Mick Foley Sends Love Upon Hearing Sad News of


Recently, the news of a former pro wrestling star getting brain surgery took the internet by storm. The person in question is none other than the famous TV and radio personality, Danny Bonaduce. Recently, in an interview with TMZ, he revealed he will be going under the knife for a neurological disorder he possesses.

After hearing this, Mick Foley sent a heartfelt message to ‘The Partridge Family’ star, wishing him the best of luck with his upcoming brain surgery. Let’s find out what the WWE Hall of Famer wrote in his message.

Mick Foley wishes a speedy recovery for Danny Bonaduce


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Going to his Twitter account, Mankind sent his best wishes to the 63-year-old TV star. He prays for his full and speedy recovery from his brain surgery. He mentioned he has only met Bonaduce twice, but is a big fan. In the tweet, he also shared a custom artwork that featured him as a special guest alongside other members of ‘The Patridge Family.’

Bonaduce has a vast career in the film industry. However, his pro wrestling career was a brief one. His debut match was against 1970s TV star, The Brady Bunch‘s Christopher Knight, which he won. The match took place on April 17, 1994.


In 2009, he fought his second match, which saw him in a losing effort. It was against Eric Young at TNA Lockdown PPV. Apart from this, he is also famous for being in Hulk Hogan‘s Celebrity Championship Wrestling reality TV series.

Coming back to Bonaduce’s brain surgery, let’s find out what is the reason behind him getting one.

Danny Bonaduce is a victim of Hydrocephalus


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Last Friday, the radio personality spoke to TMZ. During the interview, he revealed he was having problems walking and maintaining his balance for quite a while. He went to many doctors to get himself checked, but they had no answers for his problems.

Luckily, one medical expert diagnosed his neurological disorder and advised him to get brain surgery to cure his illness. Hydrocephalus is a medical condition where cerebrospinal fluid gets accumulated in the brain. This leads to symptoms such as gait disturbances, impaired vision, headache, cognitive difficulties, and much more.


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Though he was glad to find out the underlying cause of his problem, he feels nervous about undergoing a daunting brain surgery. We hope that his surgery will be a successful one and pray for his speedy recovery. What do you think of Foley’s tweet? Let us know in the comments below.

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