Musicians sound off on uncertain futures for new


Monica “Mo” Samalot and her musical and real-life partner indie rock musician and songwriter Paleface have seen plenty of changes in the musical landscape.

The latter goes by the Paleface moniker from his days as a musician in New York City when he was given the nickname while playing open-mic nights and busking at subway stations before finding success in the indie rock scene in the early 1990s.

Paleface, Mo

Indie songwriter and recording artist Paleface and drummer and partner Monica “Mo” Samalot say musical acts have more autonomy and more responsibilities with the rise of digital streaming services.

‘Way back stuff’

Paleface Record

Indie musician and songwriter Paleface and his musical partner Monica “Mo” Samalot recently released a new album “Beyond The Bells.” The musical and real-life duo are navigating sea changes in the music industry.


Need for new music


Carol Band and Conrad Warre of jazz punk band Bees Deluxe have summer tour dates in New England as well as Baltimore and New Jersey.


Bees Deluxe is led British guitarist Conrad Warre and features Carol Band on keyboards, harmonica and vocals, Jim Gildea on bass and vocals, and Dylan DiChiara on drums and percussion. The band melds jazz, punk, blues and other musical genres. Warre is concerned about whether enough new music is being created.


‘It’s a battle out here’


A promotional shot of Hyro the Hero. The metal rapper has moved to France and is performing at hard rock shows and festivals in Europe. The Texas-born recording artist and other musicians are trying to figure how best to create, produce and release new music.


Lingering impacts

From Ashes to New

Rock band From Ashes to New has released a new single “Armageddon” on May 18 and will release a new album “Blackout’ on July 28.

Music and lyrics

Music technology has opened doors for new bands and artists. But there are concerns that less new music and new songwriting is happening because of industry upheavals and some current booking preferences.

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