Kids nervous about going back to school? Get some advice


School is back in session soon, and that can have some young students nervous for what is ahead. 

To help, some young students in Labrador offered their advice for any children feeling nervous, wanting to prepare or wondering what to do at recess. 

Q: What are you doing to get ready for school? 

“I’m going on a trip to Labrador City soon to get a lot of my supplies that I need for school.” — Kaylee Ray Russell, Grade 4.

“I get my school supplies first and then in the morning I just get all my clothes.” — Lily Hill.

Labrador Morning9:57Happy Valley-Goose Bay kids offer their back to school advice

It’s almost time to go back to school. While school brings excitement, new experiences, new and old friends, it can also bring nerves and worries about the new school year. Labrador Morning’s Heidi Atter went out to get some advice from the best source.

What can other kids do to make sure they’re ready for school? 

“They could get their clothes for the next day and get all their snacks ready and their mom can do the rest for them and their dad.” — Lily Hill

“Don’t be late on getting your school stuff like I am, and just don’t be late, don’t miss buses like me. Because it takes too long getting ready in the mornings.” — Macey Tuglavina, Grade 6.

Preparing for back to school on a tight budget

From shopping lists to thrifting and donated items, the rising cost of living has more Canadians finding ways to prepare for back to school on a tight budget. [Correction: Kyle Bishop is the vice principal of Queen Elizabeth School in Moncton]

What do you tell kids if they are nervous? 

“I would say it would be OK and it’s really fun and the teachers are really nice.” — Abigail Burden, Grade 4. 

“You’ll make a lot of new friends. The teachers are nice, and they’ll help you when you need help.” — Kaylee Ray Russell.

“I would say, hey, it’s OK to be nervous. You don’t need to feel scared. I’m with you.” — Lillian Williams.  

Three kids stand in a park.
From left, Abigail Burden, Kaylee Ray Russell and Macey Tuglavina have some advice for kids nervous about going to school. (Heidi Atter/CBC)

What should kids do if they see another child sitting alone at recess? 

“I would do something. I would go to sit with them … so they don’t feel lonely.” — Haley Rumbolt.

“Probably say, ‘What’s wrong?’ and give them a hug.” — Alonzo Samson, Grade 2. 

“They should come on up and ask if anybody wants to play with them. And I would say, ‘You can play with me’ if everybody said no.” — Lily Hill. 

Two kids sit at a table in a park.
Haley Rumbolt, left, will sit with you if you find yourself alone, and Alonzo Samson, right, plans to offer you a hug. (Heidi Atter/CBC)

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