MEDIAWATCH: Feral NZ Antivaxer online radio station launches – is Taxpayer’s Union damaged by association?

Feral NZ Antivaxxers Voices for Freedom are launching an online radio station called Reality Check Radio.

Hosts include Peter Williams, Rodney Hide, Paul Brennan & Chantelle Baker.

It reeks of dark money with little transparency as to who is actually funding it and mimics the further splintering of right wing media online that we are seeing in America.

Where as an outfit like The Platform are contrarian and Sean Plunkett is a former RNZ Morning Report Host old school journalist, Reality Check Radio feels like an astroturf propaganda weapon that is attempting to harness the social media notoriety of Chantelle Baker.

The problem for Reality Check Radio is the same problem CounterSpin and Billy TK had, all the social media traction is a conspiratorial global audience, there is very little domestic demand for organised disinformation, and that’s what Reality Check Radio feels like.

Climate change denying, vaccine denying, Don Brash race baiting level history denying denial all paid for by dark money.

The Platform inspires debate about topics the mainstream media are too frightened to touch, Reality Check Radio will spread misinformation and disinformation for invisible interests.

Watching this online space mutate into political weaponry for the conspiracy Qanon NZ right highlights how well funded these far right splinter groups really are.

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By bringing in a climate denier like Rodney Hide with a Vaccine denier like Baker, the Taxpayer’s Union who use Peter Williams as their Podcaster host is in danger of the antivaxx radioactivity tainting their brand.

It would be akin to John Campbell writing for Cameron Slater.

Taxpayers’ Union needs to clarify if they support their host appearing with antivaxxers.

It will be fascinating to find out who is actually funding them.

Reality Check Radio will be an interesting new attempt by the feral antivaxxer Voices for Freedom movement to whitewash their real ambitions this election.


POST SCRIPT: Look how deep the Crystal Karens are into the Qanon occult who will be the audience for this lunacy…

Hi Martyn,

My sister sent me a link to your writing about a new radio station associated with VFF. I am a 55 year woman/mother; life-long labour/green or as Left as I can get voter, with liberal views. By profession I am/was a midwife. My sister, also Left, has had a life-long career in the education sector, as a primary school teacher. We both understand the importance of critical thought, informed consent and humanitarian values. Our own mother, now in her 80s, is the child of the Welsh village of Aneuren Bevyn (Rhymney) – the instigator of the NHS, and of welsh miners and poets who fought and wrote against the condition of being ‘sullen slaves whipped onwards, to load their lords with gold’*.

But lately we are erroneously labelled all sorts of ‘Right Wing’.

You have, via our association and support of VFF, classified us as ‘feral’ and all other manner of intended denigrations. At first I thought your writing was intended as a tongue in cheek joke; it was so overly littered with labelling and ridiculous accusation – but then I realised it was a spit-ball; a vitriolic hoick.

I stand out of it’s way. But it inspired me to make a further donation, to VFF again today. I am so glad to contribute funds provided to counter a mainstream narrative that is intent on abuse of its citizens, and erosion of democracy.

You erroneously call us ‘deniers’, while you so blindly deny the groundswell support that exists domestically within middle NZ for the voice of freedom. And I’m glad if VFF are able to collaborate with and collect from overseas sources/friends/supporters too. I hope e.g. Steve Kirsch might have made a substantial contribution to assist in this innovation that you’ve advertised. I love the things that VFF does with the money we contribute. e.g. I could at least laugh at the irony of us being called a ‘river of filth’ (during the protest at parliament last year), all the while the Politicians and Police desperately attempted and failed to create a Sewer (by spraying water and tipping over or towing away the sanitation blocks that our (VFF) funds had likely purchased.

Call me Feral if you wish. I’d rather be ‘feral’ if it means to be wild and free, than tame and contained like battery hen stock. And thank you for the inspiration (to make a further substantial donation to VFF’s pursuit).
Kind regards,


Hook, line and sinker.

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice – please donate here.

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.


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