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The Majority Quadriga is reminiscent of the hi-fi separates of yesteryear while also exuding a modern style that makes it look far more premium than the price tag would suggest. The Quadriga is the Swiss army knife of audio products, as it packs in many great audio features and options.

The all-black design is striking, and the Quadriga stands out in terms of its aesthetics and trimmings. The row of clicky buttons on the front panel is black with a silver ring surrounding them, accentuating their form. In particular, I love the large tactile volume dial/multifunction button, which inherits the same styling as the buttons. There’s something organic about changing the volume with a physical dial that’s really satisfying. You also get a couple of 3.5mm jacks for headphones and AUX audio in.

To the left of the dial is the 6 x 4.5cm colour display, which offers an intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use solution that blends the dependability of DAB+ with Internet radio, podcasts, and music on demand from the Internet. Unfortunately, we don’t have any DAB radio stations in Ireland. Above the display is the slot-loading CD player.

The Quadriga has two 4-inch speaker drivers on either side of the display and a third 6-inch down-facing subwoofer, and combined, they can produce an impressive 120 watts of stereo sound.

Around the back of the unit are the AUX/RCA and Optical outputs. You also get a USB-A port that allows you to play audio files from a USB stick, along with a DAB/FM radio aerial, optical, and a round port for the external power adaptor.


The Quadriga offers a myriad of ways to consume audio, from basic FM radio to Wi-Fi-enabled internet radio streaming and podcasts, DAB+, AUX connectivity, and Spotify Connect support. Including a CD player might seem odd, but I have really enjoyed revisiting my old collection of CDs. The only thing that surprised me is that it doesn’t display any album or track information. I would have thought this would have been easy since the Quadriga is connected to the internet.

You also get Bluetooth, which is great for streaming from your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the Quadriga only offers the basic SBC audio codec, which has the best compatibility but also the lowest sound quality compared to AAC, aptX, or LDAC. SBC is a somewhat adaptable codec, nevertheless. It can support sampling rates of up to 48 kHz at a bit depth of 16 bits. Additionally, it can send data at speeds of up to 345 kbps.

The small 2.8-inch colour display is incredibly useful for navigation and information. It makes it easy to switch between inputs, and see information about radio stations, album art, and many other details. For example, I loved being able to see information on the screen about the current tune playing, even when streaming via Bluetooth from my phone.

I use both Apple Music and Spotify, and the latter can stream directly from the Quadriga. You have full playback controls directly from the buttons on the front of the unit, but also via a comprehensive remote control.

You can set two different alarms, each with a set time, mode (internet radio, DAB, FM radio, or buzzer), volume, and the last station played.

Audio quality

The Quadriga is packed with features, but it also sounds decent too. The subwoofer is a big help to the overall sound, but it does get a little boomy despite the large feet at the base of the unit which provides a substantial gap to allow it to breathe.

The overall sound is nicely balanced, and the tuning has been tweaked to suit a broad range of audio, from podcasts to pop music.

In terms of punch and the 120 watts of power, I didn’t find the Quadriga got super loud even at full volume. This isn’t to say it wasn’t loud enough, but if you’re looking for a party speaker to punch through a big room with a lot of people, I’d look elsewhere. That being said, even at maximum loudness, the sound doesn’t distort, but the bass does get a little boomy.

There is an EQ setting that allows you to choose from a selection of presets, as well as the option to tweak the bass and treble.

App support

The Quadriga is complemented by an app called Undok that connects via Bluetooth and is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This allows you to select inputs and adjust volume and playback controls. While the app can be handy, it can’t do everything you can do from the Quadriga screen, including setting alarms or updating the firmware.


The Majority Quadriga is one of my favourite audio products of 2023 so far. It offers outstanding features in a premium package at a price that’s hard to believe. It impresses with its versatility, packing in numerous audio features and options. The audio quality is decent, though not exceptionally loud, and the EQ settings allow for customisation.

The app support adds convenience, although some functionalities are limited. Highly recommended.

Majority Quadriga – €290 amazon.co.uk

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