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Change Links urges all our subscribers and readers to administer all necessary precautions, to ensure their safety. You will find a number of related articles to COVID-19 in our print and electronic issue. We will continue to update you going forward.  We advise you as well to do your personal research for updates from all available sources to you. We face a difficult time, and wish you and yours good health and tranquility as we weather this together. The COVID emergency declarations have ended pretty universally, but the illness remains a threat to many, especially with other risk factors, immune challenges and co-morbidities.


Other Calendars:





Jul 1 – Sat


BOOK LAUNCH: China’s Revolution and the Quest for a Socialist Future w/ Ken Hammond & Sheila Xiao, 3p. Hybrid event. Long the most prosperous and sophisticated country in the world, China was subjected to the military, economic, and political domination of Western imperialism for over a hundred years. This volume traces the crisis of Old China and revolutionary struggle up to 1949, the development of New China with Mao Zedong, reform under Deng Xiaoping, and the beginning of a new era led by Xi Jinping. China has generated contradictions as well as dramatic growth in education, health care, and other social services. But the process of socialist construction remains an unfinished and ongoing venture, and the future of the revolution is very much a work in progress. Come with your questionsHall and observations—even better, bring a friend! This event will be in-person and streamed on YouTube. Buy the book online HERE (1804books.com/products/chinas-revolution-and-the-quest-for-a-socialist-future). (This will not be in time for the event but you can read it later too.) RSVP: peoplesforum.org/events/book-launch-chinas-revolution-and-the-quest-for-a-socialist-future-w-ken-hammond-sheila-xiao/


Jul 2 – Sun


We the People March, 10 a, Grand Park, DTLA, 200 N Grand Ave., L.A., 90012.  10 a gather, 10:30 begin the March towards City Hall.  Join us in a  powerful demonstration against the over 450 discriminatory bills targeting the rights of LGBTQIA individuals, people of color and women.  Together we will raise our voices in solidarity and advocate for equality, justice and respect for all. Contact people patriciabermudez@ahf.org for more info and to RSVP.


July 3 – Mon


July 3-Aug 13, Leaving World War II Behind, online course. The six modules of the course seek to inform you, and enable you to inform others, of why World War II is not a good justification for military spending and war planning. By the end of the course will be able to Debunk myths about WWII being necessary, justifiable, and beneficial; Explain how and why WWII did not have to happen, and test your ideas against others; Identify what WWII has to do with military spending today; Develop an action plan for how to bring learning back to your context, in a way that influences your own practice and the thinking and practice of others; Engage with experts, peers, and other change-makers around the world who are united in a common quest to end war and dismantle the war machine. $25-100. Dr. Phill Gittins, Education Director, World BEYOND War, education@worldbeyondwar.org Register: worldbeyondwar.org/leaving-world-war-ii-behind-july-3-august-13-2023-online-course-registration/

Path to win Single Payer NOW! 5:30-7:30p. Online webinar. Green Party of CA. An esteemed panel of healthcare experts and advocates: Dr. Claire Cohen (National Single Payer) Problems with US Healthcare, Don Fitz (Missouri Green Party) Lessons from Cuba, Ryan Skolnick (California Nurses Association) CalCare, California’s State-Based Model, Dr. Margaret Flowers (Health Over Profit) National Improved Medicare For All, Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party’s 2012 and 2016 Presidential candidate) Moderator.

Registration is required for this free event at bit.ly/Path2SinglePayer . Lauren Filla, filla.lauren@gmail.com The profit-driven U.S. healthcare system has produced staggering healthcare inequities, patient suffering and death, declining health outcomes, and massive medical debt. A single-payer system would cover comprehensive health care for everyone from head to toe regardless of citizenship or employment. It will be free at the point of service and cost less than the current system.


Jul 4 – Tue  Farce of July


An Asia-Pacific NATO: Fanning the Flames of War. 7p. Exposing the rising militarism in the Asia Pacific region and offering creative ideas on what can be done to move from confrontation to cooperative coexistence. As part of SHAPE’s mission to expose the perils of confrontation in the nuclear age and explore pathways to a safer, just and sustainable future, this webinar will explore the rising militarism in the Asia Pacific region, and the threat it poses to regional and global security. Importantly the webinar will go beyond analysis. It will offer creative ideas on what can be done to avert a major disaster and move the Asia-Pacific region from confrontation to cooperative coexistence. Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development·Columbia University; Dr Alison Broinowski, President, Australians for War Powers Reform; Professor Chung-in Moon, Distinguished University Professor, Yonsei University; Victor Gao, Vice President·Center for China and Globalization, Beijing. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. SHAPE International webinar. (Interesting: SHAPE is a part of NATO.)



Jul 5 – Wed


Jul 6 – Thu


Deadline to be a candidate or nominator for delegates to KPFK, serve on the Local Station Board and help name directors to the Pacifica National Board if elected later this year. See https://election.pacifica.org/wordpress for more details.


Jul 7 – Fri


Jul 8 – Sat


24 Hour Peace Wave, until Sun. July 9.  International Peace Bureau and World BEYOND War. Watch the video and register at 24hourpeacewave.org See real world events that are part of the peace wave.

S.P.Y. Community Garden @ Beyond Baroque. 11 AM-1 PM. Pick up some fresh produce and tie-dye a T-shirt with natural dyes at the Safe Place for Youth Community Garden Farm Stand! Items for sale include mulberry and loquat jam, beets, chard, kale, lettuces, fresh herbs, dried floral bouquets, and more. Proceeds support S.P.Y’s services for unhoused youth in LA. Can’t make it to this one? The Farm Stand is held the second Saturday of every month. safeplaceforyouth.org/events


Stop Anti-Asian Hate Symposium, Carson (exact location TBA) 2p. Details and registration at tinyurl.com/july8symposium. Convened by National Alliance for Filipino Concerns and others, endorsed by Gabriela South Bay and others.


Jul 9 – Sun


Grassroots Committee Radio celebrates KPFK’s 64th anniversary and the birthdays of a number of Pacificans at Kronenthal Park in Culver City off McManus just north of National (driving entry from Washington Blvd). 1-6p, gratis but donations will be sought for KPFK. grassrootscommunityradio@gmail.com


July 10 – Mon


From Conflict To Community: Transforming Conflicts Without Authorities, Online book club, Four Mondays 4-530p, . A perfect book discussion group for the movement to build a culture of active nonviolence! You will find volumes to talk about in this 4-week book group on Gwen Olton’s compelling book. Facilitated by Pace e Bene staff member Rivera Sun, each week connects a set of chapters to our personal experiences and situations. On the last week, Author Gwen Olton joins us for a Q&A session. In divisive and contentious times like these, building our ability to handle conflict is essential. From family disputes to incidents in the streets, we need strengths and skills for sorting out the heated moments that are cropping up everywhere. From Conflict To Community is a book that helps us see our nonviolent capacity to deal with a wide range of challenges. It also directly invites us to do so without reliance on the police or other authorities. (An approach that aligns with many aspects of social justice work and our vision of a nonviolent culture.) Bring a friend. Get your book. And get ready for a powerful 4-week discussion group! $65, scholarships available. You need to purchase the book separately. paceebene.org/events/2023/5/9/from-conflict-to-community-transforming-conflicts-without-authorities


Jul 11 – Tue  


Jul 12 – Wed


Jul 13 – Thu


Hydrogen + Health: Webinar on Hydrogen Blending. 6p.Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility hosts this webinar on the dangers of hydrogen blending in home appliances. RSVP. https://psr.org/event/hydrogen-health-webinar-on-hydrogen-blending/


“What Is a Good Job Now?” in Health Care, A Zócalo/The James Irvine Foundation Event Series; live in AZ or online, 6p PDT. Moderated by Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado, KVPR News Director. While agriculture consumes more land and gets more notice, health care employs more people and represents a bigger piece of Fresno’s economy. But just as access to health care is profoundly unequal, so are pay and working conditions in health jobs. And the pandemic and health facility closures, as with Madera Community Hospital, have added to the stresses and insecurities of working in health care. How can we improve the security, work, and health of all caregivers and other workers—clerks, janitors, subcontractors—who toil in health institutions? What ideas do workers themselves have for enhancing health care, both for patients and caregivers? And how can we elevate the importance of the fast-growing, lower-income jobs in this sector—like nursing assistants and home health care workers?


Public health professor Helda Pinzón-Perez, health care workforce researcher Janette Dill, and in-home supportive services provider Martha Valladarez visit Zócalo on site in Fresno to discuss how to build a healthier health care workforce. Live simultaneous ASL and Spanish translation of the discussion will be provided. REGISTER HERE: https://www.zocalopublicsquare.org/event/good-health-care-job/


Jul 14 – Fri   Bastille Day


Poetry: Matt Sedillo and SF Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin in a benefit for KPFK, reception 6p, program 7:30p, Strategy & Soul Center, 3546 W Martin Luther King Blvd. (just e. Of Crenshaw) LA 90008 323-903-6238. Matt Sedillo, co-host of La Raza Radio (8a Wed) and Poets Cafe (2:30p Wed), and Tongo Eisen-Martin, two the premier political poets of their generation appear together in a benefit for Pacifica community radio station KPFK. Reception/meet & greet 6p, $100; program 7:30p, $25; tix via KPFK: https://kpfk.wedid.it/campaigns/11627-bastille-day-2023/contribute


Jul 15 – Sat


Suzy Williams & Brad Kay in “The Lit Show”, 7-10p, Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd, 90291. No advance tickets, First come, first served. Tickets on sale at 6p. Get there early, as this event usually sells out. Admission $20 – Plenty of free parking in lot on the east side, and on the street LA’s Diva Deluxe SUZY WILLIAMS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzy_Williams & BRAD KAY http://www.janetklein.com/web/bios/brad.htm

The 16th annual celebration of song and literature, with SUZY WILLIAMS & BRAD KAY, features new works and hits from past shows. The band’s stellar musicians: Brad Kay: Piano and Vocals. Suzy Williams: Vocals. Kahlil Sabbagh: Percussion. Oliver Steinberg: Upright Bass. Jimbo Ross: Viola. Stuart Fordyce: Flute. Michael Jost: Guitar. Special guests: Dr. Bradley Bobbs, Todd von Hoffman, Catherine Allison, Ginger Smith

New authors:

1) “Drinking Song,” by Benjamin Franklin, composed by Brad Kay

2) Another “Drinking Song,” also by Ben Franklin, music by Brad Kay

3) “Appeal” by Ann Brontë, music by Suzy Williams and Brad Kay

4) “The Odd’s-On Favorite,” by Yip Harburg, music by Suzy Williams

5) “Lorca’s Lachrymose Lizards” by Frederico Garcia Lorca, Music by Michael Jost, Suzy Williams and Brad Kay

Return authors: Robert Graves, James Joyce, Noel Coward, Lewis Carroll, and Edmond Rostand


Jul 16 – Sun


Happy 65th Birthday, GARY TYLER, 1-4p. In 1976, the Red Tide youth group and newspaper fought to free Gary Tyler, a Black teenager from Destrehan, Louisiana who—at age 16—had been framed, tried by an all-white jury, and sentenced to death after standing up to racist violence at his high school. (democracynow.org/2007/3/1/the_case_of_gary_tyler_despite). Donations will support Gary, an accomplished textile artist, who reaches retirement age with few social security benefits due to four decades of wrongful imprisonment at Louisiana’s infamous Angola Penitentiary. CA, for a reunion to celebrate Gary’s 65th birthday. Tickets are available for a tax-deductible donation of $65 or more. 939 San Vicente Blvd., Santa Monica. gofundme.com/f/h3rhr-happy-65th-birthday-gary-tyler


KPFK LSB meeting(s) via zoom, see kpftx.org and kpfknot4sale.com for details


July 17 – Mon


Jul 18 – Tue  


Jul 19 – Wed


Jul 20 – Thu


South Central Noir: An Evening With the Authors, 6p, Mark Twain Branch – Los Angeles Public Library

9621 S. Figueroa, LA. Join contributors Gary Phillips, Penny Mickelbury, and Désirée Zamorano for a special evening celebrating the 2022 anthology South Central Noir as they share the stories of the people, places, and happenings that make the neighborhood’s past and present. No RSVP necessary for the in-person event. The event will be streamed; for the Zoom link please email mtwain@lapl.org.


Jul 21 – Fri


“Oppenheimer” film premier. Physicians for Social Responsibility, & allied anti-nuke organizations including Back from the Brink coalition and Ploughshares Fund will be working together to help you utilize this “teachable moment” for a new generation to grapple with the realities of  nuclear weapons. With local partners, Ploughshares is organizing film screenings in seven U.S. cities. If you’d like access to more information and materials, please stay tuned to psr.org or get in touch with PSR Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program Director, Martin Fleck, mfleck@psr.org The content of the film has been kept under wraps. It is safe to assume that the original Trinity bomb test in New Mexico will be rendered in surround sound and technicolor, but what about the humanitarian impact of uranium mining, nuclear testing (including Trinity), and the bombs detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Will the film portray the present-day nuclear dangers that Oppenheimer warned of? Find out where Oppenheimer will play in your hometown here. oppenheimermovie.com/tickets/ psr.org/in-july-hollywood-takes-on-the-father-of-the-atomic-bomb/


Jul 22 – Sat


S.P.Y. Summer Party & Stone Soup Potluck. 4-8p. Art, food, music, poetry in the community garden at Beyond Baroque. safeplaceforyouth.org/events maryf@safeplaceforyouth.org


Jul 23 – Sun


Cuba’s Queer Rights Revolution – Eyewitness, 4p, Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice – L.A.

Pico Blvd near Cichran. Celebrate Queer Pride – Learn about the revolutionary Families Code in Cuba that puts Love first. Hear reports from the Women in Struggle LGBTQ+ delegation to Cuba in May 2023. Eyewitness reports: Melinda Butterfield – Women in Struggle, co-editor Struggle La Lucha newspaper & Jordan David – Lavender Guard. Special guest: Tsukuru Fors founder, Red Berets for Queers

Peoples Righteous Pride Celebration. Music/Food/Drag. Donation requested – no one turned away for lack of funds! 4pm – 6pm-ish. Come early, stay late – don’t miss the best parts! 323-304-1185 or 323-306-6240


July 24 – Mon


Jul 25 – Tue  


Jul 26 – Wed    Cuban Revolution anniversary


Jul 27 – Thu


Jul 28 – Fri


Awakening 2023, 138 N San Fernando Rd, LA 90031, 10a – 6p. Awakening 2023 brings together the world’s leading psychedelic researchers, practitioners, healers, activists, and business leaders.
Participants will discover the potential of plant medicine and psychedelics such as magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, cannabis, LSD, and MDMA and how they are being used to treat a variety of mental and physical conditions. These disorders include anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, ADHD, Autism, sleep deprivation, and pain.Tix: free-$247. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/awakening-2023-psychedelic-conference-tickets-597215837647


Jul 29 – Sat


11th Annual Christmas in July Socks4Souls, 9a, Pershing Square (6th & Olive). Join us for our 11th Annual Christmas in July event! It will be an impactful day as we are dedicating ourselves to passing out hygiene kits and bottles of water to individuals who live in and near Skid Row. We do not take our donated items to local shelters, instead, we walk 2 miles round trip in order to take donations directly to individuals in need. We will meet @ Pershing Square at 6th and South Olive. We’d like to invite you to bring hygiene kits and bottles of water so that we can help even more people in our community. If you don’t have anything to bring, STILL COME, the most important part is you and the conversations and smiles we will provide! If you are bringing items that are not in bags, please plan to arrive by 8:30 so that we may pack them prior to our walk. We are a group of ordinary people, helping people in need in an extraordinary way. And we need you, and your heart to serve, in order to make an immediate impact in our community. We hope to see you at the 11th annual event that will take place at 9am in Los Angeles, California on July 29, 2023. Plan to meet at 6th and S. Olive Street (nearest Metro station is Pershing Square). Skid Row is an area in Downtown Los Angeles that houses up to 11,000 homeless individuals. LAPD is aware of our group! “Giving of any kind… taking an action… begins the process of change, and moves us to remember that we are part of a much greater universe.” –Mbali Creazzo


Jul 30 – Sun


Jul 31 – Mon


Continuing, Upcoming & Ongoing Events:


Notice: AfGJ, funding agent for Change-Links, has been under economic attack by right-wing media which convinced the company that handles its credit card donations to block AfGJ and its projects. It is critical that Change-Links donations avoid the use of credit cards for this reason for now. Ditto for any other organizations under AfGJ’s financial umbrella. It is also helpful to send check donations directly to AfGJ to keep them solvent. Info: afgj.org/sos-afgj-has-been-attacked

July 9 – Sept 10: Arabic language on Zoom. Algarabía Language Co-op offers new Arabic courses at The People’s Forum to those who are interested in learning Arabic with a focus on topics of social justice, cinema, media, and culture. Through weekly social justice themes, and using a communicative and popular education approach, participants will improve their Arabic skills, and critically engage with various cultural productions in Arabic, including films, TV series, newsreels, short stories, and songs. These courses are designed for folks at different levels of fluency in their productive (speaking, writing) and receptive (listening and reading) skills. Special focus will be given to learning vocabulary and community organizing terminology relevant to contemporary social movements in the U.S. and the Arab world.   Selected participants will be contacted by our instructors on a rolling basis and until a week before classes start. Late applications will be considered if spots are made available. If you have any questions, you can write to us at algarabialanguage@gmail.com. For more information about our language services, visit http://www.algarabialanguage.com and follow us on Instagram! peoplesforum.org/events/arabic-language-summer-2023-courses-and-clubs/

Aug 6 & 9: Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombing commemorations.

Four Fridays in Aug, 4p. War Made Invisible: Online book club with author Norman Solomon. More than twenty years ago, 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan set into motion a hugely consequential shift in America’s foreign policy: a perpetual state of war that is almost entirely invisible to the American public. War Made Invisible, by the journalist and political analyst Norman Solomon, exposes how this happened, and what its conse- quences are, from military and civilian casualties to drained resources at home. Limited to 18 participants. Norman will send each participant a signed hardcopy of the book. We’ll let you know which parts of the book will be discussed each week along with the Zoom details to access the discussions. Sign up NOW for this or future book club events at worldbeyondwar.org/bookclubs/

Sep 21 – Oct 2: Campaign Nonviolence Days. Intl. Day of Peace demonstrations or celebrations; non-violence teach-ins; divest/ reinvest for a non-violent world; violence interruption trainings, healing circles around gun violence, teach-ins on preventing relationship, domestic, and sexual violence; racial justice healing circles; acts of kindness and mutual aid and more. Create an event or join events sponsored by others. Please confirm that you plan to participate. paceebene.org/action-days/


3rd Sunday, SoCal350 monthly meeting, 3-5 p, Physical meeting canceled, virtual “meeting” scheduled.

http://bit.ly/SoCal350Updates;  facebook.com/SoCal350 Climate Action.

Mondays, Support Honduran Refugees, 6-8p, Central American Resource Center (CARECEN-LA), 2845 W 7th St,, LA. Offices are closed, call for details: (213)-385-7800. In the San Fernando Valley: 213-385-7800 ext. 122


Tuesdays, Join Black Lives Matter, Stop LAPD Spying and allies at LA Police Commission meeting via zoom and in person at LA Police Administration Building across from City Hall to speak out against racist police murders with impunity. In response to increased public scrutiny, they changed their rules and only allow public comments of 1 minute each on two specific items and general public comment as the first agenda item, so call in promptly to get on the stack. https://lapd.zoom.us/s/289225944


Tuesday eves, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition meetings have been changed to teleconference. LA CAN, 838  E. 6th St. LA, CA 90021, is closed to the public. http://stoplapdspying.org – see website for meeting topics. https://www.facebook.com/stoplapdspying


Tuesdays, 6-8p. Tenant Rights and Eviction Advice. Conducted in Spanish, translated into English.

calorganize-org.zoom.us/j/88324434157 -or- Call: +16699006833,,88324434157# Also Thursdays, 5-7p. Conducted in English, translated into Spanish. calorganize-org.zoom.us/j/84489313723 -or- Call :+16699006833,,84489313723# Also, statewide, outside LA: acceaction.org/dyh Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE).


Tuesdays, 8:30-10p, Second Draft LA, open mic cold read of writing and acting (virtual, not at Art Share-LA, 801 E 4th Pl, LA 90013). https://artsharela.org (213) 687-4278. https://zoom.us/j/9103444651 Pwd: artshare


Wednesdays, 4-6p, Fund Services Not Police, #EndPoliceAssociations BLM-LA and allies vigil/protest outside LA Police Protective League (who protest killer cops from accountability), 1313 W. 8th St in downtown LA, across from the ACLU-SoCal headquarters. Hear from families who have lost loved ones to racist state terror.


1st Thursday, 6-8p, Justice Not Jails, has switched to a virtual meeting. https://zoom.us/j/529548178 You can also call in by dialing: 301 715 8592 US Meeting ID: 529 548 17. RSVP to Larry Foy at:



Thursdays, 5:30-7p, Operation Ally Weekly Social Justice Conference Call, fb.com/justadvocacy.

http://advocacyproject.org/ (888) 407-4101 Join the Operation Ally weekly zoom conference call to gain insight into the issues of systemic oppression, organize into collaborative efforts and strategize the dismantling of these systems. Be a part of a community that supports you as we mobilize for change. https://www.facebook.com/events/200763851083819/


Every other Thursday, 6:30-8p, Looking At Masculinity And Patriarchy (LAMP) LAMP is an affinity space offered by AWARE-LA of white, male-presenting folks (however anyone is invited) where we discuss how your male-presenting gender role and socialization impacts the ways you are showing up (or not showing up) in the fight for an abolitionist future. Via zoom:  For more information and to register, email: lampteam@tutanota.com.


Fridays, Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace forum, 7:30-9:30a, has switched to a virtual meeting on zoom or dial in by phone: 669-900-6833 For details and to prevent zoom-bombing, contact communications@icujp.org for an invitation and instructions.


Fridays, Montrose Peace Vigil, 5:30-7p, Ocean View Bl and Honolulu Av, Montrose.


Saturdays, Crenshaw Farmers Market, 10a-3p, 3650 Martin Luther King Blvd. offers fresh produce and artisan goods. Ties into the mall’s health initiative promoting wellness in the Crenshaw community. This farmers’ market has re-opened!  Contact Sustainable Economic Enterprises: http://www.seela.org for other farmer’s markets that are also continuing with physical distancing (in Echo Park, Hollywood, Atwater Village and on Central Avenue in South LA).


Every 1st and 3rd Sat: End Homelessness Now-LA, 2-4pm, a grassroots campaign to pressure LA city and county officials to use vacant public properties for large, permanent, supportive public housing to end the homelessness catastrophe. Call or email for information on how or whether meetings will continue.. 323-723-6416 endhomelessnessnowla@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/endhomelessnessnowla/


Every 2nd & 4th Sat, SOLA Food Co-Op. http://www.solafoodcoop.com/ Baldwin Hills Farmers Market re-opened & SOLA Co-Op will take orders for CSA boxes.


LA Ecovillage Tours: Usually twice monthly. Sat Jul 1 & 22, Sun Jul 9 & 30, 10:30a-1p, Our regular in-person tours are 75% outside within LAEV. Reservations required: 213/738-1254 or crsp@igc.org; Tour only:  $15 to $25 (self-selected sliding scale ok; cash or checks made out to “CRSP” accepted at the door. Time dollars 2.5 hours accepted. Local currency?). Vaccinated people only please. Masks encouraged during indoor tour stops. More info and LAEV events: laecovillage.org/category/events/.


AWARE-LA White anti-racist Saturday dialogues, https://www.awarela.org/saturday-dialogue Saturday Dialogue is a gathering for white anti-racists who want to discuss issues of identity, community, privilege and racism in our lives with the intention to strengthen our practice as anti-racists in alliances, relationships, and interactions with people of color. Regular, recurring dialogues throughout the year focus on the intersections of multiple identities, including Race and Class, Sexuality and Race, and Gender and Race. Other workshops focus on relationships, Radical White Identity and Community, and issues such as police and the prison industrial complex, immigration, and gentrification.

We currently have four monthly Saturday Dialogues, which used to meet in various places throughout LA County, and are temporarily meeting online through Zoom. We also have one monthly “Online Sunday Dialogue” which was originally made available for folks who cannot make it to meetings in LA, or on Saturdays. Sign up here https://actionnetwork.org/forms/aware-la-email-list/ to receive reminder emails about Saturday Dialogues. We strongly encourage you to attend a Saturday Dialogue Orientation before attending a Saturday Dialogue. See below for more info. You must register for each space each time you want to attend, as all of the zoom links are personalized and different for each person/gathering.

Every 1st Saturday (Westside), 1-3:15p. Every 2nd Saturday (Encino), 10:30a-12:30p. Every 3rd Saturday (Eastside),1-3p,

Every 3rd Sunday (Always Online), 3-5p. Every 4th Saturday (Pomona Valley), 11a-1p.

Saturday Dialogue Orientation: 2nd & 4th Weds, 6-7p via: Zoom. We strongly encourage you to attend a Saturday Dialogue Orientation before you attend a Saturday Dialogue. In this orientation, we’ll talk about the purpose of Saturday Dialogues and why AWARE-LA organizes as a white anti-racist community.Accessibility: We can provide ASL interpreters and closed captioning upon request at least 72 hours prior to the event you wish to attend. Contact: awarela@gmail.com with questions and to arrange to register.


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