Tao Hong has been more than 20 years.

In June 2013, Shanghai Darwin Company was established, and the “beautiful career” of Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang kicked off. The celebrity couple claimed that “Lin Ruiyang wants to keep Zhang Ting’s beauty”, and their main product is the “live yeast” skin care series, which is said to be able to expel skin toxins and have skin like “eggs that have been peeled off their shells”.

“Gathering with my best friend Zhang Ting, looking at the children playing around, it’s so pleasant! Of course, we will also talk about beauty experience… I just want to ask you, it’s almost Mother’s Day, and the gifts that the sisters gave you and your mother Have you chosen?” On the occasion of Mother’s Day in 2014, Tao Hong posted a Weibo with TST Court Secret for the first time, and the three pictures were all related to TST Court Secret. The first brochure shows that Tao Hong is the brand Spokesperson.


Image source: Screenshot of Weibo

Since then, Tao Hong has continued to be the secret platform of TST Ting. She has helped Zhang Ting recruit agents, and has also used the organization of private movie activities to promote TST Ting secret products. As of April 22 last year, 7 articles related to TST products can be found on her Weibo. Promotional Weibo, published from April 2014 to August 2018.

In various publicity drafts, Xu Zheng and his wife attended TST court secret activities not only as spokespersons, but as partners. Searching for the promotional videos since the establishment of TST Court Secret, Tao Hong and Xu Zheng are frequent guests.

According to Qixinbao at the time, Tao Hong was once a shareholder of Shanghai Darwin, holding 1.93% of the shares. In addition, Beijing Taoran Clothing and Apparel Co., Ltd., which is 100% owned by Tao Hong, is also the fifth largest shareholder of Darwin, holding 4.7%.


Some shareholders of Shanghai Darwin.Image source: Qixinbao screenshot

Search for “Zhengjiu” on Weibo. Every time the reporter finds out that as early as 2018, “Hi-Ajing”, who was certified as “Marketing Director of Shanghai Darwin Trading Co., Ltd.” boss.


Image source: Screenshot of Weibo

When the TST court is secretly involved in a suspected pyramid scheme case, will the star, as a business partner, bear the corresponding legal responsibility?

Sun Rongda, director of the International Business Department and Civil Affairs Department of Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm, told the reporter: “If the behavior of Zhang Ting and his wife constitutes a crime of pyramid schemes, then the star as a shareholder will not be ruled out to bear criminal responsibility. Only Stars who endorse and promote related products may not need to bear criminal responsibility, but it does not rule out that they may need to bear legal responsibility such as administrative punishment.”

The amount involved by Zhang Ting and his wife may exceed 10 billion yuan

According to the news from the website of the Yuhua District People’s Government of Shijiazhuang City on October 31 last year, 19 entities including Shanghai Yuedao E-Commerce Company were involved in the hearing of the case of online pyramid schemes.It will be held in Shijiazhuang on November 4. The subjects involved in the case include Zhang Ting and his wife, Tao Hong and so on.

According to the announcement, according to the requirements of the parties concerned, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City decided to open the Guanhe International Hotel (East of Hebei Normal University, No. 18, Yuxiang Street, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province) at 9:00 on November 4, 2022 Door) held in Zhengyang Hall on the third floor about Shanghai Yuedao E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Yingsheng Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taobuting Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Darwin Trading Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. , Shanghai Baowo Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangpeng Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shengji Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shangyang Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Linyi Ruilin Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Beijing Zuitaoran Garment Co., Ltd. Company, Shanghai Yuanchang Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shanghai Xuhao Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shanghai Giant Yiwang Industrial Co., Ltd., Wang Wenhua, Kuang Guiyuan,Hearing of Zhang Shuqin, Lin Jirong, Tao Hong and others suspected of network pyramid schemes.

According to public information, Zhang Ting’s original name was Zhang Shuqin, and Zhang Ting’s husband, Lin Ruiyang, was also named Lin Jirong.

According to a previous report by China Business News, it is estimated that Zhang Ting and his wife will produce various evidence to prove that their income is legal income. After the hearing, the final handling of the incident and the amount of punishment involved should be made public.It is estimated that the amount involved is very huge, or more than 10 billion yuan.However, the specific amount and processing results are subject to the official announcement

Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang, source: Visual China VCG111141371474

According to news from the Red Star Capital Bureau on April 9 last year, it was learned from people familiar with the matter thatThe operating entity of TST court secret has been determined by the market supervision department to constitute illegal activities of organizing and planning pyramid schemes. The illegal income of 19.2799 million yuan was confiscated and a fine of 1.7 million yuan was imposed.

The Red Star Capital Bureau learned that the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Baokang County, Hubei Province determined that from January 1, 2018 to July 2021, the relevant company’s main business involving pyramid schemes had a total revenue of 9.171 billion yuan and a profit of 19.2799 million yuan. Yuan.

In December 2021, the Yuhua District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Shijiazhuang City stated in a “Reply to the Verification Letter” that Darwin was suspected of using the Internet to engage in pyramid schemes, and it had opened a case for investigation.

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