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Nepal Telecom has brought a large number of new offers for its corporate customers. The company says that the new services allow employees in the same office to use and benefit from the service in a group.

Customers of wireless and wireline subscribers will get to use the new offers. Wireless subscribers comprise prepaid/postpaid mobile service, CUG, Pay on Behalf, Consolidated Account, SMS, Namaste WiFi, Gift Package Portal, Corporate PRBT, etc.

Wireline (wired) services include PSTN/FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home), SIP PBX, Toll-Free Phone, Audio, Notice Board, etc.

Ntc corporate services offers

Ntc says that the services are not exclusive to one type of subscriber too. That is Ntc’s corporate customers can also use prepaid and postpaid services or landline and FTTH services as any residential/individual user. Besides, these services can also be used for voice and data.

Nepal Telecom offers for corporate Customers

So, here we have a comprehensive breakdown of each new offer/service from Nepal Telecom for its corporate users.

CUG (Corporate User Group)

CUG (Corporate User Group) services allow a company to include a minimum of 10 prepaid or postpaid users in the CUG network. The feature allows members to use Ntc’s services at very convenient rates.  For instance, CUG users get free unlimited voice calls and can browse the internet and send SMS at low tariffs.

Meanwhile, the CUG members can contact non-CUG users too. Subscribers can use premium data packs. As per the company, CUG is available on both Ntc prepaid and post mobile.  Also read: NTC’s Sajilo Unlimited Offer for Prepaid and Postpaid Users

Prepaid users can get CUG packs for Rs 200, Rs 349, and Rs 489 while postpaid users can get the CUG packs for Rs 489, Rs 980, and Rs 1,470.

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This service allows users with one account to pay the charges of another account. This service is available for Ntc postpaid users only. The subscribers of this service need to list account numbers to benefit and can also limit it as per their needs and requirements.  

Consolidated account

This service available to PSTN landline and GSM postpaid users allows them to pay bills from a single account. The billing statement contains a summary of separate customers’ bills.


SMS service is another offer Nepal Telecom has brought for its corporate users. This SMS service lets customers use bulk SMS, group SMS, SMS short code, SMS alert, etc. Bulk SMS is ideal for schools, colleges, businesses, and organizations as they can send a message to a large number of people at once.

Ntc Group SMS

Group SMS lets users send messages to 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 mobile numbers at once. SMS short code is used for dual interaction. Using this feature, users can send feedback via an SMS which comes via a short code. This service is used for obtaining exam results, polling, voting, quiz service, product promotion, etc.

Likewise, an SMS alert allows corporate users to send a notice without expecting any reply.

Namaste WiFi

Nepal Telecom brought Namaste WiFi services for users to leverage 4G’s high-speed broadband capacity for internet use. The company provides customers with CPE and a 4G-compatible Ntc SIM card under its wireless broadband package. This service is most suited at places where Ntc’s FTTH service is not available. Find all the details of Namaste WiFi packages. Users have the option to choose from either unlimited data or unlimited data with voice.  

Namaste Wifi
Namaste WiFi router

Gift Package Portal

Corporate subscribers can provide their customers with voice and data gifts. For this, Ntc provides a Gift portal through which corporate houses can gift their customers different types of gift packs. An official postpaid number is required to use this service.

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Corporate CRBT

Companies can use Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) to notify their customers of their information. At least 25 prepaid and postpaid customers can be provided with the tone at once, Ntc says. Do read: How to activate, deactivate CRBT in Ntc?

Lease line

​A lease line connection can be used to connect the same company lying in two different places. The connectivity also comes with an option for dedicated data with limited bandwidth. Ntc says that its lease line connection comes with the same uplink and downlink (duplex) speed along with a 24×7 dedicated (FUP-free) connection. Check out: Ntc Lowers Lease Line Service Tariff, Up To 36% Less

There are two types of lease line services- internet and intranet. Wireline service comes with FTTH technology and wireless service has a radio-based connection. Ntc’s lease line connection also brings dark lease service which comes with underground fiber cable.

Ntc upgrade international internet bandwidth
File image


​SIP PBX allows an office’s single telephone line as multiple connections. For offices that provide various numbers for calls can avail of this service.

SIP PBX comes with a single fiber cable and the same number is used for all the callers. That means, irrespective of the number of calls, the line will never get busy.

Toll-free line

Toll free line, also called Advance Free Phone Service (AFS), it allows a company’s customers to communicate free of cost. The service utilizes a technology called Reverse Charging System which means the receiver, not the caller is liable to pay for the calls. Ntc-provided toll-free numbers start with 18105. Also find: Ntc Customer Care Number for Complain and Information Query

Audio notice board

Nepal Telecom’s corporate customers can use the company’s mobile or landline number, record any information and use it on the notice board number. Whenever one calls at an audio notice board, the caller hears the recorded notice.

Roaming service

Nepal Telecom users can avail of the company’s roaming service to continue using services as if they were in Nepal. This service allows subscribers to use an Ntc SIM card and dial/receive calls, browse the internet, and send/receive SMS. The company says that the service helps connect with key figures at a company directly. Do read: How to activate roaming service in Ntc?

If you have anything to query on Nepal Telecom offers for corporate subscribers, do let us know in the comments section below. For more on telecom, tech, and gadgets, keep reading

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