Keep AM radio in electric vehicles


There are many ways to listen to this radio station. You can listen on 1410 AM, where WIZM has always broadcast, and now you can listen on FM as well, at either 92.3 or 106.7. You can listen to our programming live on our website, or via the WIZM app. But, depending on what you drive, you may not be able to listen to AM radio in your car. Some car manufacturers are discontinuing AM from their newest electric vehicles. Now, some members of Congress, including Wisconsin’s Mike Gallagher, are trying to convince the federal government to do something about it. They have written a letter to the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, urging FEMA to get involved and pressure automakers to maintain AM radios. Why FEMA? AM radio can, and does, play a big role in relaying vital information, particularly during emergencies. Typically AM radio signals cover a much larger geographic area than an FM signal, including into areas where there is little cellular service or access to broadband internet. And AM radio is the backbone of FEMA’s Emergency Alert System, broadcasting important information like dangerous weather or missing persons. In the interest of public safety, the feds should force domestic and foreign automakers to make sure that AM radio continues to be a standard feature on new cars and trucks.

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